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Happy Holidays! Jane and I recorded this podcast together a month ago, in person at my apartment a few days before it flooded while I was out of town. I apologize for our absence! After being displaced for almost a month and having limited acce
New characters, lost love, and delightful disguises. As we get closer to the end, we get more sucked into the show and the new mysteries. Enjoy! Please email us at logladiespodcast@gmail.com to pick our brain before we find out all the answers.
We start to feel the familiar breeze of Twin Peaks in the woods. Maybe we should have a picnic in the woods of our own. We can't stop talking about this show! Subscribe and leave a review on iTunes! Follow us at @logladiespod. Send in your ques
The ladies discuss Diane Keaton's directing, happily close out the Evelyn/James story, and get to know Windom Earle a little better! Follow us on Twitter @logladiespod and send us an email at logladiespodcast@gmail.com!IMDB Summary: Agent Coope
Jane gets a little frustrated and takes it out on poor Lana the widow. Where did Nadine’s eyepatch go? Oh, that’s right, nowhere… she still has it. Email us your thoughts on the show (both TP and this podcast) at LogLadiesPodcast@gmail.com!IMBD
We get spooked in the Twin Peaks orphanage, fear for our lovely Shelly, and wonder how we got tricked into watching a soap opera about James. Email us your thoughts on the show (both TP and this podcast) at LogLadiesPodcast@gmail.com!IMBD Summa
It's story time in Twin Peaks, with forbidden kisses, poetry, and curses. These are a few of our favorite things! Along with baby laxatives and whiskers on kittens. Email us at LogLadiesPodcast@gmail.com and tell us how Twin Peaks has had an im
This episode sets up new mysteries and motives to keep us along for the (motorcycle) ride for the rest of the season. Email us your thoughts and questions at logladiespodcast@gmail.comTwin Peaks News: Catherine Coulson, the log lady and our ins
Jane and I have a dispute about what the next mystery in Twin Peaks will be. With little uncertainty, we may have some insight at the end. Let's see how our predictions hold up for the rest of this season!IMDB Summary: Blaming Cooper for the de
We took a week off for Labor Day weekend and now we're back! The mystery is fully revealed and we're still reeling. We dissect this episode of the show and talk about what we think is next to come. And... I'll be honest... we talk a little sh*t
In this episode we debate the value of flashbacks, the strange tone of this episode, and our thoughts on whats to come! Tune in next week to find out which disgusting food we'd most like to be covered in!Summary: Ben receives an unwelcome surpr
This episode is a doozy! Not only to we get some major reveals in the Twin Peaks universe but we also received some of our first listener email! Also, the Log Lady is back and we're ecstatic!Summary: Maddy prepares to leave Twin Peaks, Pete unc
I am glad to reveal that the curse is broken! We have had some technical difficulties that put us back a week, but are now back on track. A little bird told me that the next few episodes are some of the best! So enjoy this episode containing st
This episode is filled with humor and excitement, just like us! Our favorite characters are leading risky plots and being rescued. Oh and by the way...we have placed a curse on all of our listeners! The only way to break it is to email us a que
We are back with a new guest, writer/director and Twin Peaks expert, Austin Bates! For this episode we time travel back to 1990, debate the existence of cake, and get creeped out by new characters in the show and each other. Thank you for liste
We make up for the lack of log lady in this episode by spending about 75% of it talking about another complex female character. This episode is Donna heavy, and we absolutely love it! In fact, it's Jane's favorite episode to date. Thank you for
Back on our own! In this episode we discuss some of our other favorite shows, Jane gets a little grumpy and denies the existence of magic, and we unveil our tuxedo theory! Thank you for listening! Subscribe and leave a review on iTunes! Follow
We kick off season two of Twin Peaks with our best friend, horror writer Brittney Lewis! In this episode we flush out a lot of differing opinions on some major cast members and marry off the log lady. Thank you for listening! Subscribe and leav
We made it to the season finale! Such a shocking episode. We almost couldn’t go on after this one, but were able to pull it together and discuss some award winning performances, heartbreaking moments, and really narrow down on who the murderer
In this episode we discuss cherry stems, favorite characters (Audrey - DUH), and new killer theories! We also sheepishly reveal a secret of our own. Everything is not what you think it is. Thank you for listening! Subscribe and leave a review o
The log lady is back! Everything has been piling up and this episode answers so many questions that have been up in the air and almost driving us crazy…almost to the point of needing therapy…Dr Jacoby! Our favorite episode so far. Don’t forget
In this episode we discuss our weird dreams, little elvis, and dominoes. This was a fun episode filled with lots of new evidence and themes. Enjoy! Subscribe on iTunes, leave us a review, and follow us @LogLadiesPodIMBD Summary: Cooper and Trum
Break the code, solve the crime. In this episode we talk about Cooper's dreams, Bobby's sweet parents, and a ton of different theories about a ton of different things. Please subscribe and leave a review on iTunes! Follow us on Twitter at @logl
Hooray! Episode 3 and it is such. a. good. one. Thank you for listening! We really enjoyed getting into the nitty gritty details of this episode! Please subscribe, leave us a review on iTunes and follow us at @LogLadiesPod!IMBD Summary: Special
Well, well, well... our worst episode yet... and we're only on episode TWO! Man, why didn't I take audio recording classes in college when the had the chance. But, this isn't about me! This is about Laura Palmer, and... really... who did kill h
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