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It's noisier, busier and more crowded than ever in the world of sales, with it being a real battle to get in front of the right people and be heard. Prospecting is the life blood to any business looking to not only grow, but sustain success. So
On this week's episode I'm joined by Meghann Misiak, Sales Strategist and Trainer, Founder of The Path to Presidents Club. Meghann and I will be talking about how sales training has had to evolve and will need to continue to evolve to ensure it
Justin Welsh is someone you've no doubt seen on your LinkedIn feed over the last year or two. He's upfront, honest and shares some great insights into his journey. But what was the starting point for this intentional life Justin now lives by? I
Your success in sales can be won or lost even before you start speaking to a prospect. Having a lack of self-awareness and emotional intelligence can be costly to not only your performance, but also your mental wellbeing. Managing and understan
Data can be your best friend in sales; it shows you where the marginal gains can be made, what's working and what isn't. But it's important to not just absorb data, but to question it as well. Understand the why behind it. This is where you can
Back again on the topic of Sales Enablement; why it needs to evolve to suit a new environment and the role it plays in truly enabling sales people and managers as well. In this episode we're talking about 1 thing to introduce, keep and throw aw
Technology has evolved all aspects of our lives, including our sales process and approach. The danger is we can sometimes become too reliant on the technology around us and the process we use, and less focussed on what individuals salespeople c
A lot has changed in the world of sales in the last year and with that sales enablement has had to adapt to support the changes in sales approach and strategy. A challenge with sales enablement is they find themselves constantly being the fixer
What a year it's been, so much change and the requirement for us to adapt to how we sell and engage. Attention, now more than ever, is harder to grab and gain from prospects. So what can you do to stand out amongst all the noise and cut through
One of the biggest myths that still exist in the world of sales today is this perception of success being driven by an alpha male/female approach. It's a myth that is causing a severe impact on those that allow it to happen and promote it as we
As a sales community, leaders, organisations and everyone in them; what can be done to empower more women to not only step into the world of sales, but to enable them to progress, to grow and develop into leaders? What are some of the challenge
The key to any successful business often lies in it's sales teams capability. There is no one size fits all when it comes to defining a specific type of person or personality that always succeeds, but there are ways and signs to spot your next
The world of selling is constantly evolving; with the rise of social media and recent events, platforms like LinkedIn are even more important and crucial to cut through your noisy and competitive marketplace. But why do a large amount of people
Did you know that 90% of decision making is subconscious? That's crazy, right.  But what factors go into making that subconscious decision? It's the million pound question that all sales teams are looking for; what is the formula or ingredients
How often have you heard "great sales people make terrible leaders"? Probably more than once in your sales career. Why is this the case sometimes that effective sales people struggle to transition into a leadership role? What traits and habits
Often in a sales role, we look at one of our main goals as closing business to hit our targets. This isn't what phenomenal salespeople focus on though. By focusing on outcomes, we can often forget the process and purpose of our role and who we
Being a leader or manager in the world of sales, involves balancing and spinning a number of different plates; but where does sales coaching fit into that? Is the role of an effective sales leader to coach their team and if so, how do they do i
If it ain't broke, don't fix it; we've all heard this saying, but when it comes to the world of sales and our process, how relevant is this? Do we risk being left behind by sticking to what we know or by looking to change up what we do, can we
Part 2 of content & Confidence Creation ft. Jack Gaisford & Shay Rowbottom (be sure to check out Part 1 first) To discuss this episode, I'm joined by Jack Gaisford & Shay Rowbottom for an insightful and very enjoyable 2 part conversation. Jack
Content creation isn't just for the big brands now; with the evolution of tech we all have the opportunity to be heard; whether that's for our own business or within our career, to help us stand out. Creating content comes with it's challenges,
You hear it thrown around quite regularly this statement that sales is a numbers game; but how true is that, what is important to consider when conveying or believing in this statement? Numbers are what we use to measure success most of the tim
We've all heard the saying people buy from people right; but how true is that and has that changed over the recent years?  Well to discuss that, on the first of many new episodes to feature 2 guests, I'm joined this week by Marcus Chan & Alex A
No matter how many positive days, deals and outcomes we have; when we face a knockback, it can hit us hard. It could be an objection, rejection or what feels like a personal attack on us. Whatever it is; these knockbacks can really stunt our gr
Let me ask you a question; think of your favorite film, how much can you remember? Pretty much all of it back to back, right? Now think of a sales meeting that happened 3-6 months ago, how much do you remember? Not too much I'm guessing. One of
No doubt you've had the word niche thrown around you for the past few years now, particularly with the power of social media allowing people to have a voice, regardless of knowledge or experience. With a platform like TikTok breaking through, l
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