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The Lloydbrary - Visit 167

Released Saturday, 4th January 2020
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Yesterday's dreams of tomorrow as we travel through Hauntology, the wyrd, radiophonics, and more
Paul Giovani - Sunset The Hardy Tree - Theme to Stagdale Justin Hopper & Sharon Kraus with the Belbury Poly - Slow air Paddy Kingsland - Everybody's gone Handspan - In from the fields David Cain and Ronald Duncan - The year Jonathan Sharp - Carlisle to Euston train, 1974 Brian Hodgson, Delia Derbyshire & Don Harper - The pattern emerges The Conet Project - The Lincolnshire poacher Adrian Utley and Will Gregory - Lost sequence Grey Frequency - Rendelsham forest (1980) Dalham - Beacon Concretism - Microwave relay Faux Optim - The sea and me Bocuma - BMX kid The Advisory Circle - Callsign 'A' The TV Trap (Other Channels) Neil Scrivin - Jodrell Bank Klaus Morlock - Shadow by the pillar The Heartwood Institute - Women against the wire Pulselovers - Woodford Hale to Fenny COmpton in five minutes Vic Mars - Geography Pye Audio Corner - Prismatic gateway Belbury Poly - Summer rounds