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Episode 18: Sexual Regress

Released Monday, 3rd February 2020
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** Warning: This episode might not be suitable for young listeners**
Continuing our previous discussion of the imminent return of paganism, we elaborate on the Roman pagan practices of prostitution, slavery, homosexuality and the more disturbing practices of pederasty, abortion and exposure. During our discussion we provide numerous examples of how these practices are emerging in our Western culture today. We highlight how Christianity radically changed the ancient Roman world by drastically curbing these practices and by promoting the idea that all people have equal value and that people can exert self-control and not be slaves to their depraved desires. Join us as we expose the pagan worldviews seeping into our culture, whether growing from within or coming from far off places, such as “the land of sand and sodomy”. Even as Christianity is being pushed ever more into the margins, the Christian message still has the power to free people from slavery to pagan worldviews.
Episode Timeline
0:00:00: Opening
0:10:19: Prostitution, Slavery and Homosexuality
0:28:35: Pederasty and Pedophelia
0:59:13: Abortion and Exposure
1:13:23: The Impact of Christianity
1:32:55: Self Control
1:42:24: Summary and Conclusion
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