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CW: ableist language   In which we take flight with the stories of the Alan, a creature of the Itneg people's folklore. Also, the unexpected benefits of child fostering, giant bats, and capitalist X-men.   Of course, a giant thank you to our pa
In which we run away with the stories of the Siring from Bagobo mythology, a creature of the woods that can mimic your relatives. Also, Mt. Apo Homeowners' Association, spicy TILs, and a natty diet of worms and snakes.   Thank you so much to ou
Content Warnings: Mentions of sexual assault, mental health stigma, bodily harm. If you feel that you are not ready to listen to mentions of these, feel free to skip this episode or listen to it another time. Please take care of yourselves, fri
NOTE: This episode is in Tagalog/Taglish in celebration of Filipino Language Month! In which we give you the Story Pitch for our collab with Tabi-Tabi Podcast and Philippine Campfire Stories for Buwan Ng Wika! Also, fingernail multiverses, hap
NOTE: This episode is in Tagalog/Taglish in celebration of Buwan Ng Wika! In which we celebrate Buwan Ng Wika (Filipino Language Month) with Creation Myths in our Mother Tongue! Ethan of Tabi-Tabi Podcast takes over as a guest host to regale u
In which we unearth the many different meanings of the creature Busaw, as a ghoul, a god, a giant, and others. Also, funeral combo meals, the opposite of farming, and all the B tropes you need in a supernatural sitcom.   As always, we'd like to
In which we fly with the tales of the Tiktik and its many onomatopoeic names as an aswang familiar. Also, pets resembling their owners, Tiktok as a way to connect with the fellow kids, and the importance of training your tiktik.   We are truly
In which we comb through the stories of the Kubot, the long-haired aswang of various Filipino folklore. Also, dope aswang-killing moves, a totally fictional character of deep Cubao Expo lore, and possibly a whole new different way of looking t
In which we SPOILER-ifically peer into the creatures featured in the anime adaptation of Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo's Trese on Netflix. Also, the NBA All-Stars of Philippine mythologies,  myth and folklore adaptations to tide you over til
CONTENT WARNING: Graphic descriptions of body parts, body horror, sexual predation. If you feel that you are not ready to listen to mentions of these, feel free to skip this episode or listen to it another time. Please take care of yourselves,
In which we wrap up the Tres Marias annivers-tacular with Mariang Sinukuan, guardian of Central Luzon's Mt. Arayat. Also, the use of pronouns, dei-tea family dramuh, and wise Tita divorcees who smoke too much.   We are very thankful to have mad
In which we continue the meta-anniversary pitch with the arrival of Mariang Cacao, Cebu's "enterprising" diwata from Mt. Lantoy. Also the ROI in golden ghost ships, literal "phantom" power, and Juabe's impressive roleplaying of supernatural bos
In which we celebrate legends of the great Maria Makiling, ya best gurl from Laguna. Also, an ACTUAL ANNIVERSARY EPISODE ON THE ACTUAL ANNIVERSARY OF THE ACTUAL SHOW, Hesus as the true highlander, and our attempts at foley work. (Stay til the e
In which we chase after stories of the Amamanhig and give additional tickling trivia on last year's Amalanhig and friends. Also, the root of all evil, literal cold calls and 'dead'stonks!   It's our birthday month! Finally, we're (sort of) cele
In which we find the tall tales of Ifugao's Inlablabbuut, famed ogre of the mountains. Also, plate thunder, mid-forest stroll snacks, and a new source of protein.    Of course, we want to extend our thanks to our patrons: Lee, Lyz, Ellie, Rose
In which we are favored by the moonlit presence of the Lewenri, Romblon's engkanto benefactors who may or may not be just regulars in a popular Manila bar. Also, romping in Romblon, our own version of the Bermuda Triangle, and the possibility t
In which we end this UGH of a year with a tale of the Markopo, a more standard, everyday human-eating dragon. Also, natural disasters, midnight karaoke, and more dice rolling. RATZ! Big shout-outs to our patrons Lee, Ellie, Lyz, Rose Bona and
In which we unravel the tales of Bakunawa and other moon-eating dragons of Philippine mythologies. Also, actual number of dragon balls, melt-in-your-mouth moons, and rolling for initiative.   As always, we wanna thank our patrons Lee, Ellie, Ly
In which we get lost in the tales of Biringan, the mythical city of Western Samar, and Borongan, the very real city in EASTern Samar. Also, geography lessons, an official Third Monday Place Episode (TMPE) song, and a whole lot of (not really) f
In which we get struck by the stories of the Manobo goddess Anitan and her lightning yeets. Also, god-level bureaucracy, 90s TV shows we never watched, and why laughing at animals on the Internet is probably risky business.   Of course, we'd li
In which we cruise around with the legend of the White Lady, including that of Balete Drive. Also, 5-star ghost reviews, fashion sense in the afterlife, and ghosting in the 21st century. Our Discord server is now open to the public! Of course,
In which we talk about the onomatopoeic Koro-koto, the hovering aswang who likes to eat crying kids. Also, the real "Air Jordans", accidental superheroes, and how difficult an ECE degree is.   As always, we'd like to thank our patrons: Lyz, Ell
In which we brush the cobwebs off our podcasting skills as we talk about Gayuma, the famed love potion/ritual/enchantment. Also, capitalism as the best form of magic, the MeLoreDrama Cinematic Universe, and romantic comedy geometry.   Thank you
It has been A YEAR! (well, more like 8 months, but it's the apocalyptic times so time is technically irrelevant) MeLoreDrama is back on your favorite podcast apps with new episodes starting October 5!  Stay tuned as we try to figure out how to
In which we break into the folktale of the Ugaw, Pangasinan's little rice thieves. Also, rice bin misdirection, a morsel of custom RPG, and why life is a buffet with seemingly unfair rules. Of course, we'd like to thank our patrons who make al
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