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After spending all this time talking about ending child trafficking, if we learned nothing, and do nothing, that time would have been for nought. Here's what Paul and Jedidiah learned from the past three weeks. Connect with Paul at @whoispaulk
We created a masterpiece to get people to speak up about ending child trafficking and exploitation. Tune in as artist Shin Maeng discusses his inspiration, as well as the stories in the design. Connect with Shin at @shinhappens Connect with Pa
Ever hear of child trafficking and exploitation? It's one of the worst things that exists in the world today. But not everything operates as Hollywood and the media might have you believe. Tune in with Marilyn Murray, director of communications
Did you know children are enslaved around the world today? That they are trafficked and exploited for sex/labor, and it's happening in our own communities? We're going to spend the next three and a half weeks contributing what we can to ending
At Operation Dichotomy, we have so much to be grateful for. Those of you who take the time to listen to our conversations, you're at the top of that list. Tune in as Paul and Jedidiah reflect on the beginning of this mission, and the great thin
Some of us are elated that it looks like Joe Biden will be our next president. Others are angry and/or in denial. Either way, hopefully we know by now that one person in office isn't going to be THE answer that we need for growth in our communi
Tonight, one candidate will win the election. Whether or not we win or lose as one United America, that's up to you. Tune in with Paul and Jedidiah as they discuss how to move forward from here. Connect with Paul at @whoispaulkim Connect with
Are you for "killing unborn children"? Or for "stripping a woman of her right to choose what happens to her body"? Is this a fair way to describe those who vote pro-life and pro-choice? Tune in to hear Paul and Jedi talk about the whole picture
We think that it's our wise words from our years of experiences that's our gift to humanity. Maybe for some of it is... but the gift that we can all give, perhaps the gift that can even save lives, is the under appreciated gift of being heard.
Do we live in a society with systemic inequality? If you don't like a woman's facial expressions, does that mean you have a problem with powerful women? Why is it important to listen to different perspectives, particularly the ones you aren't a
Our journey began with a huge vision. There was a big problem in our society that we wanted to tackle, so we started doing what we could to address it. As most journeys go, we found that we needed to make an adjustment to be more effective in s
Sometimes, two people can be completely different, like day and night. Sometimes, those same two people call each other husband and wife. How does that even work? Well, dawn is a place where day and night coexist. And that goes to show that two
How do you get better, deeper relationships? How do you connect with those that are different from you, and enrich their lives as they enrich yours simultaneously? All that, and become a better person in the process? Learn to LISTEN. Tune in as
As a society, we suck at listening. Tune in to find out why, how we can get better, and the positive impact we can make if we just get better at it. Connect with us on FB and IG @operationdichotomy, and on our website.
It started because Raymond John saw a problem. The kids he worked with didn't have access to the same opportunities that he had. He knew they would get stuck, and it would be no fault of their own. That's when he decided to give up his path pur
It's easy to talk about the problems. It's easy to complain and complain and hope that someone else fixes them, so that we don't have to deal with the consequences. But the problems won't fix themselves. We want to see change in this world, but
We love the idea that "everyone else" might be racist, but not me. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm an antiracist. But are you really? What does it actually mean to be an ally, from the perspective of the one who needs one? Tune in with Rose Percy
You claim that you're "antiracist", and that's great. But to hold yourselves over those that are less "woke" would be extremely prideful, given that most likely, your rise out of ignorance was more a response to someone else's work than your ow
Why is it that people who think so far on one extreme are incapable of seeing another perspective? Are they simply narrow-minded? Do they choose to remain ignorant out of convenience? Or might there be a neurological aspect to it? Tune into our
Do you believe what you believe because you've found it to be objectively true? Or because you've convinced yourself that what you believe is true, regardless of the factual evidence that's presented against your perspective? Tune in to hear ho
You probably want to make a positive impact in society. But how do you plan on impacting others if they won’t listen to you? Tune in to get some practical tips on how to get people to hear your perspective. Connect with us on FB and IG @operat
What were YOU doing in elementary school? Because Aidan Carter is organizing protests in his hometown, and fighting for justice. It's safe to say that he not only sees the issues in his community, but he rises up to actually do something about
He considers himself fairly conservative. He's a police officer. And he's black. What...? Imagine the sort of backlash a man like this could receive from different camps if he were to speak his mind publicly. But he still does it (from a caring
There are those that enjoy good food. Then there are those that NEED food in order to cope with other life circumstances. What are those circumstances that often lead to such an unhealthy relationship with food? How do you conquer an eating dis
When someone takes a man's life, can he ever bounce back from that? Does he deserve a second chance? What are the chances that someone goes into the system, and then comes out as a changed man, ready to contribute to society? Tune in for all th
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