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You have probably heard multiple times you need to start your sales process by defining your niche because when you do, you can create more relevant content.   But our guest Leon Streete, says just defining the "who" is not enough.  The demogr
Everyone is not your customer. And while some people might become customers sometime in the future, there are some people who never will. Make the best use of your marketing efforts by narrowing down to a niche. Then, even after you have narro
Many "would be writers" think they should start with a title and let the story unfold.  Our guest, Tina Bakehouse suggests starting in the middle.  Begin by fleshing out the content in the middle.  Once you are clear on the body of what you're
If your blog titles don't grab reader's attention, they're not going to read your blog posts.  While it might seem that people want to see something positive in these challenging times, surprisingly negative titles work better. Look at the new
Ultimately, social media is a human platform. If we can read a story and we can relate to it, we're more likely to engage with that, we're more likely to comment on it, like it and share it. Our guest, Victoria Lee suggests in every single post
As you plan your next email marketing campaign don't overwhelm customers with multiple offers. They won't spend the time reading all that text. As a matter of fact, there's a lot of research which proves the more choices you give someone, the l
​Goals are an important part of a successful business, but we often don't achieve them as quickly as we would like.  Coach Cailen Ascher suggests business owners take a few lessons from yoga. They have these wonderful teachings around non gras
You may not believe this, but negative reviews are a gift. They give you a chance to improve to change your customer perception, and maybe even be a hero. When someone writes a negative review, they're annoyed at your company, not you, so don'
You spend hours creating content so you may be disappointed to discover that nobody's reading it. But it doesn't have to be that way. Our guest, Jonny Cooper shared three simple reasons content fails to deliver results. You forgot the ABC- Aud
Ask most small business owners what makes their company unique. And they'll tell you it boils down to the people and the culture. That great culture attracts more potential employees and clients. Now it's easy to maintain your culture when you
There is a cycle business owners get trapped in as they start to spiral toward burnout.  Coach Linsi Brownson says the first thing you need to do is recognize, you're not doing anything wrong.  This is just a phase in your business. This is ac
There is a cycle business owners get trapped in as they start to spiral toward burnout.  Coach Linsi Brownson says the first thing you need to do is recognize, you're not doing anything wrong.  This is just a phase in your business. This is ac
Are you frustrated by the lack of engagement and results from your Facebook pages? Maybe it is because you are treating Facebook like any other advertising platform, and not a social network. People come to Facebook to check in with friends, s
What would you learn in one hundred networking conversations?  And how would those conversations change your business? That is what our guest, Chella Diaz set out to discover when she set a goal to have conversations with  100 smart, interestin
If you think Instagram is just about pretty pictures, you're really missing out on opportunities. Sure, a pretty picture is going to stop your audience in their tracks, but it's not necessarily going to be enough to start a conversation. Insta
When you collaborate with people you would, on the surface level think of as your competitors, it is amazing what happens You will discover your business is healthier, your mental status healthier and the tips and tricks and strategies that you
The other day, I got the nicest note from a prospect,  who by the way is now a client. He said "The information you shared was valuable and easy to understand. Most of the folks we talked to try to wow us with technical crap and it becomes so c
According to our guest, Ellen Goodwin, you can have all the plans in the world, manage your time, block out time for specific activities, but if you have no energy, you're going to be dead in the water. Without energy, nothing moves forward so
I always say there are three days in the life of a project give me an emotional left. When I make the sale When I send the invoice  When I get the check. The foundation of cash management starts with an understanding of how much money you h
There, there's about seven different qualities that are highly associated with someone's credibility, trustworthiness and perception of leadership when it comes to vocal qualities. The research around this astounding.  For example, Duke Univer
I want to ask you a very specific question. Who were you writing for? Now, if you have a personal blog and you're documenting the days of your life, you're writing for yourself. But if you have a business blog then you are writing with business
There are many elements in a successful ecommerce program, but email is at the top of the list.  From simple promotional campaigns to event specific "flows" the trick is to send the right message at the right time.   This week, our guest Ivana
Long before I ever worked on my first website, I was developing brochures and direct mail campaigns for business owners. Many of the rules of good copywriting I learned back then, are transferable to a digital environment especially, great cont
As you drive down the road, you have to be ready to make small adjustments.  The same is true for your marketing. This week's guests, Sharyn and Hank Yuloff,  think you need to stop thinking about your marketing as if the plan was carved in st
When I started my career, I was full of crazy, innovative ideas which were routinely shut down by senior managers. I grew to hate hearing "That isn't how we do things" or "We tried that and it didn't work". When I left corporate, I assumed I w
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