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Episode from the podcastLead. Learn. Change.

Maria Xenidou - Share Now. Teach Now.

Released Thursday, 5th March 2020
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Learning impacts life (4:20)

No space in pre-school (5:15)

Mom leading the reading and learning (5:30)

Learn, early on (6:30)

Obstacles serve as a catalyst for moving forward (6:45)

Different pathways to learning (7:40)

Self-directed learning (8:00)

Intentional learning (8:30)

Learning from others (9:00)

Learning from those who have experience (10:00)

Learning via interest and opportunity (12:15)

Create space and opportunity for learning (12:55)

What to teach directly and what to allow to unfold (14:20)

The most important conditions for learning (15:35)

Access to resources is vital (15:40)

Cultivating an environment that cultivates curiosity and exploration (16:40)

Independent learners and thinkers are problem solvers (17:15)

Learning by doing (17:30)

Put your learning into practice (18:40)

Focus on the most difficult parts (18:55)

Difficulty as an indicator of a potential learning moment (19:10)

Share as you learn, not only later (21:20)

“Teacher” means someone with more experience (22:25)

Sharing as teaching (23:25)

Maria’s elevator question (24:15)

Leveraging knowledge and skills to help others (24:30)

Helping others moves your own work forward (24:50)

Finding and solving problems as a key to learning (25:55)

Resources can become distracting (27:00)

Remove what you don’t need to learn, and learn only what you need (27:15)

What kind of work do you want to do? (27:55)

A teacher goes above and beyond (29:55)

Handwritten lessons and problems for Maria and her sister (31:00)

Figure out a way to get resources to people (32:20)

A teacher’s amazing insight, confidence, coaching, and mentoring (33:05)

Public schools, working class, low income family receiving great support (34:40)

The Impact Learning Fund (35:25)

Commitment – a year’s salary as a VP (35:55)

Fifty dollars or one hundred dollars can provide education for a child without access to resources  (37:00)

Learning to reach out to “community” to make progress (38:00)

Connections help with decision making, especially in a world of abundance (38:50)

Content creation – podcast interviews and written resources (39:40)

Podcast cover art for Lead. Learn. Change. is a view from Brunnkogel (mountaintop) over the mountains of the Salzkammergut in Austria, courtesy of photographer Simon Berger, published on www.unsplash.com.


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