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People will just not shut up about how we're like totally headed for another Roaring Twenties! But maybe that's not such a good thing to hope for. Let's find out together while you tone those sweet sweet abs!Subscribe at patreon.com/notboringwo
People are getting vaccinated and getting it on and since it is Spring, so are the flowers! Find out how flowers do it and get a bit more fit for your next naked encounter on this very special encore episode of Not Boring Workouts.SUBSCRIBE - p
For just about as long as women have been having babies they've been trying to figure out how to make sure they only have them when they want them. Learn about all of the amazing methods tried throughout history while doing crunches and squats!
We were locked down for about a year because of a deadly virus. These crazy people locked themselves away for two years in the name of science. Get the story and a solid circuit workout with this week's Not Boring Workout.
Marie Stopes was a pioneering botanist and birth control proponent long before most women even had the opportunity to pursue higher education. Unfortunately, she was also a Eugenicist.  Ugh. Enjoy today's Not Boring Workout!Subscribe - patreon.
The history of the dildo is long and hard. Actually, it's just long but it is pretty fascinating and we tell you all about while also making sure you get in some much needed exercise. What could be better?!Subscribe - Patreon.com/notboringworko
After being released from prison for conning people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, Anna Sorokin is going to become rich and famous for conning people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now let's workout!Subscribe at patreon.com/
What better way to celebrate Women's History Month than with a Not Boring Workout about an amazing woman and civil rights activist you have probably never heard of - Gloria Richardson.Subscribe - Patreon.com/notboringworkoutsTip Us - Venmo @Not
We love women's history so much we were doing episodes about amazing women even when it wasn't Women's History Month. The story of Bertha Benz is a perfect example of "why the hell am I just learning about her now?!" so please enjoy this encore
HR1 is one of the most important bills of the past 30 years and you need to know all about it and also get some work in on those abs. Not Boring Workouts has you covered with all things For The People Act and abdominals in one place.Subscribe -
It's Women's History Month so we are revisiting our episode all about how women fought for and won the right to vote in America. Considering how hard Republicans are working to limit voting rights in the country today makes it more important th
In this "I Love The 80's" edition of Not Boring Workouts we bring you the wonderful and inspiring story of Cyndi Lauper along with a challenging mix of ass-burning exercises. Dig it!Subscribe - Patreon.com/notboringworkoutsTip Us - Venmo @NotBo
QAnon just won't go away so we are re-presenting our primer on QAnon which mentions the crazy idea that somebody as batshit horrible as Marjorie Taylor Greene could be elected to national office but yeah... Enjoy!SUBSCRIBE - Patreon.com/notbori
We here at Not Boring Workouts are sick and tired of people blaming bats for Covid. Especially when bats are amazing and were not the ones refusing to wear masks and socially distance. So, it's time to get your facts straight about bats and get
It's been almost a year since we started this podcast and our relationship with our couch has only grown stronger. So here is an encore of one of our first Not Boring Workouts featuring a workout you can do without leaving your couch! You've go
We wade into potentially controversial waters with today's Not Boring Workout while taking a closer look at what maybe was one good thing the Trump administration achieved in four years - the Abraham Accords.  Also, beware, this workout contain
One of the very first ever Not Boring Workouts, this one is all about Cats but not the musical. Just cats. So, enjoy this brief history of our feline friends and break a sweat at the same time!SUBSCRIBE: Patreon.com/NotBoringWorkoutsTIP: Venmo
Sure, a lot has gone down in the US over the past four years but it's worth taking a few minutes to catch up on the land across the pond and get some damn exercise at the same time with today's Not Boring Workout!SUBSCRIBE - Patreon.com/notbori
Frogs. You think you've got a pretty solid handle on them but wait until you find out the crazy stuff Alli has been learning about these amazing amphibians. And, as always, you will also be getting a great full-body workout. Plus frog puns. You
More than a century before QAnon leapt into the crazy conspiracy scene, lots of people were convinced the earth is flat. More than one hundred years of science and traveling into space, there are people that still believe the earth is flat. Thi
Crazy smart, super sexy and always progressive, Mae West was one of the coolest people of the 20th Century. From Broadway to Hollywood to Las Vegas join us for this great American story and get yourself some exercise at the same time! That's th
Today we take a moment in this crazy world to appreciate the little things. Ants. Seriously, ants are amazing and surprising and possibly what we'll all be eating for dinner in a few years. So, listen up and get some exercise with today's Not B
Wouldn't it be nice to think we've come a long way in the past 100 years? Well, a look back at 1921 does not make a good case for this belief. Does history repeat itself? Find out and get fit with today's Not Boring Workout.Become a subscriber
Lots of people say Not Boring Workouts is the most popular podcast in the world. Is that true? Nope. But if enough people on enough platforms say it then other people will believe it. And that's a problem. Especially if you replace this lie wit
Sure, the country is country embroiled in the aftermath of an attempted coup but aren't you curious where the hell the Dalai Lama came from and why he's so revered? Plus, you gotta get some exercise. Time for today's Not Boring Workout! 
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