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Paul Stamets about mushrooms for stress, colds and creative thoughts

Released Saturday, 20th July 2019
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Can mushrooms help with stress, colds and creative thoughts as well as help bees toward an ever-increasing epidemic? Paul Stamets is one of the world's foremost in fungal research and has a total of 18 patents within the use of different types of fungi.

Paul has won numerous awards and his person is also a role in Star Trek: Discovery! I could write paragraph after paragraph about everything this man has done, but I choose to write a little about how his lectures at TED and at the Colosseum have influenced how I think about fungi.

I have always thought of mushrooms as either something I have in the food or have to avoid as dangerous in the forest. That a fungus could help against "common" diseases was completely new to me and that at the same time it can help bees from living 4 days to 9 days was completely unknown!

Can really a fungus I take for granted and part of nature be a part of an ever increasing environmental problem and can it really help me when I need it? After listening to Paul, I am in any case convinced that I will become more familiar with mushrooms and at the same time he had a great impact on my new podcast project on the environment, sustainability and innovation :)

We talk about:

Interest in mushrooms at 5 year old

The forbidden fruit

100 employees

paradigm shift

Magic mushrooms (Psilocybin) once or twice a year

A leader who is strong but kind

The massive bee death and how it can be saved

18 patents

Pompous and selfish

Had never happened without the use of Psilocybin

Fungus against colds or flu

Bootstrap mushrooms

Mushrooms against stress Lionsmane



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