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Guilty until proven innocent & the Injustice System. That pretty much sums up this week's episode. We discuss injustices, some of our own personal stories, and much more.  Join The Cult: Our Inst
Join us and our special guest this episode where we discuss simulation theories, time travel, glitches in the matrix, and more. You don't want to miss this one! With special guest “Brandon from New York”! Join The Cult:
Welcome back everyone! We're back in full effect with a brand new season! On this episode we discuss what's went on since we've been on break, what we have planned for this season, future plans, as well as some banter of course. We've sprinkled
Welcome to the Season 4 Finale! On this episode we dive into luck, or the lack thereof. We discuss our views in regards to luck, some of the unluckiest people to walk the earth, and plenty more! We want to give a huge shout-out to everyone who
English, can you speak it? Well, it's okay. The English language is pretty jacked up anyways. With that out of the way, welcome to this week's episode, where we break down the English language. Join The Cult:
Ever wonder how civilization might end? What would life be like after the collapse? This week's episode is all about the apocalypse. We discuss preparation, potential causes, survival, and more! Please note, this is not a detailed survival guid
Join us a we take the plunge into the world of psychopaths and sociopaths! Often times these two words get mixed up or labeled incorrectly. This week we talk about the definitions, differences, misunderstandings, and much more! We even take a t
Unfortunately our scheduled plans fell through for this episode so we were forced to improvise. We decided to do some random topics and questions while Matt tries to make everyone uncomfortable. I think he succeeded. We hope you're ready for an
Hey everyone! On this week's episode we will be discussing.. Well, we sort of had a topic in mind for this episode but we decided to do something a bit different this week. If you're interested in hearing about the real reason why McDonald's ic
This week we bring you a discussion about some viral challenges over the past years. Some of these challenges are downright stupid while others may have started to raise awareness for a good cause. We do not condone any challenges so please do
Guess what time it is? It's 420! Time to hang with some buds! On this episode we dive into the history of 420, some stoner moments, stoner movies, and other 420 related topics. We understand that this topic choice may not be for everyone but it
Welcome to this week's episode of Matt's Not Here! On this episode we discuss some rather interesting historical domino effects. Get ready to hear how some strange chain of events caused other things to happen in seemingly unrelated ways. This
What's worse torture than listening to this podcast? Listen in and find out! This week we discuss torture methods and torture devices. Listener discretion is advised. We also advise you that some of these devices and methods are almost as bad a
Cancel culture. What is it? Where did it come from? How does it affect us? This week we'll be diving into a touchy subject for some. Join us on our soap box on this week's episode! Who knows? Maybe we'll get cancelled! We weren't really the cro
We have another fairly random, yet interesting topic this week! On this episode we dive into the dark history and back stories of some of the most iconic nursery rhymes. Were there hidden meanings? Maybe some of these theories were mere coincid
Welcome back everyone! On this week's episode you'll hear us talk about figuring out what to talk about! I guess we might also have mentioned our plans for the future, what went on during our break, and did several random questions we asked eac
The season finale is finally here! Get ready for some laughs, banter, and inappropriate fun! On this episode we interview Oso The Comedian! Join The MNH Cult: You can find Oso The Comedian here:
This weeks episode is a bonus episode in celebration of our 1 year anniversary! We would like to thank everyone who has supported us during our first year of recording. On this episode we celebrate, discuss our favorite episodes we've done, as
Welcome to another episode of Ancient Aliens.. I mean, Matt's Not Here! This week we figured we'd bring you all an interesting topic of discussion. Was Jesus and alien? Maybe he was a shapeshifter? Maybe the burning bush that spoke to Moses did
We're back from our short hiatus and this week we're recording from an alternate timeline! This week we discuss parallel universes, alternate timelines, shifting realities, and more! This one is definitely interesting so make sure you dive into
Matt's Not Here wants to wish you all a wonderful holiday season! Hopefully everyone enjoys this not so appropriate holiday special! "Season's Beatings" everyone! Join The Cult: Check out Zombie
Are you a fan of Matt's Not Here? If so, join the cult! We recently launched our Facebook group and we would love you to join! If you'd like an easy way to share topic ideas or interact with us this is the place to do it. If you're into memes f
We're getting closer to the end of Season 3! We wanted to do something positive this episode so this week we hear what some of our listeners have done to adapt and grow themselves during these troubled times.  Check out Zombie Killer Clothing!
On this week's episode we talk about inventions, but not just any inventions, inventions that were created for reasons you may not have expected. Stay tuned and enjoy this week's episode! Check out Zombie Killer Clothing! https://confessions-o
Hey everyone, thanks for the support! We are finally approaching the middle of Season 3! On this week's episode we talk numbers. No, this episode isn't about taxes, business, or anything like that. These numbers hold significance and some of th
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