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St. John’s Wort has evolved over millennia to capture the ultimate expression of sunlight on our planet and turn it into the molecule hypericin, which has numerous profound effects on our human bodies. Find our St. John’s Wort Oil. Make your ow
In these times, we all need all the healing help we can get. How lucky then that an infinite source of renewal and vitality lies just beneath our feet. Connection with the earth and plants never fails to shift our animal bodies into a place of
For most of human history, herbalism hasn’t had a name. It was just a way of life, part of being human upon the earth. The folk traditions of our ancestors have deep nourishment to offer us, and are an antidote to the depleting and disheartenin
How do we support thriving life on earth through the pathway of maternal health? Our physiologic design is the inarguable truth, but in today’s confusing online culture well meaning morality politics often obscure what eons of evolution make cl
If the phrase “school wounds” stirs something inside of you, or the words “crisis schooling” describe your current reality as a parent or caregiver, or you’ve just always intuited that there’s something not quite right about modern compulsory s
Your ancestors are with you every time the portal of the womb opens; our blood connects us to our lineage, to the mythic archetypes that hold meaning for us, and to our deepest inner selves. Whatever sort of womb release you experience, i
From time immemorial, women and wise folk have carried the knowledge of how to manage fertility. From menstruation to contraception to birth to miscarriage to abortion, these processes and this knowing has always belonged to the people. Ending
“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium.” -Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel prize winner We return to the endlessly fascinating and enormously important subject of water, exploring the fractal edges of H20 and beyond. From its ability
We’ve all heard that we’re about 70% water by weight, but we are almost 100% water by molecular count. Water is the most abundant *and* the most mysterious substance on the planet. It is the source and the mediator of all of life and consciousn
“If I could give my life for hers, I would” -Cheree’s murderer, expressing remorse at his sentencing. I first interviewed Mea on Episode 6, when she told us the story of being very pregnant when she received the news of her best friend's murder
The health of the mouth reflects and predicts the health of the rest of the body (and our emotional, spiritual, and ancestral wellbeing too). Everything is connected, and few things make that clearer than a big picture look at the state of your
Relearning ancestral skills is the best antidote to the fear and chaos of these times. Let’s recreate a culture of simple home healing and feed the river of resilience so that all may drink from it. Check out Kami's wonderful online course Hand
In a brilliant act of human photosynthesis, our cells evolved over millennia to receive and transform information from the source of all life on earth, the sun. Yet our species has moved further and further away from the consistent solar intera
This time of covid and quarantine is a rite of passage for humanity, and phenomenally rapid change is possible. What we believe and what we project into the world matters deeply- especially in times of chaos, when a new story is being written.
It is our ancestral inheritance to know and work with the plants growing around us. Tending to, nurturing, and gleaning nourishment and medicine from the land is a way of life that is available to us all, and is the most direct path to healing
As Slowness Medicine is being experienced by the collective consciousness on an unprecedented scale, we can more clearly than ever see that the frenetic pace of the human species under endless growth capitalism is the root cause of global ecosy
Modern medicine now recognizes the menstrual cycle as the fifth vital sign. By simply paying attention to what our periods are telling us, we greatly increase our body literacy and quickly regain the deep self knowledge that is our birthright.
These times call for potent healers. If you’re feeling the call of the plants, this episode is for you. IN THE INTRO: There is no right way to be an herbalist Guidance for navigating your unique plant path IN THE INTERVIEW: The soul’s need to c
We cannot talk about collective health, planetary health, or the health of future generations, without talking about the health of mothers. As Rachelle says, “The dysfunction and disharmony within our human environments is manifesting through t
The old stories that have guided our recent ancestors are falling apart, and we live in a time of great upheaval and division as we grope for a new guiding mythology. Yet enfolded into this chaos are the seeds of deep and revolutionary change.
My favorite herb book has been out of print for decades, but is now available again! In celebration, I had the extreme honor of interviewing the author. We talk about weaving enchantment and changing our inner states through language, the oppos
Poisonous plants have long been misunderstood and even forbidden, yet they hold a special medicinal power. Let’s do as our ancestors did and carefully, respectfully ally ourselves with this potent family of healing herbs. IN THE INTRO: Poisonou
"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" -J. Krishnamurti "Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left." -Aldous Huxley "All truth passes through three stage
Owen never thought he’d be a dad, neither of us planned on getting married, and we had no idea that our love for plants would play such a big role in sustaining our relationship. Here’s a peek into how we make our lives together work... IN THE
Empaths are trending right now; let’s dig beneath the surface into what it really means to be empathic and/or to have a highly sensitive nervous system, and then talk about the plant and fungal allies that can help us to relax, recalibrate, and
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