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Raiza and Naomi are friends. They are opposites in a lot of ways but they have a mutual love and respect for each other. Raiza loves a good party and fashion, and Naomi loves a good Netflix series and Target. Raiza has a ton of confidence and t
Nick and Naomi have been friends for years now. Nick had been Boss Jr’s coach/mentor for 3 years and they love him to death, and owe the world to him. So we’ve already got respect and admiration in there. Now we gotta get some vulnerability. Ni
Matthew Brian Cohen and Naomi have been acquaintances bordering on casual friends for a while. They’ll talk at parties but they’re not hanging out. Matt is a very smart and honest person, maybe sometimes too honest and too smart? But how can yo
Jacob and Naomi are friends. They have mutual respect and admiration for each other. They both try to make the other laugh and it can contain some nice roasting. They get into how Jacob is perceived and how it’s not totally correct. Jacob also
Mano and Naomi have known each other for a few years, but have just been circling each other without making a deeper connection. They just came into each others lives in a bigger way, and it’s going great. They talk about Mano being closeted, “
Edgar and Naomi are “contemporaries”. They are both in the improv scene, doing comedy, have taken classes together, the whole lot. Except they're not hanging out. Edgar presents a pattern of feeling unlovable and letting women run his life, and
Paul and Naomi are casual friends. Paul has coached many of Naomi's teams over the years. He's truly an insanely funny person and very very nice. Paul and Naomi get into Monk, the extravagant life Paul would like, choosing comedy over being a l
MeLissa and Naomi are friends. They met at a comedy show and MeLissa confesses that Naomi’s team Boss Jr. was the only thing she remembers seeing. Love at first sight? They show each other a lot of love on social media. Marking their territory?
Erin and Naomi are friends. They have known each other for a while now, and boy do they love each other. They get into giggle fits together, Erin has made Naomi dinner, they have gone to the movies together. Wait...are they already dating? Quit
Talia and Naomi are new friends. They've bonded over an obsession with Friends, their Bay Area home towns, and being people pleasers. If they fall in love, Christmas and visiting family would be easy. They could watch all the Friends they want.
Kate and Naomi are real life and internet friends. They are both too empathetic, sensitive, love Oprah, and they both treat people in the service industry with kindness and respect. Seems like a recipe for success. The only problem: Their paran
Lou and Naomi are friends. They’re on several improv teams together and they’re known to partake in a good late night hang. They have a mutual respect for each other so they’re comin’ in hot. Let’s see if they can take it to the next level. Non
Kale and Naomi are new friends. Most of what they now know about each other was discovered during this podcast. They had very different upbringings but they both moved around a lot so that's one big thing in common. That's all you need to fall
Jillian and Naomi are basically the same person. They definitely have personality differences, but they have the same general moral compass and core personality traits. They met through Harold Night at UCB and the rest is herstory. Opposites at
Naomi flips the script and Matt (Naomi's boyfriend) interviews her. Matt asks Naomi all the questions she usually asks her guests. They live together and have been dating for just about five years. Will they fall in love? Yeah, duh.
Nina and Naomi are friends. They have bonded relentlessly over Ayesha Curry and Tina Knowles. They share a lot of the same interests, will that give them a stronger foundation to fall in love? Probably. Nina also opens up to Naomi about her com
Laci and Naomi are friends. They were placed on the same Harold team, DIRT. Laci’s mom has a room in her home dedicated to Oprah so if they were to fall in love, Naomi is really looking forward to their Home Town Dates. Laci loves taking selfie
Cissy and Naomi are good friends. Cissy was Naomi's improv coach and they inevitably transitioned into friends. Can they now transition into lovers as well? It would be a real caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly situation if they can pull it off
Mary and Naomi are casual friends. Mary coached Naomi’s first practice group and she holds the title of performing at Boss Jr. the most out of anyone. In this episode they discover they are both introverts and hate parties. They also cry. Twice
Will and Naomi are casual friends. They met because Will was kind enough to perform at Naomi's show, and Naomi later took a class from Will. If they fall in love it would be a real Ezra and Aria situation (that's a Pretty Little Liars reference
Rachel and Naomi are very good friends. They’ve spent the night together in a Disney hotel, they've chowed down on some good pizza together in New York, they both love Disneyland, they both love RuPaul’s Drag Race, and they both hate when men w
Julia and Naomi are casual friends. They see each other around Harold Night, they have done quite a few podcasts together, they had an advanced UCB class together. Naomi genuinely likes Julia and always has. In this episode we learn that they a
Oscar and Naomi are friends. They don't hang out a ton but I know for sure that Naomi would love to hang out MORE. Oscar is super down to talk about Oprah, Dolly Parton, AND RuPaul so it feels like their chances of falling in love is "Slam Dunk
Naomi and Haley are good friends. They enjoy a good brunch together. Will their brunches turn into wild sexy meals if they fall in love? When Harry Met Sally style? Also on the Fourth of July last year Naomi, Haley, and Emily just watched When
Dave and Naomi are good friends. Although they bicker, they have a mutual respect for one another. Will these questions cause Dave's weird movements and phrases make Naomi say "aw" instead of "ew"? What is Dave's first thought when he wakes up
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