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Loving THIS with Michael Gungor

A Religion, Spirituality and Comedy podcast featuring Michael Gungor
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Best Episodes of Loving THIS

What is truth? Can one be certain of anything? 
Singing together is not only a potentially powerful spiritual technology and form of spiritual community, but it’s good for you! Studies have shown singing to be linked to lower stress, better moods, more of a sense of connection, and many more
How do we make a difference in a world that feels so big and out of our control? How do we not feel hopeless in the face of huge problems like climate change, racism, and inequality? Michael offers a radical suggestion. 
This is probably the most vulnerable podcast I've ever recorded. 2020 and 2021 have been some of the most challenging and beautiful years of my life. In this podcast, I share some of what's been happening with me as well as a song that I just r
In the wake of a disturbing week (and year) (and four years) (and however long humans have been around), we are confronted with what feels to be such vivid displays of evil in the world. What is evil exactly? Is it real? Is it objective? What d
What is grace? Is it a magical power-up potion? A thought in the mind of God? A metaphor for fortunate moments in life? In this episode, Michael takes a deep dive into the idea of grace and offers his thoughts on why so many religious tradition
In this episode, Michael talks about the core idea behind his new debut Weiwu album "Are You Perfect Yet?" Why are our normal ideas of perfection so absurd? Is it possible to feel totally at home within this moment without it being some static,
Michael leads a movement based body meditation using sounds from his upcoming single “Ya Wei”, which will be released in stores everywhere this Friday under the artist name Wuwei.  
After brushing his teeth on Easter Sunday Morning at midnight, Michael realizes he's never heard a non-dual Easter talk before. So here we go. 
In this episode, Michael talks about his take on embodiment and how it relates to non-dual spirituality. 
Michael jumps out of the hot tub at midnight and talks off-the-cuff about the discomfort he has been experiencing and why he sees it as grace. 
Hillary McBride joins Michael on the pod to discuss the Divine Feminine, integration, wholeness, and other wonderful Hillary bits of wisdom. 
What is non-duality? It essentially means "not two." Most of us view reality as though we are in here behind this skin, and the world is out there outside of the skin, but the mystics and contemporary physics tell us that reality is not so simp
Things get weird as I talk with my friend Carrie about loving THIS.  
Hi there. My name is... well it’s a little hard to tell you what my name is because I’ve been a lot of names for a lot of people. Some have called me Yahweh. Jehovah. The great I am. The I will be who I will be. I know it’s a bit unconventional
Lisa (Isa) Gungor joins her partner Michael (Vishnu) in a second round of questions from the audience about Michael's new book: THIS: Becoming Free. 
In today's podcast, Michael Gungor answers questions from the audience about his new book "THIS: Becoming Free", which is now available in bookstores everywhere! 
In this THIS, Michael shares a chapter of his new book THIS: Becoming Free. This fun and silly chapter reminds us how punctuation, farts and flight attendants all are part of the same one thing happening that is always and only THIS.  
Today, we look at one of the most frequently asked topics in relationship to THIS-- Social Justice. Can we love the world completely as it is and still work to make it better? Why, yes. Yes, we can.  
On this special episode of THIS, Michael scales back the production and just speaks from the heart about why he is going through all of the work for making this podcast.
Why is it so hard for so many of us to live happy lives if our brains have all the chemicals already? In this episode, we look at how living for that rather than loving THIS keeps us chasing our own tails in a way that we never find what we are
In this episode, we examine if human beings have free will by examining our experience of the current moment and seeing who we really are.  
In this pod, we look at how our experience of reality is based entirely on the stories that we believe about who we are. Special guests Propaganda and his wife, Dr. Alma Zaragoza-Petty.  Click to get your tickets for the Gungor farewell tour h
In this episode, we deconstruct death and examine how our common thoughts and beliefs about it often create suffering.
In this first episode, Michael Gungor explores the idea of enlightenment.  
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