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On this weekly show, Rob Southgate conducts interviews, holds roundtables, and personally discusses various aspects of new media and the business of running a business that creates content that is considered new media. Topics discussed are podcasting, blogging, content creation, vlogs, social media, marketing, and business.


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Brent Hand Interview
Brent Hand – S2E2 New Media Lab with Rob Southgate       On this episode, Rob’s special guest is Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast. Learn more, subscribe, or contact us at  You can write to Rob at and let us know what you think.  Be sure to rate us and review the episode.  It really helps other people find us.  Thanks!      Brent's Twitter @Hysteria51Pod Brent's Website Rob Southgate’s Twitter @RSouthgate Email Website Patreon Pinterest   SHOW HOSTS: Rob Southgate SHOW EDITOR: Rob Southgate PRODUCER: Rob Southgate   #NewMedia #Podcasting #Business #YouTube #Blogging #Vlogging 00:00:00 This is a really difficult question. Oh, that's a great question. That's a good question. That is a great question. It's a really good question. I love this question. And I think this really is going to help me kind of meditate and grow on it. Want to hear the answers checkout season two of new media lab with Robert Southgate new episodes every Tuesday available on Spotify. I tunes. Google hod Cass and wherever you subscribe to your favorite podcasts. Welcome back to new media lab. I am rob Southgate your host. And I am so happy you've decided to join me on this journey last week's interview with Dave Jackson sparked a lot of questions I messages and emails about specific points that David made. I hope the answers I provided offered a little insight please keep writing in with DA's and questions. The Email here is Southgate small business at g mail dot com. And that's exactly what Kevin long did he wrote in asking about the value of getting on platforms other than I tunes? This started a conversation that resulted in a second show on this feed on Tuesday, we launched our first creators lab, we made it up on the spot basically because there was way more getting asked by Kevin than a couple of simple sentences on Facebook messenger, would've answered it's really cool. Kevin came on and asked a bunch of questions. He's had his show the Kevin long show for a while now. But like all of us. 00:01:38 Us. He still has a lot to learn each week will address concepts to build and strengthen his podcast. Plus, I'll answer the questions that came up for Kevin after listening to the latest episode of the show, it's such a cool project. And I am really excited about it. As we progress will track his downloads and other data to see if our experiment is having an effect. I encourage you to listen and try some of these concepts for your own shows. So this is a great time to give my social media information. So you can get in conversation with me too. You can find new media lab on Facebook by searching at new media lab show. You can follow me on Twitter at our Southgate or an Instagram at rob Southgate. Our networks website is Southgate media group dot com where you can find this as well. As over a hundred other podcasts, and blogs and videos. There's just so much there. Finally, follow our newest endeavor on Twitter at Indy podcast project and be sure to use the hashtag. Support indie podcasts when post in your own shows or sharing anything podcast related. Did you know that we have a patriot page for those of you that don't know patriot. As a way for you to support artists and content creators directly I've set one up for the new media lab to help offset the cost of doing this podcast. I don't see patriot as like a tip jar. It's a lot more than that in order to provide value to the new media lab, patrons I asked another question of each person, I interviewed that I'm not sharing on the free version of the show only supporters on patron will get those answers the question. How do you monetize? 00:03:19 Yeah. I know the big question that we all asking that. We get asked all the time the answers, I got back were incredible. You don't wanna miss out on these each week? I plan to post the answers to the question by the guest featured on the free show exclusively for supporters on patriot. I also plan to post unedited versions of some of the. The interviews occasionally as well. My suggestion. Pause this podcast, go to patriot dot com slash new media lab and become a patron right now. After you've done that come on back and listen to this episode. This week's guest is Brent hand from the hysteria. Fifty one podcast. It's a great show. That is absolutely killing it. I know Brent because he's a member of the Facebook groups, Chicago, podcasters unite and Chicago podcasters both of which I add men we met when we and his producer and wife. Lisa came to a podcast or meet up that we had put on since then Brent ni- run into each other constantly on the various podcast or groups that were members of Brenton is co host John Goforth are building a solid following. And have created a podcast. That is entertaining. As it is unique. I am honored that Brent offered. His wonderful insights to my thesis. And that he joined me for this interview. Why don't you? Describe your podcast. Yes. I am the co host of hysteria fifty one we've been doing it. We actually just had our two year anniversary in September. We are a comedy. 00:04:48 I show we talk about conspiracy theories and the paranormal and the strange and anything weird that we can think of we cover that. And you can find us anywhere with Bod catchers, just look up hysteria fifty one. We also have a Facebook page as everyone podcast hysteria nation is a Facebook group and hysteria fifty-one dot com. If in case you forget any of that stuff where easy to find. Okay. So so Brent win. Did you start podcasting? So I started podcasting. We started in late twenty fifteen my current show hysteria fifty one we started in September of twenty sixteen. I had two shows previously that didn't take off the show that it lasts the longest before this was one called Radyr fad. And we went about six months on it and hysteria fifty-one kind of took off. But so coming up on three years for for solid podcasting. And how many episodes are you posting in a month four we you wanna week we released a new episode every Monday excellent. And is that consistent is at year round. Yeah. Yeah. Every week. Yeah. Yeah. So so far we've never missed a week fingers crossed stays up. Are you? I'm gonna ask another question here and interpret this the way you want, right. Are you a celebrity or is anyone associated with your podcast a celebrity? I'm not even a household. Name of my own household now, I have not as liberty. You know, people at the podcast and CUNY my know me because I'm active, but no, I'm not a celebrity in any way, shape or form. 00:06:28 And and your partner is not either. No, no, not at all. Not at all. I wish I wish we would have because we we sure wouldn't of had to of fought and clawed. And Doug to get to where we are. But no, no, no, we are not. So that actually negates the next question, which is where you celebrity when you're starting s. No, I was not I was not do you feel like you're gaining celebrity at this point. We do you know what? So my wife, and I we always judge that as far as like, how many Facebook friends requests. So my wife is she helps produces show we actually had to make her a fake Facebook page because she got so many friend requests and stuff like that not a fake one. But we made her like page, so I guess the more downloads and the more publicity. We get we get a lot more people wanting to reach out and talk to us and things like that. But I I definitely wouldn't call it celebrity when you do show people wanna talk to you people want to interact people wanna get to know you because I think. I think that the difference between, you know, a lot of things in podcasting is people feel that they really get to know the person. And and because of that kind of leads into I want to know this person, I want to be friends, I want to interact with them. That's my own opinion. 00:07:43 I guess sure. Sure. Okay. Now, we're going to get into some of the meat here. Sure. Do you think that gaining audience today is the same as when you started this? We've been lucky in finding an audience it's very vocal, and they love to share us. And that's been one of our biggest things are audiences been big supporters. That's something we'd locked into. We've tried as I said, you know, I had ratified and we had a couple of shows before and we tried to reproduce that. And didn't have the best. And and in ways, I guess you could say it's easier because podcasting and podcast is so much easier. Find and are a much bigger piece of the cultural zeitgeist, I guess, you could say the flip side is there so many shows that's hard to gain attention attraction, because you're you know, you're in a sea of other shows. So it's kind of a double edged sword. But you know, you go out and buy yourself a new car right now. And now, they're putting podcast apps built into the stereos and stuff. So that's not a that's not a bad thing. I'm so it's definitely easier. At least you find podcasts. But it's still a lot of of them out there. So yeah, I know that that I was reading a thing recently that that most cars on the road or about twelve years old, which means pod catchers or not there, which is one of the problems as it becomes more prevalent in the automotive industry. It's going to make it easier. It's going to be trouble for mainstream radio. 00:09:12 I have a feeling which we've already seen trouble for satellite radio as well. Because they've got to change their game somewhat to to adapt to this. As far as getting that attention. So so now, we've got it. So it's easy to get in the hands of the listener. Okay. The pipeline. Is there? How do we get their attention? So that they know hysteria. Fifty one is there. So we have been. Grassroots have people say, you know, we we have been when we started. Let me let me preface this with with something when I started I went to I'm in Chicago. I went to second city, and they had a you wanna be a podcast. This is in two thousand fifteen that a class like it's so easy. All you. Gotta do is ask your friends and family there's hundreds of downloads in and of itself. So really we start our podcast. We asked her friends and family. They didn't listen they didn't give crap you know. And so, and so it's such you know, everyone's got their own opinion of it. But we started are one of the biggest things we've done in social media. We're on Reddit. We're on Facebook Twitter on Instagram, Snapchat, everywhere, and we just try to interact I try to interact every day. And our Facebook page has been our Facebook group has been one of the biggest things for people to be able to find us and talk about us and we've done contests and giveaways and just really trying to get the few people that we get in the beginning to tell. 00:10:42 And they tell to friends, and they tell to friends, and that's that's a big thing where we tried to make sure that we were interacting with those people as much as possible kind of goes back to what I was saying about people wanna know, you they want to get to feel like they have, you know, interaction, and we give them that. And I that's been a big thing for us. At least on our show is the the back and forth interaction and asking ask people to do it. We asked them all the time give us review tell a friend do this and that and they do it. And that's been helpful for us. The other thing that I know John, and I did that that a lot of people John John Goforth by co host a lot of people have maybe don't do or don't have the means to do enough as we've traveled to a lot of different podcast movement. We went to podcast move in. And and. Different promotions. We went on podcast cruise twenty seventeen inches meaning other shows and trying to talk to other hosts and people in the industry and get our name out there. So that they go. Hey, didn't we talk to some guys from hysteria fifty one we're wanting to do it an article, let's let's talk to them and we've gotten written up in some things because of that. And that's been a big help for us. 00:11:56 What are the three key things that you've done to grow your audience? I think making it seem and making this true. Not just seem that they're missing out if they are participating in social media kind of like I talked about there's so much more there as far as being able to talk to one another. And so but not just making seem like I said making a true. So that you know, we're doing extra things, and we always talk about the end of our episodes. They we're going to be talking about this talking about that on our our Facebook group or this and that the other, and I think that helps us out a lot you know, is making it worthwhile for them to want to interact outside of just the show. The other consistency. Once you have an out an online community don't retreat, and it's not like it's mission accomplished. You're just you're there to your fans. Like, you said, we're not celebrities, but to them you are in a way because they wanna talk to you. And that gives them a sense of interaction and people love interaction. I think that's one of the biggest things and make sure I guess third one. This is kind of silly. But it's been in the the news lately. Make sure your followers are real don't buy followers. Don't buy listens and stuff because that's just an genius. And then you can see these people that you know, when they have a group, and they have, you know, a few thousand dollars, and they post something they get three likes you like, you know. And I think that people in the industry that it reached out and looking at other shows notice those things and go. 00:13:28 Yeah. That doesn't that doesn't jive to me. And I think other people do that to our notice it do you pay attention to things like listen tie. Time general download numbers like fluctuation. There is there as far as the data goes stuff. Like that. Is that stuff that you guys pay attention to your you just keep going? We just wanna go up there very much. So we always do we release on on a Monday and on Thursday, we pull numbers I know that's a whole week. But we just see that gives you know, you've had four days we always look at those numbers and see. Outside of listen time. But you know, how many gallons we have what we're at for thirty days for the week. You know all-time listens. And then the other thing is on. I have we have. And we haven't as far as checked listen time as far as how many people kind of fluctuates. That's not something that we would on our I keep a spreadsheet. So on every Thursday. I I keep track of all the numbers and we've done that since we started. And listen time isn't as much from the we go back and look at because I don't wanna be seen people. Listen to two minutes of the show and don't so we are losing. But the last time we were like seventy eight percent of the show. So that's pretty good. I think the, you know, if you're getting at least three quarters of the show, you're you know, you're getting through. 00:14:48 What are three key social media practices to build an audience? So number one is just asking the people to be part of the social media. I know that sounds silly. But I know so many people, and I talked I, you know, I'm in groups with other broadcasts, and they go well and didn't want to inundate people. I don't wanna make them feel weird. It's not making them feel weird. You're asking your audience to grow help them. Do it. You know, ask them to be a part of it. And give them a reason why you know. So, you know, join our X Y group because we're gonna be talking about this that or the other. The second one would be I, you know, make it worth while outside stuff. We've done a lot. I went back and forth in this with a lot of people. But we've done giveaways, just stickers shirts and stuff. We do it all the time. Coloring contests for Halloween. You know, silly things like that people go crazy about because they really like it and is interacting with them. And the other thing that I do because I love podcasting. And I think it helps us is I'm on a lot of other pages. And I don't talk about hysteria fifty one, but I go to other people's pages than I interact, and I tried to to help them and talk and things like that. And I think that that makes them go. 00:16:03 Hey, you know, this this Brenes Mystere fifty one you should check them out. I'm not doing it because of that. But I think it does come through, you know, and I think just being active in the community, not just your own community grows your community. Do you have a social media strategy that you work with or is there is it just kind of like, hey, here the places we're gonna put stuff, and we wanna make sure we post every day. So you don't simple like that. Or do you go Monday Tuesday Thursday? We post polls Wednesdays we do when we started out. We very much had a, you know. Okay. So. A new episode comes out on Monday than we do. A we make her own me mon-, Tuesday and Bubba blonde Wednesday. And and we did that. But now since I can spend so much more time on there. I think it comes off more organic when I'm just on there every day, and I'm adding to it, and it probably in the back of my head and not realizing it, but I'm posting similar things every week. But it's not done on purpose. We very much did in the beginning. I don't think that's a bad thing. Because it gets you used to using your social media because a lot of people have a page, and there's nothing on there. I was just recently on on another shows page, and I said, hey, when you post a show how about you posted a link here. So people can listen to it. They said that's a great idea. It's crazy to think that you gotta do that. But you gotta do that for some people, you know. And and and there's nothing wrong. You don't know when you start out you might not know what you're supposed to do. So I think that having a strategy in the beginning. He should always have a strategy. The having any strategy in the begin. 00:17:37 Inning of you know, I should post this that and the other we'll help you Intel becomes habit. You know, and the ones that's your habit than this your go to and this is I know I'm going to do this every day now with your social media presence right now, you mentioned you're on red at you're on Facebook, can you lay out basically? So what platforms what is getting original content? So the reason I ask that is some people use Instagram, they put it behind the scenes picture, and they let to everything else. I know read at your starting conversation. I know your Facebook group because I'm a member of of of your group. You're putting original things. How is that broken down kind of? And what firms are you going across? So the biggest one that we probably neglect is our regular Facebook page because we post our stuff to their when I post on Instagram, I post original, photos, Instagram. I let them a lot of times. Go to our Facebook page. So I'm definitely on Instagram on read at we're just usually more for we post, our episodes. If we get in an article or a new source, we we post things like that on their hysteria nation, which is our Facebook group is definitely the one that we do the most original content. That's you know, outside of just are episode and stuff. That's where if I'm finding articles and things I I'm posting it there more than anywhere else. Because that's where we have. You know, a lot of a lot of participation. 00:18:58 So I would say Instagram and our Facebook group get the most original content, and we try to post photos on Instagram that we don't post on don't always share on Facebook our Facebook page and definitely not on our discussion group just so that they have a reason to want to go there. What about Twitter to use that at all we are on Twitter? And I am I I'm very active as far as reach weedy and commenting and stuff like that. We don't get we have a few thousand followers. I don't get a ton of traction on there. And I talked to a lot of other shows, and that's their go to maybe it's my age. I don't know. I think. Just pop stuff on. Yeah. I do. I pop exactly I pops up on there. And I try to do it. You know, a couple of times a day or to be active stuff like that. But we don't get the interaction that that we get on Facebook that a lot of people say they love, and they get tons of interaction on there. It's escaped us at least so far. But yes, I am on there. And we do use it. Do you do any video elements to what you do? So we used to and we posted to YouTube quite a bit just, you know, we we would always just your show. Well, so we did both just the show every every week on the show we would use. We would we would convert it into a just a video, then we did, you know on boxing, videos, and behind the scene tours and things like that. And we got decent numbers. But also got a lot of trolls. You know, we got a lot of people that have nothing, you know, to do with the show we're talking and now since we've went onto the new network that we've joined. 00:20:43 We had to take down our our whole channel, you know, everything that we had on there that wasn't just original behind the scenes, and we took everything down at this moment. What is the secret of your podcast success? I would say probably one of the best things is John. And I have known each other for thirty plus years, you know, we've been friends for a long time. And we're doing something that we both like we're not we always like to say that we're skept skeptically optimistic about the things we talked about. But we also love what we're talking about. We have a lot of fun with it. And so because we know each other for thirty plus years, we've got a pretty good back and forth. And I think that comes out in the show because we've been friends for so long and be able to rely on another and there were the others going, especially in the show, that's mostly improvised. We have an outline we know we're going to talk about, but we make sure that we know the topic. And we just see kind of where it leads us. That's a huge key to us and a lot of. People always say, you know, or one of the things I like hearing from people when they tell us is like, oh, you know, you guys you can see you guys really know each other and you're very comfortable talking to one another. And I think that that comes through and helps helps quite a bit. But that's not something that's easily. You know, not everyone's going to know their hosts for you know, for that long. And that's not some hasta take that long. We're just lucky in that. And then aspect in your opinion. What's the next big thing? And podcasting. I think that the big thing that's coming outside of just what's in our control is better tech from better apps. You know, better you I and recommendations for more advanced metrics more advertising opportunities. It's time for them to shoot a grow up, and it is slowly. But I think that's the next big thing. As far as I don't know. Exactly, what that looks like, you know, but you know, better metric, so we can breakdown shows, you know, I wish that all hosting companies use the same. 00:22:46 What is it called them metrics or whatever, you know, not metrics, but they use the same form ZOA. Download with this host counts as a download with that. Right. The same compliance, and they don't, but hopefully that we can get that in the future. Apps. You know, there's no great every app that's out. There has a fault. I tunes is really fallen behind. And you know, we're we're having issues with iheartradio. Not not always updating a Google their new app has been not updating us, you know, things like that and the search function and a lot of them is very much lacking. So I think and if someone could come out with an fantastic app, I think it would really help out. And the other thing is finding advertising doesn't, you know require the show to have, you know, fifty thousand dollars a month one hundred thousand dollars a month that the that they can work in that. If that means, you know, more shows if you want that not ever show wants advertising, but if you want that ability outside of like advertise cast or something like that. I think that's something that's gonna come in the future. And how about some shows be able to do it? There shows longer. You know, part is, you know, not getting burnout because the money dries up, you know, in your in your hobby pocket stuff like that. I told you brand had a lot of great ideas. I encourage you all to subscribe to hysteria. Fifty one to follow him across social media. There's a lot more to this interview. But like I stood before I'm only sharing the answers to the questions for my thesis on this show as with each of these interviews, I try to leave with three key takeaways. The three that stood out to me from Brant, our number one interact on social media, everyday to add real value to the content you offer outside of the show and three consistency. 00:24:44 Yeah. We hear that constantly. Don't wait. I love this quote. He said don't retreat once you're there. So what are your takeaways? What it Brent say that affected your business and content creation going forward? Share your thoughts on the Facebook thread for this episode. I would love to read your insights, you can find Brent and his website hysteria. Fifty one dot. Dot com. Make sure to follow hysteria fifty one on Facebook and join their Facebook group hysteria nation, it's a blast. Find his show on your favorite podcast app. Be iheart radio. I tunes Google podcast, Stitcher. Tune in radio be sure to subscribe and give his show a great review while you're at it. Please subscribe to new media lab with Robert Southgate wherever you listen to your podcast. You can Email the show at Southgate small business at gmaiLcom. New media lab is on Facebook. Simply search for new media lab xo our networks website is Southgate media group dot com where you can find this as well as over a hundred other podcasts, plus blogs, videos information about our live events are more and just so much more. If you wanna follow me, personally, I'm on Twitter at our Southgate or on Instagram at rob Southgate, support this show and get awesome extra content by. I becoming a patron go to patriot dot com slash new media lab and choose your tier please rate and review this show on whatever service. You subscribe to podcasts on it really helps others find the show and tells me if you like what I'm doing here, and please share the show on all your social media. Tell your friends tell your family tell your enemies, we'll take care of them too. You can find new media lab on June's, Google podcasts Stitcher Spotify tune in radio and really hopefully anywhere else that distributes podcasts. If you can't find us, let me know. And I'll rectify that situation all this plus more links will be in the show notes and on our website. So don't worry if he didn't have a pen to write this all down. Thank you again to Brent hand for helping me on my thesis and for being such an incredible guest. That's it for this week's show everyone. The next episode of creators lab will drop on Tuesday. And we'll be back with our next guest. 00:27:07 On new media lab on Thursday until then get out there and create something.  
Creators Lab: Episode Art & Social Media Calendars
Rob follows up with Kevin about how the social media tactics worked from the last episode.  Social media calendars are discussed and how to use them effectively.  Plus Rob breaks down episode art and the important sizes to create.   Each week, Rob answers questions from Kevin Long and offers advice on how to have a successful podcast.  Good for newbies and seasoned podcasters alike!   Learn more, subscribe, or contact us at  You can write to Rob at and let us know what you think.  Be sure to rate us and review the episode.  It really helps other people find us.  Thanks!      Kevin's Twitter @TheSwamppit Facebook The Kevin Long Show Rob Southgate’s Twitter @RSouthgate Email Website Patreon Pinterest   SHOW HOSTS: Rob Southgate SHOW EDITOR: Rob Southgate PRODUCER: Rob Southgate   #NewMedia #Podcasting #Business #YouTube #Blogging #Vlogging Transcription 00:00:00 This is a really difficult question. Oh, that's a great question. That's a good question. That is a great question. It's a really good question. I love this question. And I think this really is going to help me kind of meditate and grow on it. Want to hear the answers checkout season two of new media lab with Robert Southgate new episodes every Tuesday available on Spotify. I tunes. Google hod Cass and wherever you subscribe to your favorite podcasts. Welcome back to the new media lab. This is the creator's lab. I have with me Kevin long from the Kevin long show. And I am your host, rob Southgate. We are in week three of this experiment. We'll call it that somebody. You sounds great. All right. So let's recap just a little bit. I actually we didn't do it for a couple of weeks. And there's a reason there's couple of reasons one is some craziness on our end. We got asked to do a couple of pockets Marathon's that are coming up at like four weeks. So, wow, that's cool. I have underwater trying to figure that out. But number two after that last conversation, we had I gave you some some homework, and I wanted to give it time to do something one thing that that podcasters I thought about this after we did that one thing the podcasters tend to think is I am going to make one tweet and I'm going to. See an effect. 00:01:41 Not true. It takes time. Everything takes time. You don't just build an audience overnight. Although there are times you'll see a spike like we did after week what we're going to go back, and I'm gonna talk to you about where the numbers are now because they are different again. But before we do that. I wanna talk about that homework. We did. Did you do that social media stuff that I was talking about? I noticed that the first time right after you gave it I was really good at doing five five posts out the day for, hey, here's the show or hey, here's this thing. But the last two shows of come out I wasn't as diligent in posting five separate hosts ended you those all in one day. I did do the first time it was five in one day. And then the last two shows it was just, hey, here's my show and totally forgot about it. Okay. And did you do the case you missed it posted do those? And did you have any interaction from any of this? I had one. The first magic Monday that we did after we talked. I had one guy on Twitter. Get back to me and say, hey, this is what I do in my own cool. All right. Very cool. So there was a little bit of engagement there. Now, here's the thing coming like, I said it takes a while for the stuff to build up. 00:03:13 Yeah. And engagement is a real tough one. It takes a while for that to kick ins- you have to be diligent you have to keep at it. Now, something that I did and one interaction is good. I gotta tell you something that I did in the interim here between these shows I created a social media calendar for people used just basic one. And then I shared the one that I was using four new media lab two points on that number one. I already have not used my social media calendar that I created. So if you fail added, if you don't do it don't call it a failed to say, you know, what a started now or maybe it's too much at this point. But. I know that that is a best practice for me. I literally just couldn't pull the time together to set up a month's worth of post when I do it. I will actually create that. So that literally twenty five out of the thirty days are done in one day ready to push out there. Okay. So I just wanted to let people know that a even though I'm talking about it. Trust me. I am not perfect in any way. And I understand it takes time. I want you to understand that to now. Did you look at that social media calendar thing that I share I like that it, and I need to I need to do it. Yeah. 00:04:32 You know? Here's a thing. You could do Kevin is take take what we did with the five posts try to make that a habit. Okay. And try to make the case you missed of a habit. And then look at that calendar and say, okay, can I get it? So I'm doing something each day doesn't have to fit the counter just something maybe look at the cow. Lindor and say oh today. I might try this great. So it's not like you have to look at it and say, oh, rob said, we should do an Instagram post on Wednesday. And then we should do an encasement stuff Thursday, and they should do this on Friday. Many just if you can't think of something to post look at the calendar. What does it say for the day, and you go, oh, I could throw a quote up there? Boom done talking. You have one of the easiest things in the world. You could literally as long as you have your hashtags that we talked about locked and loaded. You could literally share a piece of D artwork. He could share pictures of dice. I mean, there are people that all they wanna see are the different types of dice out there. You could just search the internet find that setups pictures each day, boom, you've got interaction you've got something or take a quote type in Gary guy gags quotes and put those up, you know, it's really simple stuff. It's nothing that use a lot of brain power for and it should take you about thirty seconds of your old day. 00:05:54 Okay. So let's talk about your numbers. What's happened? On that last one we were celebrated because we went over one hundred right right in one day, you have gone right back to where you were. Okay. Do not disappointed with that. I think the reason that we jumped up to one hundred is because of what I did on the back end of not taking credit for this. I'm telling you the reality on the back end. I submitted you to various platforms when you do that it starts painting around and it showed up downloads on here. So now, we have the show in more places for people to find it. Now, it's all about building that awareness, and it will start to really grow before you think that I'm going like. Yeah. It's because what I did if you look at some of my shows take this show for temple. I did the same thing. I added this to to to various platforms that it wasn't on. And I hit a day where the number spiked. I went oh, cool as I started thinking about it was like, yeah. It's ping around. That's why that's happening. Right. So now now we've set the table all of our stuff is right. Let's get in there and promoted to try to draw attention. Okay. You said you said you have a question. What's your question? I do on the show with wanna say entry ah from the creative imposter. 00:07:23 Yep. She says one original post on Lincoln every day. Yes. So what she's doing is? She does video every single day and they're about a minute long. And it is her heaven connection on Lincoln Lincoln is a phenomenal platform when you understand how to use it. I do not use it properly yet when I wrote the blog post about the social media calendar, I put it up on there. And it got a lot of response. If you look at our website, you look at the ticks a lot of traffic. Came from that Linden post. That's Andrea is doing that every day. And I believe she's making video everyday, I might be wrong. She might be doing a blog post or posted show. She might be using that same type of strategy strategy that we were talking about of have something unique each day. But I know for awhile there, she was doing a short video every day. And it would be something about training or whatever. In your case, you could do the same thing. But once again, Kevin that's a lot of content. When you're you're still trying to get your feet, you know, stable on this whole, how do I tweet every day? How do I do Facebook every day? Right. And my concern is I was trained that linked in is a professional website. So like my net would be even niche ear on link dead. Sure. But what you're doing is. You're not how do I say this on Lincoln? You're promoting your business which is. 00:08:58 This show. Okay. So you're saying I have a new episode. Here's my new episode. We talk about this. And then maybe on the next day post the question very specific to the industry or the people that that are very involved in it create content right for the platform. That's something that I'm stickler about. And that's why I haven't really gripped what I do on Linden yet. Because I wanna make sure the content creating there is proper rattling is about business. But that doesn't mean you can't post your shows. I've seen people post, you know, they're fan of the flash they post their show about the flash. But then the next day they're posting something about the business Harvey. Okay. They're sharing something about social media promotion, they're saying something about content marketing, they're sharing something about new media. And then they post their show. So basically what they're doing by doing all those professional posts is they're earning the right to share their show. Gotcha got. And like with this show, and we do these you should absolutely be posting these Lynton because this is the business side of X Sherrit from your life. Don't just like when I posted share your own, I guess on this show, and we talked about this hashtag has take hashtag hashtag guess what you're going to attracting attention. Hey, wanna know what show we were talking about? Here's the Kevin long show. Here's a post, boom. You've earned the right then for people. All right. Who will I hope that made sense? And you know, you could always reach out to Andrea. It's Andrea Klender. She is wonderful. She will answer questions. You can also reach out to basically anybody. You've heard any media lab. I know that Dave Jackson. He's right on it. You write to him. Boom. He'll right back you Brent. And right back to you. They're all great people, and they're all acceptable. That's why I put their contact information in the show notes. These are all people that reached out when I reached to them like immediately. Whether I knew or not they were like, yeah. Want to be part of it. They were super gracious. 00:10:59 An awesome with the information. And they all said, hey, when you share it with your your fans, make sure they know they can they can reach out to us. That's awesome. Okay. So I'm gonna I'm gonna go Nici here. We talked about the social media counter stuff. I'm going to actually do a separate short episode about that. Because people are asking me how that works. I'm gonna do one separate from this separate from new media lab where I literally just talk about the blog post, and how you do it. Okay. Sows get into that in particular. But it will probably bring up questions for you at another time. What I want to talk to you about something really specific that is overlooked a lot, and that is show artwork. Now, I look at your show. And if you go back, you can't really do this necessarily, but if you were to cycle through your post, you would see that there are a handful of shows where I made artwork for most of the time. It's just. Your show logo. Now the show logo is fine. But it's not fresh for people. Right. When people see new episode post. They're seeing the same image every time. Dow some people say to me. Yeah, I tunes. It doesn't show the image. Actually, does there are places on I two where it does show the show image. Yeah. I see change all the time on some of the shows that I listened to and then take platforms like like, Stitcher, it, it doesn't really do it there but in car mode. I think it might I know Spotify shows the different ones. I know that like spreaker I believe does blueberry does like all these different platforms that you should have your show on a lot of them. When you click on it. It does show the artwork you've put it. 00:12:46 Okay. Also, if you're we use Lipson, and you use Lipson when you use Lipson it creates a website. So we have our main website and what I'm doing now is used to. Create a different page for each show that I had to keep populating, and it gets to be too much with the hundred shows. So now what I'm doing is. I've got the main frame of that. I just make minor Justice here and there and then when he click on listen to past episodes. It goes to this really beautiful whip Lipson page that has all the episodes laid out. If you don't do original artwork. They all look the same episode. You have to read all this text if what's going up. Okay. I encourage you to make artwork. I encourage you Kevin and every one listening to make something, and here's what you need to do you need to make it. So it's fourteen hundred by fourteen hundred pixels. I usually do it at three hundred DPI, but it can be like one hundred twenty five you just want to have something that looks good. What I say make something original it can be this podcast. This is a little different than if I'm bring something in a magazine. So in your case, Kevin you could take every episode take a different image from dungeons and dragons, okay and just just crop down a fourteen hundred fourteen hundred and then put like episode fifty spolot Spencer in big letters on it. 00:14:17 Okay. Okay. And that way any fan that looks at it goes clearly like, oh, it's about to you D. And look this is episode fifty. Gotcha. That is a really effective way to do it. I get bogged down in creating more elaborate stuff, right? Put talk bubbles and do all the stuff that I ended up dropping off of at some point because I was doing a hundred shows. But if everybody when they sent me there episode sent a piece of artwork it would go right in there. Number two on that. So everyone understands the dimensions. You wanna use fourteen hundred fourteen hundred pixels and two hundred three hundred DP. I is is best. Okay. There is a second place on Lipson when you put your artwork, Ed where you can put it a wide screen image. This is for YouTube. Okay. So if you're going to do the YouTube image, you wanna make it nineteen twenty by ten eighty that's the wide screen image that it says here. I do a little different, but that is a perfectly acceptable size. I'll actually post something when I when I do this. I'll do a Saizen an image. Sizing chart then I'll share my long. And that people can see like, what are the dimensions? I actually have. And the reason I don't want off my head is I actually have it preset in pixel mater, which is what I use for this some people use, you know, Photoshop their various other programs can vibe think something people use use pixel mater, and I just have I have one set at fourteen hundred fourteen hundred and the other one set it on twenty ten eighty or whatever it is. 00:15:56 I'm using at this point for YouTube, and those are the two sizes us, and actually the reason you want to do that is if it pushes to YouTube, or if it's a service that uses the wide screen image. If you just use the fourteen by fourteen it's going to put it in the middle and have white just junk at the sides, nothing at the sides. If you make two images one that's the fourteen hundred then you make one that is something other than just nothing at the sides. So you've got the fourteen hundred fourteen hundred in the middle, and then maybe a law. On the sides, make a black barred put your social media stuff or something. Okay. If you look at some of our shows, if you go to our YouTube channel for Southgate media group, and you look at the biters podcast. I make a YouTube original YouTube piece for every single one. And all I do is take my fourteen hundred image. I plug it into a framework that I've already built. So I don't have to do this. Every time it's already there. Just type in the new show name and drop the artwork in boom done super easy. But you do want to do this. Because once again, if you go to the website from your server, it's not going to. Is gonna look great. If you don't have different images, and when you shared on social media, if it's always the same image people, go blind to it. If you have the new episode, and then you take the image artwork from this episode. And you cite, you know, Hayward with bag of holding. And it's got an image of bag of holding more. People are going to go lot cool people that are into that are gonna go like oak or people that are going to go. 00:17:37 Oh, I wonder what this is. Whereas it's always that the Kevin long show image. Right. It's going to get looked over. Okay. So anyone that wants to see this page at actually I have not done the work on your page. So anyone that wants to see it before? I do the work on. It can go to Kevin long show dot Lipson L I B S Y, N dot com. That is the before I've done the update on it. And if you wanna see how it's done the way, I think it should be done than what's going to happen to Kevin show. Go to new media lab dot Lipson dot com, and you can see that I've got artwork for everything. And yes, it doesn't change drastically. I'm just changing some of the tax on some of her shows I make graphic some of my don't, but it has something different each time. And this is a really slick nice looking page that lives in his up, and it's got all the social media links on it too. So there you go and pay attention because Kevin your page will change over the course of the next week her vase. Oh, one more thing about that. You could send me artwork for passed up Soad's to. Okay. So if you want to go through and do that I'll be happy to put them all in there. So one more one more thing before we go. Kevin one thing. 00:19:00 I noticed. I don't know. What this I'm gonna have to look into this. But. But every page, I just looked at it came up with consistency era of categories have changed. This must be something that I choose doing. I'm not sure, but I see that on yours all three category. Areas are different new media lab it changed. It says I have to choose a different one. It might be that has to be more specific. But just be aware. If you use Lipson go in where you set your destinations and check for consistency. Irs it pops up in red. You can't miss it. And I think you just have to change your categories, something, more concise. Okay. So kevin. I guess you don't have to do that. But listeners you have to. All right. Any other questions? Kevin not this week. Excellent. Will we will come back next week and follow up on this? I promise you. We're going to be back on track with all of it. And we will maybe do a bonus episode where we talk about some of these pockets birth things we have going on because it is quite an interesting process. I might actually make a sideshow judge. Just talking about that. Because my gosh, there's a lot involved and a lot of people have no clue what's involved in trying to put up a live show. So maybe we'll do some of that too. All right, Kevin. Well, why don't you give your social media and we're out? So you can find us on Facebook by searching Kevin long show. You can find us on Twitter. We've got a new Twitter just for the show at Kevin long S H one or you can Email us at the Kevin long show at GM dot com. Wonderful and I'll be back this Thursday with an all new new media lab, featuring Scott Philbrick from stashing legends. This is one you to not wanna miss. I know I said that every time, but it's a really really fantastic interview. And once again, if you want to if you want to support this show, go to patriotic we've got one patron right now, the gaming outsider kicked in and. 00:21:12 They're really happy with everything. I it's beta on there. We're going to keep this thing knowing and there are costs ball. So that is one way to keep this thing alive. Just go to patriot slash new media lab and become a patron and get the answer to how do you monetize your podcast from each of these amazing amazing people? That's it. Gillette? Ceim keep creating. ?
BJ Smith – S1E12 New Media Lab with Rob Southgate
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