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Pregnancy, Identity, & Occupational Transition

Released Monday, 10th May 2021
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Guest: Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L
Topics we Uncorked:
  • Pregnancy updates
    • Sarah was 36 weeks at time of recording and is now mom of one month old Baby A!
    • I was 17 weeks pregnant at the time of recording and am now 24 weeks pregnant!
  • Occupational transitions of pregnancy
    • Identity 
      • The moments that remind us of our new identity as “mom”
      • Telling our husbands they were dads
      • Sarah shares about her identities as both an OT who specializes in early intervention and a new mom
      • I share about my experience with having health conditions that are highly associated with infertility and the relief of finding out we had conceived
      • Changing expectations of ourselves 
        • Asking for help
    • Changes to our occupations
      • How our identities and patterns of participation (high achieving, active, always doing something new and challenging, etc.) and symptoms (being exhausted, pregnancy brain fog) collide
      • Adapting our ADLs (dressing, donning shoes, changing diet)
      • Difficulty focusing and multitasking at work 
      • Podcast interviewing and the difficulties of pregnancy brain (hello word finding difficulties)
      • Changing workouts and activity patterns
      • Projects that we wanted to do together with our spouses
        • Our home renovation “DIY”
        • Sarah and Ray’s furniture refurbishing 
      • Grocery shopping is exhausting
        • Carrying bags
        • Walking around the store
    • Pregnancy symptoms and how we’re coping
      • Symptoms people talk about 
      • Symptoms people DON’T talk about
      • The first trimester symptoms and experiencing them without others knowing we’re pregnant
      • Second trimester “surge” of energy
      • Third trimester (aka the return of the first trimester)
      • Pregnancy brain
        • I always thought this was a secondary effect of being tired, but pregnancy brain is REAL
    • Using our OT brains to help us adapt
  • Finding the right health team 
    • Seeking help and validation when we’re concerned 
    • Not sure if you should call your OB to ask a question? Sarah and I had that question, too. Calling or messaging our practitioners gave us peace of mind and empowered us!
  • Being pregnant during a pandemic
    • Pros
      • Wearing yoga pants to work! (aka my living room...)
      • Our spouses are home with us, too, and can be part of the daily ups and downs of being pregnant
      • Easier to keep pregnancy to yourself when you’re socializing and working over Zoom
      • Strangers don’t randomly approach to touch your belly
    • Cons
      • Going to appointments alone
      • Inability to celebrate and share this life milestone with people in the ways we had hoped
      • Additional fears of how to best protect ourselves and our babies during a pandemic
      • Social isolation layered with being pregnant and wanting social connection
  • Lessons learned from being pregnant that will make us better therapists
  • Our favorite pregnancy “hacks”
Wine we Uncorked:
  • None! These two pregnant ladies enjoyed their favorite flavor of water (plain 'ol tap water)
  • In episodes 27 through 30 of OT Uncorked, which were recorded since I became pregnant, I “reviewed” wines instead of drinking wine during the episode… did you notice the subtle shift in my wording? I felt clever! Now that the secret’s out, I want my listeners to know that those reviews were based on notes I took about wines pre-pregnancy. In some cases, I let my guest review a wine they were enjoying (check out Lindsey Vestal’s AMAZING wine review in Episode 30!)  
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