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We're still here. The voice of Tanner is Charles Raymond. The voice of Martha is Daylin Chase. The voice of Officer Carlton is Carson Rafuse. CW: This episode contains brief mention of injury, and a sudden loud noise from 38:24-38:27. Sound eff
Attention, all residents. Do not turn off your radios. Await further instruction. Ignore any ongoing interference...Sound effects this episode thanks to contributors: d3x5n1p3r, revolt 2563, groovyrandomness, kMoon, flashdeejay, J
A q+a, how fun! With a funky intro so you know it isn't a normal episode, its a cool episode.  Some rambling, talking about rats, forgetting popular film names, not knowing popular actors, plus some fun insights into the show; creator Jess answ
Untitled Track #4 (live) from Episode 22. Written by Jess Syratt and Isaac Gokarn. Guitar parts by Isaac Gokarn, Evan Row, and Ben Jansen. Vocals performed by Isaac Gokarn, Evan Row, Jess Syratt, Cait Syratt, Zac Kawa, and Dean Di Palma.Featuri
Tanner hosts in Jess' continued absence. Some updates, [REDACTED], and an unexpected goodbye. The voice of Tanner is Charles Raymond. The voice of Martha is Daylin Chase. The voice of Officer Don Carlton is Carson Rafuse. This episode's sponsor
Welcome back, listeners, to a totally normal broadcast with your host and your friend, Jess. Everything is fine!The voice of Martha is Daylin Chase. The voice of Tanner is Charles Raymond.  CW: This episode contains very brief depictions of abd
There was an incident, but don't worry about it. A quick message about the mine. Plus, weather, news, a new fun fact about Jess, and... okay, we'll talk about what happened.  The voice of Martha is Daylin Chase. The voice of Tanner is Charles R
A voicemail for Jess following her meeting after the last episode. The voice of John Mulroy is Nathan Lunsford. Check out Nathan's show, The Storage Papers. Support the show (
Jess had a... weird start to her day , and still has been having trouble sleeping. The lights and sounds are still going. Plus, traffic, news- including an update on Mayor Simon,  a surprise phone call, and consequently, new instructions from T
Thank you, mystery artist, as well as the mysterious "C." You have probably noticed the lights and sounds are back, and Jess hasn't been sleeping well because of it. Plus, a colour wavelength malfunction, a look at the community bulletin, and t
The voice of Mayor Simon Is Jordan Duncan. Sound effects created by SoundEffectsFactory and Audio LibrarySupport the show (
Folks, this is an emergency: James is missing.  Plus, a quick look at this week's weather, Tanner finds something weird on his search, and an update from the HA for spring home-and-garden guidelines. The voice of Tanner Walling is Charles Raymo
Welcome back! We're glad you found us on our new (*cough* secret *cough*)  frequency!  We've got some local news for you today folks. Our main story:  one of the fields is suddenly and completely filled with lavender! But we aren't worried abou
Jess is back after a much needed break. We have a new team member here at the station! A... community observation. Urgent broadcast: there is a meteorological event occurring that is not safe for human viewing. Please abide by our safety instru
Sorry the show's a little late today, but everything is fine. Promise. Traffic! Welcome back to Mountie John, Sergeant Carlinn and Officer O'Dwyer. A riverside vigil is being held by some of the local high school students tonight. CW: Brief men
Lyrics: Isaac Gokarn, Evan RowGuitar: Evan RowBanjolele: Jess SyrattVocals: Isaac Gokarn (lead), Evan Row, Kennedy Stroeve, Dean Di Palma, Zachary Kawa, Dylan Gokarn, and Jess Syratt Copyright ©2021 Support the show (
The Housley's have asked us to read a message on their family's behalf. Tanner Walling is looking for a job. An update on "The Science Fair Incident." Weather forecast looks great! Plus, a fun way to kill some air time.  Also... has anyone seen
Breaking News: Tanner Walling is home. Welcome home Tanner! We cannot express how happy we are,  and we can't wait to talk to you about where you've been and what happened.  Remember that security system Town Council was developing? It is now o
We are very excited to announce a certain intern's return to the station! A special thanks to the Faceless for their financial support. A look at the community bulletin, an anonymous sponsor, and not one but two emails were sent in to us this m
 An unsettling text. Weather and traffic say the same thing: snow. If the water in your taps is turning black, Town Council says don’t panic! Do with that what you will. And finally, we have a treat for you today, listeners! Dr. Olsen is with u
Someone sent a recording into the station, and it’s pretty good— not sure what it is, but it’s good! Our first story comes from a traveler through. If you have had an experience similar to Anika Sanderson, please contact us at the station. The
It's a local holiday! Town Council doesn't want you to worry about the lights. Or the sounds. In fact, just consider not worrying about anything, ever. A stranger has come to Braedon, and he's here to stay- welcome, Dr. Olseon, to our weird lit
It's Jess' two-year anniversary of being here at the station.  Plus, a traffic report. Finally, to correct a broadcast from a few nights ago you probably don't remember, the colourful lights we've been seeing in the sky are actually not the Nor
Halloween is now 9 days away! No one's ever told us why we celebrate a day early, but what's one day when time is arguably immaterial? A special thanks to whoever donated a bed for James. Our first story comes from you, the community! Plus, som
Jess calls into the station after hours. A note from the creator: This little bonus is to say thank you for 1,000 downloads! Thanks for giving the show your ears! Your ears mean the world to us. Seriously! We wouldn't have a show if not for the
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