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Episodes of Our Wild World

Rewilding has long been a conservation term for connectivity and creating corridors for wildlife movement. In recent decades, it is the concept finding suitable existing habitats for species on the brink of extinction that may exist outside of
Despite the incredible successes in conservation, overall, something isn’t working. We are losing ground. What are the missing links? Delving deeply into this question, we keep butting up against the fundamental conflicts between economic growt
A Wild Idea: It is easy to think that conservation is something going on in places so far away and exotic that it seems unimaginable that one person could have any significant impact on the greater outcome of a child, a community or even an ent
Are conserving wildlife and protecting animals the same thing? Award winning environmental reporter, Glen Martin, guides us as this question applies to Africa's mega fauna. Conservation planning of large landscapes and species survival includes
Botswana Predator Conservation Trust is one of the longest running conservation research projects in Africa, and one of a handful of its caliber worldwide. Founded in 1989 as the Botswana Wild Dog Research Project, today it covers all the large
With cougar biologist John Laundré, today we discuss the matter of who owns wildlife. More and more we must consider the public costs of wildlife mismanagement in the United States, with increasing conflicts and polarization between hunting and
During a time when most wild animals are experiencing decline in the face of development and climate change, the intrepid mountain lion—also known as a puma, a cougar, “ghost cat,” and by many other names—has experienced reinvigoration as well
With my guest, author and wildlife advocate, Rick Lamplugh, we walk down the path of how deeply important the immersive aspect is to protecting our wilds and our perceptions of it, and our human need in knowing there are wild places and wild an
As Coloradans face this 2020 election, we must consider the role of wolves in our western states. My guest Mike Phillips is one of the world?s foremost experts on why wolf restoration is critical to balancing western ecosystems and the reality
The saga of the Mexican Grey Wolf is a story of how politics interferes in the efforts of independent scientists to recover an endangered species. With my guest David Parsons, who formerly led the USFWS efforts to reintroduce the Mexican Grey
Both reviled and loved, our history with the wolf is complex and emotional and the stuff of legends. Today, we have an opportunity to learn from one of the most knowledgeable wolf biologists around, Carter Niemeyer, author of “Wolfer” which sho
Wild, Incisive, Fearless, the Revelator. With John Platt, editor of the independent online environmental news and ideas initiative of the Center for Biological Diversity, we delve into and question some of the top conservation headlines: From
It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Can’t Change You. This fast-paced and richly stitched documentary, employing mesmerizing visuals driven by Keith David’s commanding narration, and fueled by dozens of engaging experts. Five years in the making and f
With special guest Professor Emeritus Marc Bekoff, we will discuss that increasing our compassionate footprint will improve our overall relationship to animals and our earth, thus also improve conservation outcomes. As our species causes deep a
Transferring data and knowledge gained through research into a journal that sits on a shelf won’t carry us through to creating the interdisciplinary and collaborative results we in the real world- from research and science in the field and the
As we continue to infringe upon bear territory, Karelian Bear Dogs have become a way to get the attention of local communities living with bears and educate them of their responsibility to live in partnership with our wildlife. Today with my gu
The urban wilderness: The bear, raccoon, beaver or the lion in your yard, patrolling your neighborhoods and nearby recreation areas, and rising numbers of risky and close encounters with the wild animals in our backyards, and those when we’re i
In the eons of time immemorial, life has eked out an existence from the fundamental ingredients of Planet Earth and its unique essences, our nature, our wildlife and .. us. In the few short centuries of Modern Man, earth processes have shifted
Over the many episodes of Our Wild World, we’ve shared the wonder of wildlife and wilderness through a variety of perspectives from scientific, to solutions based, to a naturalist view, from that which brings about collapse to that which reimag
The dangers of global wildlife trafficking have made global headlines. From an obscure wildlife wet market in Wuhan China, a frightening message jumped from the wild and right into a global pandemic crisis: COVID-19, a new zoonotic virus highly
With Special Guest Philip Tedeschi , Clinical Professor, Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver. We’ll explore the changing paradigm of recognizing incorporating the bond and relationships between people and non-human beings and
Current data tells us our world has slid past far tipping points of no return. Viable populations of wildlife across the board are disappearing. Our human response for sustainable development and environmental goals are not compatible nor condu
COVID-19 has shifted our world and our consciousness. We are on the razors edge leading wave of a new paradigm. The shift is uncomfortable, frightening and exhausting while wondering what the future holds. This program has continuously focused
The saga of the Mexican Grey Wolf is a story of how politics interferes in the efforts of independent scientists to recover an endangered species. With my guest David Parsons, who formerly led the USFWS efforts to reintroduce the Mexican Grey W
With this rebroadcast from 2015, we see so many parallels, as so many is global crises converge. My guest, clinical social worker, Philip Tedeschi, Denver University, Institute for Human Animal Connection (IHAC) provides real-world situations
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