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In this episode we are going to explore solutions for managing chronic pain in a very unique holistic way. We are going to understand what an elimination diet is, and how to implement it, and how to start a plan to manage our pain with Journaling. My guest in this episode is Jennifer Delaney, who is a Mother, a daughter, a sister, and takes care of a fur baby and as she says, an extroverted introvert with a Tiny House. At one time she was so sick she couldn’t even play with her daughter at the park, and found a solution that works for her, and shows how it can work for you. Jennifer's methodology in controlling and working to eliminate her chronic pain, is a major step in helping us to manage our health in a very positive way. You can find more about her on our website and on her on Instagram @Thejenndelaney as well as download her free E-book there, and find her at
In this episode we going to learn what an Anam Cara is, and why they are an essential and integral part of our spiritual development. We are also going to learn how that soul friend can guide us in understanding what ours dreams are saying to us and how to listen to their guidance. My guest is Will Sharon who is an Anam Cara coach, and has been working with dreams since he was a young therapist at the Veterans Administration in Manhattan. Following 13 years of clinical work Will spent some time studying acting and working on NYC soap operas. He then embarked on a 25-year corporate career and throughout his life he has experienced the cultural definition of success and failure and the many ways that each can disconnect us from the essence of who we really are. Find more info at  He can be contacted at  (917) 848 1672
In this episode we will learn the story of a young man that lost not only his lifelong best friend, but the love of his life as well. We will learn how to live every day to the fullest because it can be gone in an instant. My guest today is Nicholas Strand, he is an author, the podcast host of Choose Your Attitude where the inspiration to make sure that everyone knows you have the ability to choose your attitude when it comes to loss, grief, and moving on. His book Loving Someone Who’s Dying tells the journey he went on with the love of his life, and how his late wife Brianna who fought a lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis, shared her amazing power to inspire and shine no matter what life’s challenges throw at you!  Nick’s mission is to use that little spark of hope to inspire others so we may choose our attitude, move forward, and create a beautiful life Nick would love to hear from you! Have a question, idea, topic to cover, guest to have on the show? Email him: Go to our website at for more info
In this episode we share a personal journey of overcoming what life has thrown at you, how to find love after a negative relationship, and how to persevere through tough times and find love and happiness. My guest is Gabi Garland, a mother, a wife, a Relationship Coach, and a Podcast host for the Resilient Heart Podcast. Gabi shares her personal journey of growing up in a small town, the love of a large family, knowing she was adopted, going through a bad marriage, having a child to making a 6-figure income to starting over and overcoming the many obstacles thrown at her path in order to inspire and move other forward in their love life. Find more about her and her services as well as her podcast at and find more info and resources at
In this episode and we're going to learn what it feels like to lose your brother to suicide, and how to take that negativity and turn it into a positive approach to loss and grief. In addition, we are going to understand how to be inspired to live life to the fullest, and to proactively help change people's perspective instead of waiting until they get suicidal tendencies, when we have a conversation with Ricardo Zulueta: a brother, son, father, husband, entrepreneur, and a successful businessman, who along with his wife created an opportunity to remind you every day that you are important, and that you are a value to society. We share how Fükitt is an inspirational brand with the mission to inspire and motivate people to live life without regret and accept challenges that are worth the risk! Visit Fukitt Brand Apparel as well as support and visit  Start Day One ​a Non-Profit Organization for Mental Wellness & Suicide Prevention Find out more at One More Thing Before You Go Podcast
In this episode we’re going to have an honest and open conversation in regard to today’s environment, whether or not we stepped back in time 50 or 60 years, and if The current state of politics has empowered and divided us as a country. We are going to sit down, have a cup of tea and talk with Papi Jae, a podcast host, entrepreneur, author, and an African American father, trying to raise his kids in today society, what the BLM movement means, and how we as a society need to unify in order to overcome and re-create what we were moving towards prior to 2016. for more details. You can find Papi Jae at where you can contact Papi on social media and via email, as well as find his Talking Real Podcast. 
In this episode we are going to see how the love of a sister with lupus, motivated a Registered Dietitian to find a way to stop Lupus in its tracks.  In that process it changed her life’s purpose to building a company focused on reversing or eliminating chronic disease. We have a conversation with Alison Tierney, Registered Dietitian specializing in Oncology, and the founder of Wholesome LLC. a virtual based company working to improve the health and lifestyle with prevention, improvement, and management of common chronic health conditions. Although Alison is board-certified in oncology nutrition, she is multi-passionate in nutrition and her expertise goes beyond cancer and involves helping others with the management of chronic diseases such as: heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and autoimmune diseases. You can find her and reach out to see if a plant-based diet can help you here: Email: Cell Phone: 414.339.6125 Facebook: YouTube: 
In this episode we have a conversation about one of my favorite episodes from the near past, That Thing About a Passion For Music, with Jeffrey Bryan composer, musician, and band member of Eye of The Tiger iconic band of the 80's
We have a conversation about what it's like to be married for 31 years, and share what Love is through the eyes of a child
In this episode we learn what it’s like to see and feel a demon harassing a young woman, how she was able to finally release it. We are also going to understand a little more about the Asian perspective on Angels and Demons. Kate Emerald is from Seoul Korea, she is a healer, storyteller, and astrologer.  She is the founder of Life Of Emerald, an online studio scaling global impact via introducing ancient wisdom, spirituality & cultures to people all walks of life to heal and improve their lives.  Her ancestors are kings of South Korea of the Joseon dynasty and the scholars of the Nobel class in the Shilla dynasty. She spearheads the Global Healing Movement 2020, an advocacy shedding stigma on mental health and Sacred Healing Summit, a platform bringing thought leaders in psychology, business, medicine, education, and divination. Her educational background includes psychology, international pedagogy, business, urban planning, philosophy, astrology, and divination.  This is the second of a trilogy that starts on this subject and continues with the next two. Visit Https:// For more information visit: You can find her on Instagram @lifeofemerald_s; and email:
In this episode we are going to have a conversation with a woman that sees dead people. We’re going to learn about recognizing messages from our guardian angels, or loved ones that have passed on, and the power of meditation. Debbie Anderson is an internationally known clairvoyant born in England, she experienced spirit-communicating phenomenon from early childhood, saw people who had passed over, knew information about people that she could not have known otherwise, and could see future occurrences. Debbie shares her view on spirit, the journey within and connecting with angels, guides, guardians and helpers who are there to assist all of us on our spiritual journey when we are open to receive their messages.This is the first of a trilogy that starts on this subject and continues with the next two. For more information visit: You can listen in on her weekly reading on YouTube, and connect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Contact Debbie via Email: Phone Number Canada: 519-890-5008 Skype: VibrationalEnergy1
In the Episode we are going to learn how to survive in stand up comedy, especially if you’re young and motivated. We have a conversation with Jacob Craig one of the youngest headlining comedians on the circuit in the south. We follow his journey as a comedian, what it’s like on the road going to different gigs, what’s the differences between that and an actor/musician, as well as what it's like doing comedy at such a young age, some of his comedic influences, and how COVID has affected the Standup community.Find him on Facebook to his podcast: him at:
Welcome to order the tea cup in this episode we're gonna talk about upcoming episodes on One More Thing Before You Go Podcast, and the Last episode released; that Thing About Finding Happiness After Loss. On a side-note we identified it as episode 20 but in actuality is episode 22 because of the way Apple labels the episodes.We're also going to discuss a trilogy of episodes that are coming up with some interesting stuff in it including a never before heard clip of what we believe is a dark angel or demon breathing behind me as I'm talking I was the only one in the room. Sorry for the late release, our editing platform was down for maintenance, causing a delay...
We have a conversation with Dr. Ashley Wellman, a criminologist, specializing in homicide, victimology, an advocate and scholar specializing in homicide; who becomes a victim herself in a tragic and devastating unexpected loss of her husband and father to their daughter. As a widow and single mother, she had to rebuild and redefine her life. Now, as author of the My Friend Fresno children's book series, she is creating a life full of magic for her family while spreading a message of love, acceptance and friendship to all those who interact with her. At some point in our life we all will be affected by a loss of some kind, what comes to homicide or being a victim or traumatized because of that loss how do we overcome that? How do we deal with it? We share how she had to start listening to her own advice in order to move her life forward. Please visit Dr Wellman’s website and check out her children’s book series and enjoy 20% off with coupon code BEFOREYOUGO20 Http: Shop and Play at: For more adventures, follow us @MyFriendFresno
We have a conversation about That Thing About Hunting Ghost and follow it up with a quick discussion about binge watching: a good thing or a bad thing. We share our thought and some secrets about some ghost hunting experiences. this episode might just open your eyes, and make you believe in ghost. In addition we discuss the good and bad of binge watching! I'm bored with it, Diane loves it.
In this episode we learn what it takes to be a ghost hunter. We have a conversation with Kristy Sumner of Soul Sisters Paranormal. She is a professional Paranormal Investigator who, along with her sisters, has visited some of the most haunted places in the United States. She will share some stories about the Lizzie Bordon House (MA), the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (WV), the Villisca Ax Murder House (IA), the St. Augustine Lighthouse (FL), Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary (TN) and many others. We might just open your eyes, and make you believe in ghost. Along the way we learn about the historical aspects of the locations that this investigator has been to! We’re going to learn what type of equipment a ghost hunter uses, how it feels to be confronted by a spirit, and what it's like to be in the middle of history replaying itself over and over again. Website: Facebook: Instagram: _SoulSistersParanormal_
In this First Over The TeaCup With Michael and Diane episode, we discuss One More Thing Before You Go EPISODE 18: That Thing About a Passion For Music, with Jeffrey Bryan who went from young songwriter to actor back to music and being a band member of a legendary band! We discuss the likes, dislikes, what's coming up next on One More Thing Before You Go Podcast Don't forget to listen to One More Thing Before You Go Podcast Ep 18! Give us your thoughts
In this episode we explore That Thing About A Passion For Music. We have a conversation with Jeffrey Bryan, Musician, Songwriter, Composer, and learn how as a young boy of 11 his musical aspirations sparked, and he never lost his devotion to create music. He was Playing clubs and locales on Sunset Strip since age 15, and got sidetracked by the glitz of glamour of Hollywood appearing in several legendary movies in the 80’s, working his way back to writing music, playing the Roxy, Whiskey-a-go-go, the Viper Room and more; and finally starting a band and ultimately landing a spot as a band member of the iconic 80’s band “Survivor" His musical journey is still inspiring and growing! Find more at  One More Thing Before You Go and for more info, and music on Jeff’s site
In this episode we explore That Thing About Traveling Back in Time. Have you ever wondered if what you did in your past life was brought forward to your present? Does Karma follow you through time? How can you resolve that karma in this life? Do past lives even exist? What is the process of regression? We're going to answer these questions and more when we talk to Chris Lee, a clinical hypnotherapist that specializes in past life regression. You are going to learn how your fears, phobias, aches and pains may have a relation to something in a past life. Join the conversation as we discuss Is a unique methodology do you help you discover what you may have brought forward. You can connect with Chris to explore how he can help you discover your hidden past, at You will find info on his books such as Life in The Past Lane, and seminars by contacting him directly. Don't forget to visit our website for more info
The Podcast is Evolving! I want to update you on some new and exciting changes coming to the program. We have new guests, new and expanded topics, new ways of getting you involved. This is That Thing About the Podcast. You may have already noticed a few changes, like our format and content we are evolving as it should be. One More thing before you go has always been a conversation about life, and it still is…..but I realized in this journey that I wanted to showcase the uniqueness of it, the value of it, the personal journeys of failure and triumph… what makes us laugh, cry, and contemplate, feel, hate and love. To stay more connected with you and what you want to listen to, we are still releasing weekly episodes, but as a bonus to you, you may see more than one episode come out in the same week. In addition, we’re introducing the "one more thing… over the teacup" episodes, where we sit down and have a cup of tea, or drink of your choice, have short discussion about  a variety of topics that could include the previous episode, what's coming up, life as it happens.. the positive, the negative, a good movie or TV show, a bad movie or TV show, the news of the day, and more… it’s a bonus that you have an opportunity to express your opinion as well.Send me an email to and tell me what you want to talk about… what you liked about an episode, what you didn’t like about it, what you want to hear or learn about for an upcoming episode, maybe I can put you on the program….after all this is a conversation about life… so what are you waiting for? Join the Conversation…  
In this episode, we explore That Thing About Angels Among Us, how to connect with your Angels, Guardian Angels, and what they can do for you! You’ll learn what the signs are when your Angels are talking to you, the fact you can communicate with you fur-baby that has passed over the rainbow bridge. We are going to answer these questions and more with celebrity psychic Laura Michelle Powers, who has a gift when it comes to talking with angels (this is part 2 if you haven’t already please listen to the first part 1) You’ll learn that being grateful for what you have will bring your more. You’ll learn that Angels and demons DO exist in our lives, whether someone believes in them or not, and not determined by religious or spiritual beliefs. Join the Conversation! Visit One More Thing Before You Go website for more info and links to Laura Powers | | | 310-598-7871
In this episode we explore That Thing About Angels Among Us, Whether or not believe in angels, if they’re real, what an Angel is and what they can do for you! You’ll learn if you have to be religious in order to believe in them, and why do they exist. How to connect to them including your pets! We are going to answer these questions and more with celebrity psychic Laura Michelle Powers, who has a gift when it comes to talking with angels and teach you how to connect with them to benefit your life in a positive way! You’ll learn that Angels and demons DO exist in our lives, whether someone believes in them or not, and not determined by religious or spiritual beliefs. Join the Conversation in this two-part episode, the first of a six-part-series. Visit One More Thing Before You Go website for more info and links to Laura Powers | | | 310-598-7871
In this episode we explore Veganism, which is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products, and all other animal-derived ingredients. We discuss working towards a plant-based diet, what a Vegan is, where to get your nutrition, vegan misconceptions, the cruelty of factory farming, and more. In “That Thing About Being a Vegan” We have a conversation with Kathleen Gage who is a marathon running business woman in her sixties who, as a direct result of discovering the life-changing power of plant-based eating, proactively shifted her focus to working with those who are open to the possibility of what plant-based eating can do for them and their bottom-line. Visit One More Thing Before You Go website for more. and to find out more of what Kathleen Gage can do for you; and
In this episode we explore “That Thing About Triumph Over Tragedy.”We will hear a very poignant journey of a child that grew into an adult, being the epitome of overcoming life, when it throws the most despicable obstacles you could ever imagine at you. Join us as we talk with Marlisse Hardamon , a Speaker, Life Coach, and entrepreneur and how she overcame the unfathomable, and how you can triumph too. Marlisse will Transform you and pull at your heart strings, as well as find joy when you see that anyone can overcome tragedy and live life on their own terms. If you need help please follow the links below or confidentially contact 800-656-4673RAIIN Hotline One More Thing Before You Go Website Transformation Speaks Website
Just here drop some fantastic news about some changes to the program that will be more beneficial to you! I know that I normally try to post on Monday night but starting on Wednesday June 24th 2020 you will see that We have a new look, new logo, new and improved format that expands everything we’ve been talking about and add some additional opportunities for having some great conversations. All the details be in the show notes thank you to all of you loyal listeners and those of you that are just coming on board this is going to be a great conversation and a fantastic journey together.
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