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Next Door Villain

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Episodes of Next Door Villain

What would you do if your toys just, like, came alive? We answer what we'd do & we discuss: blowing toys up, where smithereens go, what toys we would be, weird activism vibes from Sid, and more all in an effort to empathize with and relate to o
We discuss Alien aka Xenomorph from Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986); we reference Prometheus (2012) a tad. We try to relate to, understand, and empathize with Alien from our perspective and get creepy! We talk: cats, a mother's rage, placing hum
Would you get punished by Krampus for being naughty this year? Y'know, dragged to hell, eaten, swatted with a switch, and the like? You might have a better idea after listening to this episode. We talk: mysterious facts about Krampus, St. Nick
Yippee Ki Yay ~ it's time to get our "Very Merry German Holiday Month" on by attempting to learn from and relate to the very German villain, Hans Gruber, from the movie Die Hard (1988)! If you thought it would be sehr hard to do this with Hans,
Home Alone is the story of a sadistic child who attempts to torture and murder a couple of lowly criminals. This week Joe and Tiana empathize with the infamous Wet Bandits aka Sticky Bandits aka Harry and Marv. Find Next Door Villain Merchandis
Listen to this, Potteh! We "slytherin" to do a deep dive talk on the light-haired meanie, Draco! It's not easy to relate to and understand Draco, but we do our best. He's just a warlock youngin'! Even if he is one of the more frightening ones.
Disclaimer #1: This episode is Explicit like all of our other episodes. Disclaimer #2: Do NOT - DO NOT - do the actions we talk about in this episode without first consulting a medical and/or sexual health professional. Lmao. Happy Halloween! W
It's Harley Quinn time, puddins! The color, the spaz, the theatrics of Harley Quinn - we love it! We attempt to empathize with Harley Quinn from the Batman series. We talk relationships, random things we may or may not have done in our past, ou
Bueller...Bueller...Bueller...Ferris Bueller, are you in class today? 'Cause we're gonna be talking about how you, Mr. Bueller, f%#! everything up. I didn't choose the student disciplinary life, the student disciplinary life chose me! We attemp
This is a cool episode! See? Nobody cares! Join us as we get in touch with our Dennis Nedry-ness and get into computer programming and chaotic vibes. Unlike Dr. Hammond, we spared lots of expenses to bring you further discussion on workers' rig
We try to empathize with Maleficent, so we worship the green fire, think about FOMO, ponder dragons, and more. We also share a poem called, "actions have consequences," written from the perspective of Maleficent and written by writer Linda M. C
Is Sasquatch real? Definitely probably yes. Joe and Tiana try to empathize with Bigfoot, the scientists studying the magnificent creature, and those who think Sasquatch might actually be in the trees you drive by in great ol' Washington State.
Look Away! Look Away! We bring you the low-down on Count Olaf - his dashing acting abilities, his reasoning for getting the Baudelaire fortune, his understanding of the world, his FIRE, and more. We also become "conspiracy" theorists for a bit
And we are taking this time to showcase some of our favorite kick-ass poems written from the perspective of fictional VILLAINS. We have a mix of our favorites from the podcast as well as some never-before-heard poems. Experience the poems writt
GET IN LOSER, WE'RE GOING PODCASTING! Did we wear pink? Yes. Did we make fetch happen? We couldn't make anything happen without the Earth shattering Regina George - you know it, I know it, we all know it. We originally recorded this live and it
This episode is what dreams are made of...and apparently dreams are made of poorly thought out plans and bad lip synching. We get really deep about teenage stars and uh...Justin Bieber?! Where are Paolo's parents? What did Paolo get himself int
We have a special guest - Sid from the podcast Wayward Artists in a Wayward World! Sid and Tiana go deep into Grandpa Joe - he's not really the clear villain of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Or is he? Stealing Fizzy Lifting Drink, yell
SAVE THE OOMPA LOOMPAS! Anywho, we talk about Willy Wonka and how he is Big Sugar, bends reality, puts children in danger (is it for a good cause or nah?), and more. This episode is almost as wild as Willy Wonka himself. We also spend some time
Let's take a walk in Stay Puft's big, white plump shoes....are those shoes? Eh. Is Stay Puft an okay thing to happen to New York City? Let's find out. Tiana goes solo on this episode about Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, the notorious, awe-inspiring
What would you do on a sinking Titanic? Would you steal a kid to get on a lifeboat like Caledon Hockley? We try to empathize and relate to the villain Caledon Hockely from the hit movie Titanic (1997). Oofta, it's a packed episode! One of our l
No Face, a lost soul looking for a friend. Yubaba, a lady who knows how to give you customer service chills. Also, a very short crash course in the elements of Shintoism that are beautifully placed throughout the film Spirited Away. How can we
All the hormones and theories make it surprisingly easy for us to empathize with Freddy Krueger. But that's not to say he's not a killer; he's still not your average, friendly neighbor. Confidence, morality, and dreams - oh my! Also, why is it
Nurses have never seemed so sly. Was Nurse Ratched being manipulative or just keeping order? You decide. We also get into the nitty gritty of the harshest scene of the film (poor Billy). The power of voice, control, and eery calm has never look
We do almost an episode by episode analysis on: what made Jan spiral into the Dundie throwing, credit card using, boob job doing lady that we saw in The Office? Good therapists are needed, y'know. Dunder Mifflin Paper Company is much more inter
No one....seeks to be loved like Gaston. Got a danger in your life? Gaston would like to defeat that for you. We also get into the origin of Gaston and explore how more than one story of Gaston shapes his character. We also feature a poem writt
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