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Welcome to another "Throwback Thursday" where we go back and explore the days of olde. Today, Mikey and Stylz aka Cypher, explore some of the first things on the internet... The first YouTube video, website, meme, tweet, hamster dance and much
Today we mourn the loss of a true comedic legend, Norm Macdonald. We personally grew up with him hosting Weekend Update on SNL where he provided us with a lighter look at the world that we still carry with us today. His deadpan humor was one of
Mikey and Ty are back with a brand new season, and a dozen brand new segments! Think of all the segments you could possibly do on a podcast, then hit play and witness us doing them all! You want crypto advice? ...We got it! You want pranks? ...
Mikey and Ty celebrate with YOU!!! It's our 600th episode and we didn't pull any punches with guests. We're joined by some of our friends, past guests, actors, athletes, comedians writers and stars, and they all want to tell us how great we are
It's the end of an era here at the Natural Habitat Podcast as we officially end our first season. Today we tie up loose ends and address a few things for the last time including Kanye's new Donda album and respective listening parties, we squas
Mikey and Ty bring the world another new segment, "This Fkin' Guy, Here" with much needed update on the man, the myth, the legend... Steven Seagal. We check in on his recent whereabouts, find out what SNL character could beat him up, and witnes
Mikey and Cypher are here to ring in the Halloween season with a Friday The 13th Spooktacular! We talk about a bunch of horrible things that happened on this day throughout the years, the terrifying condition "friggatriskaidekaphobia" and much
Mikey and Ty have all the deets on Ye and the messy rollout of Donda. At the time of recording, Kanye was still locked in Mercedes-Benz Stadium working on the final touches. We go over that, the cringe of the Gathering Of The Juggalos infomerci
Mikey and Ty combine their comedic forces to bring you an unforgettable performance of the classic bit, Who's On First. They also discuss Kanye, the Donda listening party, bootleg versions of popular songs, Channel 5 wit Andrew Callaghan, decod
Mikey and Ty reflect on the first half of their lives after turning 35 with a list of things you should experience before your mid-thirties. We also talk about the dangers of teens, another guy that's trying to cash in on our hard work, tell sa
Church is back in session with Mikey and Ty in front of a live studio audience. The Church of Crannabis is our own religion and today we make our presence known in the scam church world by reaching out to our competition, establishing our goals
Chris Hansen is back in the spotlight, but not for the reasons he would have liked. If Mikey and Ty have learned anything over the past year, it's that Chris Hansen is suspect, to say the least! They go ovee his illustrious career, his recent a
Mikey and Bil have been diving deep into the immersive world of GTA Online in preparation for the upcoming GTA release from Rockstar Games, GTA VI. We discuss the evolution of the game, the struggle for 100% completion, the Mount Chiliad Myster
If there's one group in society that we've consistently beefed with, it's churches. I swear... the smaller they are, the bigger their attitudes. They say "if you can't beat em, join em" so we're doing exactly that and rebooting the Church of Cr
Mikey and Matt get together for a huge update on some former conspiracies turned truths. John McAfee was found dead in his prison cell hours after his court hearing and Britney Spears has finally spoken out about her conservatorship. We got the
Modern art is one of life's greatest hacks, you can do pretty much anything under the guise of "art". Take this podcast, for example. Mikey and Cypher dive into the world of modern art and discuss an invisible statue that recently sold for way
There's a war being waged in the streets, A holy war right here in the USA. Every day, pastors of small churches prepare for battle and fight for your soul. I'm not talking about the classic "good vs evil" battle, I mean a battle with the algor
We have fallen victim to one of the most egregious crimes known to the internet, Intellectual Property theft. Mikey and Ty build a case against their new rival, dive into the fake "NATURAL HABITAT podcast", attempt to get legal advice and much
We all have a friend that won't shut up about cryptocurrency, and it might be time to reach out to them for a wellness check because the market done crashed... hard!!! Worry not, young ones. Mikey and Ty are here to teach you how to flatten tha
Is the virus over? People are ditching the masks, concerts are being booked and politicians can kiss your babies again. Mikey and Ty talk about all the new things the world has to offer from restaurants to movie theatres and everything in betwe
Mikey and Ty dive deep into the depths of the internet and explore the McDonald's Iceberg. Free razors for breakfast, weird menu items, discontinued toys, questionable advertisments and then the dark stuff. Don't tell McDonald's we said any of
Hoverboards are real! For real this time. I know, I know... you've heard this over and over but it's true! Mikey and Ty go through the generations of hoverboards, see the new model, watch cringy tiktoks, unveil our new segment "Not Brothers At
CCBS Present "Beats and Brews" - May 1st - Noon - Southside Coffee Co in Lompoc, CA. Asissy, the creater of the Central Coast Beat Social is back with a upcoming show! We talk about doing the socials post-covid, vaccinations, Asissy's upcoming
#580 - Our Very Own Backyard A lot of you have heard about the "Your Own Backyard" podcast but did you know that that's our backyard, too!? Yards have been searched and arrests have been made but Mikey and Ty have our own theories that could fl
#579 - Prison TikTok You can get just about anything in prison. All kinds of contraband can be found inside the walls of every facility. One ever evolving item is phones, and today, Mikey and Cypher dive into the world of prison TikTok. A odd c
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