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212: A Vow To A Kill

Released Monday, 28th December 2020
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Athena O'Brien is getting married...and Special Agent Chet Phillips is available. (Season finale)
Written by
John P. Dowgin & J. Michael DeAngelis
Story by
Pete Barry & J. Michael DeAngelis
& John P. Dowgin & Paige Klaniecki
Directed by
Pete Barry & J. Michael DeAngelis
Chris Klaniecki as Skip Granger
Nazli Sarpkaya as Mackenzie McGrath
Dave Stanger as Bowden Montcrief
Paige Klaniecki as Gloria Kovak
Faith Dowgin as Section Chief Zelda Anders
Kirk White as Chet Phillips
Ashley Banks as Athena O'Brien
Jill Ivey as Lex Hammond, Anchorwoman, and Computer
Jean Barry as Quinn Corrino
with Kevin McGrath as The Mission Voice
and Bob Killion as Archie Grant, Fitz, Security Guy, Anchorman, and The Admiral
Guest Starring
Pete Barry as Kristatos O'Brien
Eric Werner as Balthazar Montcrief
Karen Yang as Dr. Karol Legrange
John Dowgin as Dr. Biff Studebaker
Shannon Perry as Dr. Hermione Pickle
Dave Serfass as J.J. Prescott
John Tuton as Captain James T. Kirk
Eric Perry as Whitmire
Rebecca Serfass as Lucky
Natty Leach as Chad Valerian
and Sarah Rhea Werner as Pat
Shannon and Eric Perry and be heard on Oz-9. Learn more at www.oz-9.com
Sarah Rhea Werner can be heard on the Write Now podcast and Girl in Space. Learn more at www.sarahwerner.com
Music, sound editing and mixing by
Pete Barry
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Mission: Rejected will return in 2021.
Sound effect attributions below. All other sound effects by Pete Barry.
Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Voice Actor
I love how this show (and its story and characters) is growing and developing so organically. This isn't a narrative that needlessly jumps the shark. It's spy stuff. That's prime for hijinks.
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