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I'll Take the Coup de Grace with a Side of Fries

Released Friday, 11th September 2020
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Welcome to Mysteries to Die For.
I am TG Wolff and am here with Jack, my piano player and producer. This is a podcast where we combine storytelling with original music to put you at the heart of mystery, murder, and mayhem. Some episodes will be my own stories, others will be classics that helped shape the mystery genre we know today. These are arrangements, which means instead of word-for-word readings, you get a performance meant to be heard. Jack and I perform these live, front to back, no breaks, no fakes, no retakes (unless it's really bad)
This is Season 1. This season comes from my book Widow’s Run, which was published in 2019 by Down & Out Books. If you love clever, sharp-edged mysteries and thrillers, check out Down & Out on the web. www.downandoutbooks.com
Today’s episode builds from the previous. You have to listen in order for the story to make sense. Start with the episode called “What a Lovely Corpse you Have” and catch up to us from there. We’ll be here for you. We’ve listed a cast of characters in the show notes to help keep track of the players.
To recap, our hero, Diamond, has faked her death, burying the mainstream, suburban professional she was to resurrect her CIA cover. Why? She needs to do what the police won’t, investigate her husband’s death. In the last episode, Diamond discovers the money behind Gavriil’s death was a woman going by the name Chrysanthemum. Andrew Dix and Ian Black use video footage from a security camera to put a face with the name. Dr. Quili Lui.
Today’s story is about tying up loose ends and just desserts. This is the final episode, Episode 14: I’ll Take the Coup de Grȃce with a Side of Fries
Characters with episode of introduction
Diamond, our hero. Recently widowed. Recently (fake) killed herself. On a mission. (E1)
Gavriil Rubchinsky. Russian-born, nerd scientist specializing in quinoa. Diamond’s husband. Died May 14, 2018. The reason for Diamond. (E1)
Ian Black. Average, ordinary, white man. Extraordinary purveyor of anything, anywhere, anytime. (E1)
Sam Irish. British agent. Formerly worked with Diamond. Pissed she died without him. (E1)
Andrew Dixon. Seventeen-year-old genius delinquent currently surfing Diamond’s couch (E4)

Enrique Torres. CIA agent who trained and worked with Diamond. Can’t believe a candle took her out. (E1)
Alexei Rubchinsky. Russian-born, nerd scientist specializing in the body. Diamond’s brother-in-law. (E2)
Dr. Quili Liu. Gavriil Rubchinsky’s successor, a Chinese-born, nerd-scientist who also loves quinoa. (E2)
Buford Winston. Blow hard leader of the super-lobby Ag Now! who is funding the quinoa research. (E2)
Montgomery Rand. Minor league con man. Reported genius who doesn’t have the brains to use what God gave him. (E3)
Celina Matta. Insurance investor. Diamond’s alias in Italy (E5)
Carlo Giancarlo. Diamond’s Italian translator and partner in crime. (E5)
Francisco Thelan. Another nerd-scientist specializing in food. Also dead. Died same night as Gavriil. (E5)
Ilsa Duma-whatever. Russian-born Italian bookseller. Totally did not seduce Gavriil. (E6)
Mama Franzetti. A good woman with a piece of shit for a grandson. (E7)
Hugo Franzetti. The piece of shit that ran Gavriil over, but he’s dead, too, so there’s that. (E7)
Valentina Rossifiori. A single mother and friend of Hugo Franzetti who is keeping him “alive” to stop all the judging. (E8)
Jessica Fielding. Magazine reporter. Another Diamond alias (E9)
Buttercup. Buford Winston’s prized ass. (E11)
Lois Winston. Buford’s wife. She’s sweet as pie. (E12)
Carolina Blood by Richard Hood
When his well-to-do physician-father dies, James Thorwait discovers an old, back-room contract indicating that he is, in fact, an adopted child, whose parentage includes a mother named Allie Morelock, from far-back in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Having grown-up in the rarified atmosphere of the well-born of Roalton, Tennessee, Thorwait must now confront the fact of his birth-mother’s Appalachian heritage—and he goes in search of her, and her meaning.
As he discovers more details about the Morelock family around Glade, Thorwait finds they have been involved, for generations, in moonshine, and, more recently, drug traffic, throughout the area, reaching back to Roalton, Tennessee, itself. Engaged in digging-up the past, Thorwait finds himself inexorably drawn into present-day passions, pent-up violence, and crime.
Carolina Blood is now available through Down & Out’s website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, indiebound, and all your favorite independent booksellers. www.downandoutbooks.com
That’s it for this episode of Mysteries To Die For and it also concludes Season 1. If you enjoyed Diamond’s brand of mystery, her second adventure, Suicide Squeeze, will be released in February 2021 by Down and Out Books.
Jack and I will be back in November with Season 2 of Mysteries to Die For. We’ll perform the oldest mysteries I can find, exploring the stories that started a genre. First up will be Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder in the Rue Morgue.
If you enjoyed our twist on storytelling, help spread the word by telling a friend or leaving a review. For less than the cost of Diamond’s pizza order, you can join our body bag brigade to help support our show. You’ll receive bonus content as our thanks.
Mysteries to Die For was written by TG Wolff. Music and production are by Jack Wolff. Episode art is by Shannon Leahy. Widow’s Run was written by TG Wolff, published by Down & Out Books.
Until next time, keep your friends closer, and your enemies closer
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