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We don't know what will happen on Election Day -- but one thing we do know for certain is that people are tired of the toxicity in politics.   Parties vs. the people. Republicans vs. Democrats. Libertarians vs... themselves. Matt refused to ru
42 percent of American voters don’t identify with a political party, yet hesitate to vote for independent or third-party candidates. Why? Nick Troiano was the youngest and most successful independent candidate of the cycle in 2014 -- and now he
Nobody wants to be sold something, but everybody wants to buy something. Just like nobody likes asking for money, but everybody likes getting it. And there’s the Libertarian Catch 22. We can’t win if we don’t get it; but we can’t get it if we d
On the literal grounds of the American Revolution, police told Navy veteran Jeff Lyons he couldn’t pass out pocket Constitutions on his college campus — and now he’s leading a fight for free speech that’s restored the rights of hundreds of thou
Jenn’s pick for chairman of the Libertarian National Committee —- and why she won’t be voting for him. In this episode: >> We don’t have to choose between Nick Sarwark and Josh Smith. >> What inspires activists to want to pay to work >> The pro
Liberty is supposed to make us happy. Why aren’t we happy? Jeffrey Tucker is. In this episode: >> How getting out of bed in the morning is “pure anarchy” >> What to do about LP drama and negativity >> Jeffrey’s take on Trump: the good, bad, and
Cappies and commies don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. But at the end of the day, they can (operative word, CAN) both reject the use of force or fraud to achieve their political and social goals. And when it comes to growing the Libertarian Party, t
Who are you, what do you stand for, and why should anybody care? We get asked a lot on Leading Liberty about how to get more Facebook followers and media hits and donors, and all those things are great —- but at the end of the day, they’re a re
Johnson Weld was the most successful Libertarian presidential campaign in history.. but where do we go from here? What will take it to get people to question their long-held political beliefs, and how can we dismantle the duopoly along the way?
Traditional media isn’t exactly known for paying attention to pro-liberty causes and political campaigns.. but is that about to change? Larry Sharpe’s race for governor of New York is catching media attention from local TV to national news, tha
Time-sensitive PSA, fam — open up!! A new behind-the-scenes documentary about the Johnson Weld campaign just got a first-look screening during the Sundance Film Festival.. it is going to be the VIP liberty event of the year — and you’re invited
Is New York a lost cause? Why is the rent so damn high? Why won't Larry Sharpe run as an independent? (Or would he??) Are there any circumstances where gun control might actually be a good idea? How can libertarians fix healthcare? Resources: A
If the principles of liberty are so good, shouldn’t it speak for itself? Do they really depend on a party? Communication and online marketing guru from the Leading Liberty podcast, Jenn Gray, joins the program to tie all this together. Resource
So you’ve created your podcast. The content is engaging, your audience loves it, and the show is steadily gaining popularity… But you’re still not making money. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The good news is that making your content profit
Let’s face it: you love volunteering for pro-Liberty projects and campaigns, but you also want to get paid. Want to learn how you can do both? Stay tuned, and in just one episode, you’ll have the knowledge you need to start advancing Liberty fu
What do effective marketers know that you don’t? Simply: how to get to know their audience. Sound scary? Don’t worry. In 12 questions, you’ll be on the way to marketing success. In order to sell your product well, whether it be an idea, a campa
What can libertarians learn from history's most hated dictators? Simply put: the power of propaganda. Hold on, you say. Isn't propaganda a thing of the past? And isn't it obvious when something or someone is trying to manipulate me? These are a
In less than one hour, you could be on your way to podcasting success. Intrigued? Excited? Scared? All of the above? Do not panic, just keep reading. You are already on the right path. Every week, Leading Liberty reaches hundreds of listeners,
Chris Spangle and Greg Lenz from “We Are Libertarians” guest host for Jenn as she is out on special assignment. Some of you remember Chris from earlier this season in the episode titled “Does the Liberty Movement Need To Lighten Up?” As the hos
Alternative media is amazing because we finally have an escape from the humdrum of headline chasers and can focus on simply having good content and enjoyable conversations. I was so excited to get a chance to appear on The Resistance Podcast wi
It's already hard to get your kids reading these days, but getting them to be interested in the ideas and philosophy behind the ideas of liberty can be even more difficult. With public schools teaching one way of viewing the world on top of the
It can be frustrating looking for a “win” from the good guys. Far too often we look for big, obvious and life-changing circumstances, but sometimes the good guys do win -- and Clint Bolick is one of those good guys you may or may not have heard
In 2012, thousands of progressives and independents registered as Republicans to support Ron Paul and ended up becoming the largest coalition of his campaign. How in the world did that happen?? It all started with a Huffington Post article by t
We know Facebook can be a powerful tool for campaigns. But using it EFFECTIVELY is tricky, so today’s episode will give you some quick wins you can implement right away. This interview originally aired on the How to Run for Office podcast with
If you've ever been involved in a political campaign - whether as a block walker, campaign manager, or even a candidate (or anywhere in between!) - you've probably experienced a certain degree of... campaign chaos. It's hard to anticipate all t
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