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From we say SKUNKLIFESTYLE you guys already know who we have on this weeks episode!!!, but for the persons that don't........Nick Lue is most famously known for being the owner of the prolific Yellow 1995 Honda Civic EG called "Pineapple Skunk" and for being the face and one of the creators of Skunknation.For those who are not familiar , Skunknation is the media platform built by car enthusiast for car enthusiasts that is said to be "Uniting the streetz" here in Jamaica with the fastest and most exotic machines on the island on display. On this episode we delve into the creation of Nick Lue the brand, how he remolded himself ,Skunknation and the subsequent generator of cashflow from the fumes of his passion , FreshPanda in detail.His vlogs are extremely popular but getting to know the man behind the vlogs , the challenges he faced, the triumphs and his ambitions , that's content that you don't get exposed to everyday. Take the journey with us as we get a completely transparent perspective on who Nick Lue is and how circumstance + persistence brought him to where he is now!
Imagine owning a Travel/Tourism agency , building 2 hotels and having a milliondollar network of entrepreneurs and VC's (Venture Capitalist) in close contact all by the age of 20...... Can't be right?Well thats where you are wrong, because today's guest and CEO of Ficadi Travel Roshene Grindley sat down with us and discussed her journey from humble beginnings to Business winnings.From selling in the streets of Downtown Kingston and going to school, to owning businesses and property a true story of perseverance and discipline towards a goal, awarding herself a life outside the generic 9-5 trap.Ficadi Travel instgram: Travel Website , Book your next trip today!!!! : keenly , share with a friend , family member or colleague and stay safe in these times of uncertainity.
 Investments , Insurance and Wealth, all related, most times they all intertwine with each other at some point in our lives or in some cases all three pass us by, let the latter not be you , listen to this episode keenly and APPLY IT.On this episode we have registered Financial Advisor Shamar Clarke explaining to us the necessity of financial tools, asset allocation, insurance policies and so much more. He also spoke to us about his journey into the financial industry and how trauma mixed with a little persuasion lead him to being one of , if not the best financial advisor in his current work space.MAKE USE OF THE RESOURCES WE PROVIDE IN EACH EPISODEDon't forget to leave a thoughtful review and rating , we greatly appreciate hearing from our audience as the input obtained will be used to make subsequent episodes much better.
On this weeks episode we sat down with Dynasty Ent.'s Kyle Butler.Dynasty Ent. instgram- young entrepreneur, footballer and influencer is creating massive waves in the entertainment industry with Dynasty Ent and is actively pursing his football career as well.It wasn't always about the music for Kyle , it was an acquired love but he's always been in business. He speaks to us in depth on this episode about how the Dynasty brand was built , how networking and flourishing in a certain businesses environment molded both his business and personal awareness.We advocate heavily here on MillionDollarConovs by Hustlehouseja for the young entrepreneurs in the game operating at massive levels of action to produce their desired level of output and Kyle Butler is a perfect example ,embodying the the prior statement.
On this episode we feature another Young King in business here in Jamaica , CEO of Herny's Wood Jamaica(A simple combination of nature and sophistication gives birth to fashionable, Eco-Friendly products with an artisan look.), Abuyn Distributors Jamaica and a Partner in the world renown Jamaican clothing/apparel brand "Cooyah" , he is the one and only Aubyn Henry!!!!! With Entrepreneur and Car enthusiast blood running through his veins, he was able to start , maintain and thrive in his many businesses despite all the negativity he faced along the way , whether it was a family member telling him "it makes no sense "or even the financial institutions saying "your too young".This episode is sure to motivate the young men and women told by many that it cannot be done, that "its too early" , that there's only one path to success. Take control of your own destiny, there are many things in life that you cannot control but work ethic is completely up to you.Herny's Wood Jamaica: Distributors Jamaica:  Cooyah:
"I don't just sell colognes and perfumes , I sell confidence" . A statement that exudes confidence in itself, this weeks guest is the current marketing manager and heir to the Sophie Sam Fragrances and More thrown, Adrian-Lawrence Samuda.Sophie Sam by nature is a cologne and fragrance business, owned and operated by Adrian's parents , and by virtue himself. But when asked about the brand Sophie Sam, Adrian had way more to say about it than the products sold, instead he went in detail about what it really meant and what it will mean in perpetuity.Having been born into entrepreneurship, it almost seemed as if Adrian had a head-start in the way he thought and executed upon said thought once conceived.We know you guys stop reading after the first sentence of the first paragraph but if you happen to reach this far , thank you!!! Here are the contact details and information for both Adrian and Sophie Sam Fragrances so you can get walk away with your own bottle of confidence:Sophie Sam Fragrances :'s Personal contact: Additional resources/articles:
"Wealth is the product of man's capacity to think" Ayn Rand Checkout our Youtube page: this episode we had one of the most prolific forex traders in Jamaica, an active/avid business man, and investor in knowledge of the present and future, his name is Jordan Witter more commonly known as "Yardpips".Though glorious in the present his journey was not sudden.He started exhibiting the qualities of an entrpreneur at an early stage in his life selling electronics , retail trading and even investing in bitcoin before the world knew about it.He was hellbent on his quest to " Not go down the 9-5 route", and made it his duty to invest in himself , so as to create the level of abundance that gave him the "author's pen" ,to write  his own life story , allowing him to live freely.Yardpips instagram: hope you enjoy this episode and take another step forward on your journey to financial and personal fulfilment!!! 
REAL ESTATE!!!!KMC Property Services email: kmcrealestate@outlook.comYou've been asking for it and here it is!!!Our first Real Estate podcast recorded upon audience demand and need for this type of information.On this episode we sat down with local Mrs.Karen Coke onwer of KMC Property Services, local Realtor/Dealer, Mother and Business Owner.We discussed the basics of the reality of Real Estate here in Jamaica. She explained to us how , she got started in the Real Estate industry , her work experience, the importance of client relations, how to get started and registered as a realtor/ reaal estate agent, how to acquire property, and so much more.This episode is for the local audiences who want to acquire property or are curious to know how it is done and for our international audiences who want a bit of perspective on the operations of the Real Estate industry here in Jamaica.We hope you enjoy!!!Here are a few resources you can use to contact Mrs.Coke if you are in need of assistance:KMC Property Services cells: (876)364-0198 (Digicel) or (876)331-9498(Flow)KMC Property Services website:
Volume up!!!For all the car enthusiasts, motor heads and our loyal audience of the MillionDollarconvos podcast, we bring you an episode that follows a man's passion and his ambition, as well as his once burning desire to see Motorsports thrive in Jamaica wither to an ember.This weeks guest is none other than Nigel Wilmot , locally renown mechanic,driver(rally, circuit,drag,etc.)business and family man. We stopped by his garage to discuss in detail how he entered the Motorsports industry, how he transitioned as a young self-taught mechanic to building some of the best machines on the island , Motorsports in Jamaica(included his racing career) and his family.He prioritized passion, built his empire and lifestyle around it and as a perfectionist he does everything to the utmost best of his ability."I live Motorsports, the garage is almost home" - Nigel WilmotNB: In an industry build upon going fast he preaches patience and humility especially to the youth who want to follow the same path he did.Wilmotorsports (Location): 93 Constant Spring RoadWilmotorsports Instagram: Wilmot(for advice and queries) -(876)-480-7908Leroy Spence (Ice) For driving lessons at Dover- (876)-838-9947
Here at Hustlehouseja we love to uncover the stories behind the journey of our Jamaican entrepreneurs and world-shakers, especially the youth. On this episode we featured Ackeilia Caine a young entrepreneur hailing from "the land we love"(Jamiaca), owner of Trendzy.ja and Trendzycare. Trendzy.ja (insta-handle)- (website)- (insta-handle)- (website)- sat down and explored both her past and present delving into her socioeconomic background, her experience as an employee, the creation and progress her business has made since inception and so much more.Her story was absolutely riveting and can be used as a guiding light for those younger ladies or even gentlemen looking for a bit of inspiration from a relatable source.Enjoying this podcast?Leave a rating and comment on the value you've obtained from our episodes so far!!!or Send us a DM : Hustlehouseja-
(Headphones/earphones/earpods in!!!)On this episode , we took a walk down the road to wealth with 876invest exploring all investment options from savvy to soon to be investors.(*whispers* Check this link out to start your own podcast-, thank us later!!)Founders of 876invest David Nunez and Maleek Thomas sat down with us in studio as we dicussed both local and international investment opportunities, personal investing experience and the future of 876invest.They dropped gems constantly throughout this episode , even hinting at some top stock picks on the JSE( Jamaica Stock Exchange), and international moneymarket accounts/brokers that you can use to obtain your foreign assets with ease!!!Trust the process and listen to the whole podcast you don't want to miss a minute!!For all your investment questions and queries you may contact 876invest using the resources below(Don't be shy use the free resources on hand and invest in yourself):Website: account:
We made a promise and we are keeping it!!!, this weeks audio quality has improved dramatically.On this live episode we interviewed Rickardo Witter, a recent graduate of the University of the West Indies and owner of the very prolific startup fitness enterprise here in Jamaica "WitterFitness". This episode followed the same winning formula that we have been using to get quality content to you our loyal listeners!!!We delved into the experiences of his early childhood, his socio-economical background and how adversity molded him into becoming an independent young man very early and his past/current business ventures, etc.This one is a banger!!!If you want to get in shape , feel good and look even better, here are the contact details for Witterfitness to help you achieve that:Contact number: 1(876)-418-4276Instagram: you've reached this far in reading the description Thank you For that we have a special interactive we'll like to try out , screenshot this section of description and post it on instagram tagging @hustlehouseja on instagram for a shoutout on our next podcast!!!!!
(Please bare with us as we transition from zoom audio episodes to live episodes, the audio quality has been an issue as it relates to varying fluctuation but we are happy to relay to you that in the coming weeks interviews, we will be switching almost wholly to live and our content will also be available for consumption in video form as well, thank you for your continued support).On this episode we interview a succesful business man and father , Jamaican national awardee and holder of a great legacy.This weeks guest is none other than Michael Ammar jnr!!!Mr.Ammar jnr is the current successor and chief of the family-owned retail business here in Jamaica known as Ammars and the co-director of Bacchanal Jamaica. He speaks to us on this episode about his experiences and perspectives, on watching the business grow to running it, going to carnival abroad and bringing it "To the land we love", as well as the business landscape in Jamaica not just for retail but in general.We were taught about history, economics and entrepreneurship all in one , a truly dynamic episode with one of Jamaica's most outstanding entrepreneurs , one in which we know you'll obtain immense value from.Don't forget to leave your highest rating and a comment, this goes as a far way as we look to improve on our output gradually to produce the highest quality for you our audience!!!
On this episode we try to get the answer to a burning question, "what is success" ?.To get we sought to bring to you , we traveled across the waters and spoke to Hugh Brown a native "New Yorker" who now resides in Atlanta. Mr.Brown is a specialist in credit protection, restoration, wealth creation and an avid believer in reciprocity, he uses his skills obtained and honed over time to effect change unto those who come in contact with him both financial and emotionally, using positivity and proactivity as the channels through which he enacts change in another.We took some time and really took apart the components of success, piecing them back together as the episode progressed allowing both ourselves and you our listeners to solve this jigsaw puzzle to abundance. In addition to speaking about success and the means to get there , we also spoke about the importance of personal development, patience and self education , whether seeking it or learning as very important tools and creating a solid foundation upon which success and abundance is built atop.For those seeking advice and credible directive on credit protection, restoration, wealth creation as well as discussing future goals and executing said goals, use these valuable resources below:Hugh Brown personal cell number : 877-542-0126Hugh Brown Facebook profile:
This mega episode is predominantly for our LADIES listening locally and internationally.(Gentlemen you can still listen, much appreciated in advance).Shara Anderson-Grant is a Jamaican entrepreneur, a marketer and a holistic believer in Christ and the Christian faith. In this interview she spoke her truth as it related to her life which included her circumstances living in a volatile area , the obstacles faced and her outlook upon experience.We also spoke about her business "Woman of Virtue Fashion", delving into the true meaning behind the name and her road to becoming an entrepreneur.This one is a bit longer than our previous episodes but is worth every minute that you decide to consume this quality podcast episode.The link to Woman of Virtue fashions Instagram page can be found here:
This week's guest is Chavez Allen the man widely known in Jamaica as Pajama Billionaire .(At 10:25 he said " I don't know what else could have provided that kind of income legally", hence the laughter) He's a successful trader, an entreprenuer, an educator , proactive advocate of financial freedom and opportunity creator.We discussed his life prior to his wealth and teachings , taking a journey in exploring his humble beginnings , his experiences and views as his life progressed and blossemed into what it is now.As a wealth and opportunity creator, Pajama has several programs in place for all who seek financial freedom to obtain it, living life on your own terms and seeking happiness through wealth and fulfilment.For those interested in finding a path to wealth, fulfilment and EVEN A BENZ!!!(that's right he's giving away a mercedes benz), access the links below to find out more:Instagram: @PajamaBillionaire consultation: Raffle details : credit, VendreXWaywrd- Night Thrills:https:
Taking a deep dive into the life of Jeffery Azan, a Jamaican speaker , entreprenuer and educator ,focused on making Jamaica synonymus with personal and professional development internationally.We took a journey on exploring his ambitions , life story and goals to which were highlighted within this compelling conversation, as well as his wholesome and well-directed advice to all the future and current motivators, professionals and entreprenuers.For the listeners interested in motivational speaking and professional development coaching, the link is listed below for you to select'n'start:
Finding solid financial footing , its a task that many struggle with especially within this economic and financial climate.This week on the MillionDollarConvos podcast we navigated through this changing financial world with Bruce Scott , who at the age of 21 acquired the title "Chartered Accountant", one of the youngest to ever attain such a title in Jamaica. With a wealth of experience in finances and accounting, Bruce was more than capable of informing us on the intricasies and normalcies of the sometimes convulted financial world , offering some crucial advice in how to navigate it.We also took a stroll down memory lane , revisiting his past and his journey to becoming a prodigy in the financial sector here in Jamaica, as well as becoming a Christian and an altruistic family man.Here is a link to soft copy versions of some life changing books: is the a link to coursera for those interested in doing the Personal Financial Planning Course(Florida International University): music used in this podcast belongs to its respective owners and is not the property of Hustlehouseja.
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