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Do you ever wonder what's that one thing that you thank God for keeping you out of harms way of?  The Urban Dictionary defines dodging a bullet as "when you come close to dating a person but for whatever reason it falls through, and then later
Hey your not single anymore…remember your married now! You ever wonder why some married couples seem to remain focused on themselves as an individual vs. coming together and focusing on the relationship?   The worse thing to see is watching a m
Project Much! Projecting your feelings is a defense mechanism.  It happens when you choose to defend your negative expressions and emotions by attempting to transfer them to others!  Join the Me to We Talk Podcast as we discuss how to be on the
Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, SEX in marriage!  What we want in sex and what we get in sex is not always the same thing!  Well, we don’t know about you but WE want to be SUCC-SEX-FULL in the marital bed!  I’m talking about GOOOOD…N
The worst thing you can do to yourself is to repeat the same behavior over and over, and expect a different result! Join the Me to We Talk Podcast as we try to help you figure out...what did you EX-pect, when getting back with your ex?! How are
“No one on his deathbed ever said, I wish I had more time at the office” -Paul Tsongas.  Listen to the Me to We Talk Podcast as we reflect on how there is no balance in work-life balance!  We encourage you, not to be too busy making a living th
"If you want to feel rich just count the things you have that money can't buy!” Remember, money is a tool it's not the source, so why are you holding on to something that was never yours in the first place!  It is God that gives the power to ga
Friend or Foe? If you have to ask yourself the question "Are they a friend or foe!" Then you already know the answer.  Some friends can't go on the journey with you and that's ok! Join the Me to We Talk Podcast as we discuss how it's ok to set
Who’s in your boat? Make sure everybody in your boat is rowing and not drilling holes when you’re not looking! Know your circle! We received this wonderful quote from an unknown author.  A near and dear friend of ours shared this quote with us.
How Petty can Petty be? "My boyfriend cheated on me so, we got back together and I convinced him to get matching tattoos to reaffirm our love. So he went first and I went home!" Savage! Join the Me To We Talk Podcast as we discuss just how pett
Has your spouse volunteered you...or volunTOLD you were going to help with an unpleasant task that you did not agree to? Welcome to the club! Check out the 100th episode from the Me to We Talk Podcast, “Have you been VolunTOLD?” The urban dicti
Back by popular demand! Part 2 of the two part episode Love Sick with licensed therapist Jonathan Denhartog.  Listen 🎧 in to the conclusion of why sex in marriage may have difficulties depending on the season.  Join us as we deconstruct the is
Do you need a check up from the neck up?  Maybe the love in your relationship hasn’t been feeling so well. The sex drive in your marriage may not be the right temperature and you may need to take care of what ails your marriage the most.  Why a
So you ask your spouse to pick something up from the store, they forget it and you say don’t worry about it, but you didn’t REALLY  mean it...you’re ticked off! Say what you mean and mean what you say! Join Elders Conell’s and Rhonda Hollins as
Does it make you look weak...if you are asking for permission in marriage?  Do you feel like suddenly your spouse is your parent and you have become the kid if you do ask for permission?  Check out our latest episode, "Is it easier to ask for f
You’re married..engaged or seriously dating and the person you love continues to stab you in the back!  It must be an inside job! Join the Me to We Talk Podcast  as we discuss your self-sabotaging mate!Find out the top reasons for couples compe
***Are you a Daywalker or a Nightwalker? Is your mate making the effort to take you out for a date during the day?  Or are they making zero effort and getting you subpar takeout and making it a Netflix night!  Where is the effort in that?!  Joi
Who's going to wash the dishes?  Who's responsible for doing the laundry? Your home is a mess and it is time to CLEAN UP YOU ACT!!  Join the Me to We Talk podcast as we discuss the difference between household chores and gender roles...it's not
***By Popular Demand!!!  It is the question no spouse EVER wants to ask...Are You Cheating on Me?!  Well, it's Summer time and unfortunately when the cats are away the mice will play!   The summer heat, freedom to finally get outdoors after the
Join the Me to We Talk Podcast and their latest episode, "Thou Shall Not Try Me!" Today your mate is TRYING your patience or even TRYING to start a fight!  Whatever the reason is...you are not having it this time.  Listen in as we provide 7 rea
Please Welcome our Newest Addition...Avery Lucas Hollins!  All 9lbs and 10 ozs of him!!! We are overjoyed...AND WE ARE SLEEP DEPRIVED!  We are so sorry, we haven't posted anything related to Avery's birth...but we have been learning how to adju
Who's right and who's wrong?  That's the difficulty with stalemates ...you don't know where the argument begins or where the fighting stops!  Join the Me to We Talk podcast as we discuss how you fight says more about you than what your fighting
Save the Drama for your Mama!!!  Join the  Me To We Talk Podcast as we bring down the house with the theatrics!  Some of us are married to Drama Queens and Drama Kings and if you are, then you know all to well that the theatrics can do more har
Facebook is not the place to air out your dirty laundry...but that hasn't stopped so many couples from doing it anyway!  It's nobody's business what's wrong with your relationship so why invite others into YOUR  drama!  Stop the Facebook Fights
Why is it that we feel like we can't be our genuine selves when we enter into a new relationship, engagement or even in marriage?  What is it about me that feels I have to change everything so that our “We” can thrive?  Join the Me to We Talk P
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