Our Fake History

A Society, Culture and History podcast featuring Sebastian Major
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StrangeAnimal reviewed this podcast on Jun 7th, 2018
"Fascinating deep-dives into aspects of history that sound too good to be true. Great research with lots of humor!"
brumaban reviewed this podcast on Dec 22nd, 2017
"Like somebody else already mentioned, educational but also very entertaining at the same time. Good, good stuff indeed. "
yuimetalmachine reviewed this podcast on Dec 19th, 2017
"It's entertaining and damn educational at the same time. "
Namtab86 reviewed this podcast on Aug 29th, 2017
"Such a great host, and the topics are great! I not only learn a lot about history, but learn it in a fun way. "
grazer reviewed this podcast on Aug 29th, 2017
"Good historical content."
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