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More than a Few Words

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We are living in a video world.  Our guest Chris Weiher thinks video should be in the tool kit of every small business.  The mistake he thinks many business owners make is thinking they need to commit to video forever, and forever is intimidati
I am sure you think this headline is a mistake, that I meant to say something else, but I really mean this. If you want to build a successful business in a vibrant marketplace, you will grow faster if you help your competitors. Before you decid
Google wants you to succeed and in this conversation with Stormy Knight, we talk about what they're doing to help you do just that. Remember that Google's main product is great search results. While they have some of the most comprehensive data
How do you decide which marketing tactics to try? Megan Prejzner says you should start with business goals in mind. Boil it all down to the ones which are going to move your business goals forward and forward the fastest. Don't be overwhelmed b
Even new, completely innovative products have competition. Long before your product comes into the market, customers have found ways to solve their problems. Understanding who your real competitors are is critical to your business success. As y
While you don't want to change your brand frequently, guest Amanda Guerassio suggests there are signs you are ready for a refresh.   If you designed your logo yourself when you started your business, and the branding suite just isn't as profess
I know you think you are a business owner not a salesperson but everybody really is a salesperson. In this conversation with Tracey Beavers we explored ways you can create sales without "selling" She suggests you start by being yourself.  The r
Too often inventors and entrepreneurs fall in love with their idea. Just because it can be built, does not mean it should be.  Before you launch your business, you need to answer a really important questions.  Does anyone really want your produ
Many small business owners startup a business or launch a product with little or no budget. I asked successful founder, Jason Hubbard about some of  the mistakes businesses make when they jump into the game.  He told me the biggest mistake peop
Small business owners, particularly solo entrepreneurs often forget that their personal and business on-line security are tightly intertwined.   Guest Josh Summers says that a focus on security begins by separating yourself from your business.
If you're a smart traveler you know can't head out on a long road trip without some kind of map or directions.  Without that there's a chance you'll get lost, drive in the wrong direction, show up late or never actually arrive. When it comes to
In this episode we talk about mentors, how to find one and how to be one. Why? Because even if we think that we're running our business' completely on our own it helps to have people to turn to for advice and information. Guest, and today my gu
Before we roll in 2023, I thought it would be fun to go back and revisit some of my favorite podcast interviews from last year. With more than 125 to choose from, this was no small feat. But I think you're really going to like the episodes I've
“Welcome to More than a Few Words, a marketing conversation for business owners. This is your host Lorraine Ball. “ I have a version of that phrase hundreds of times over the last thirteen years. Yes, today is actually the thirteenth year anniv
 What is the fastest least expensive way to get clients? Guest, Gall Doby suggests  there is one strategy that people often ignore, and it's right in front of them.  Looking for new sales? Start with your current clients. Almost every single cl
My favorite day on my most recent vacation was the day we got lost. We had an idea of what we wanted to do but we made a wrong turn. Instead of worrying about it we simply embraced the chaos. We stumbled upon a great art exhibit and a delicious
In this episode, I chat with Sasha Willis about authenticity and why it is so important to be authentic in all of your content and branding.  Sasha advocates for  showing up as yourself because people really tune into that.  It is especially tr
You've Got Mail! Do you remember when those three little words used to make you smile?  It's hard to believe it's been more than 25 years since we first logged onto the internet via a very slow dial-up modem to hear those words. And, as in any
Why should you make a to do list before you go to sleep?  It is a way of training your brain . Guest Elizabeth Louis, says when you do that you're getting it into you unconscious brain so you wake up the next morning knowing exactly what you ne
I am a serious coffee drinker. A typical morning starts with two full mugs of coffee, after which I'm ready to face the world. So when I was in Italy a few weeks ago I was worried that the little cup of cappuccino they put in front of me wouldn
When it comes to finding your ideal client Jonny Cooper thinks of the process like a three legged stool.  You need all three pieces.  Without one of the three, the stool falls over.   The first one is to identify a type of person for whom we ca
When it comes to content marketing you need to be playing the long game. It is unrealistic to think  you're going to throw a blog post out there today and get results tomorrow. But, if you invest in consistently creating good quality content it
Your customers go through many steps and phases as you work with them, so your marketing needs to reflect where they are in their customer journey.   Guest, Ellen McDowell shares tips on how to segment your customers into three groups and creat
When I was a kid and the doorbell rang I would jump up and fling the door open in the hopes of entertaining a neighbor, friend or unexpected guest. But things have changed. We're a lot more cautious these days about who we invite into our homes
Since we were in middle school there's always been someone who said something negative about us. You'd think after all this time we'd learn how to respond but the truth is when you get a negative review or a negative social media comment it sti
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