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Episodes of Out of the Fog

How can we be true to ourselves while staying connected to our partner in a relationship … whether it’s old or new? Intuitive relationship healer Deb Acker shares how to identify when our intuition is speaking to us and how we can use intuition
Have you struggled to push past your money set point and find a level of financial ease and success? Madeline Gerwick knows that you can shift your money patterns and your bottom line. She’ll share a wealth of tools and practices (what works …
Feeling good is a foundational piece of attracting what you want in life. Wondering what might be holding you back from making a bigger impact personally or professionally?
How can we move the world from fracture to a more cohesive system? Dr. Kristen Donnelly explains the power of curiosity and how people change their world views versus how they change their habits.
Our beloved companion animals are more than just good friends. Animal intuitive and healer Lynn McKenzie believes they can help us change our lives and fulfill our soul purpose. You’ll hear how tapping into animals on a deeper level can help us
People are more powerful, more capable of making miracles than they know. My guest today believes that miracles don’t randomly happen—we create them.
The convenience of the online world has a dark side. As we increasingly depend on virtual environments for learning, connection, and work, we can be more vulnerable to predators. Dr. Michael Nuccitelli is here to share best practices for stayin
How can you get through the worst of what life throws at you? Alexandra Chauran offers techniques and wisdom for healing and handling trauma. Through her years spent developing strategies for moving through hardships, she believes you can rebui
How do our thoughts and feelings sync up with opportunities to get what we want? Dr. Melanie Dean combines psychology, molecular physics and quantum physics to answer that question. She’ll share wisdom about how activating our energy fields can
Our bodies are speaking to us all the time. Emily A. Francis believes that we can decode that language, opening us up to access the body’s innate wisdom, healing, and joy. We’ll learn about how emotional trauma is stored and held within the bod
Holly Copeland will share her journey as a scientist and biohacker, blending neurotech and ancient wisdom traditions and hack her consciousness from chaos into clarity. We'll learn how she cracked the code to upgrade from “ordinary mind” and di
When Mike Anthony’s father unexpectedly died, his family was devastated. But when a phone call came out of the blue delivering a complete stranger’s message that Mike’s dad had contacted her from “the other side,” it kicked off a chain of event
Mindfulness mentor Hunter Clarke-Fields talks about the benefits of mindfulness for parents. Learn mindfulness practices to re-train our brains to handle difficult emotions and the importance of self-compassion for parents. She’ll share why par
Garden mindfulness is a powerful spiritual practice leading to self-discovery, wisdom, and connectedness. It can help us heal ourselves and the world. Joann Calabrese will shine a light on this practice and highlight ways to deepen our connecti
During such painful times, the idea of cultivating personal happiness might seem trivial—selfish, even—but it might be more important now than ever before. Empowerment coach Shannon Kaiser says that with evidence showing positive moods boost ou
While most of us hear about what we can do externally to address the climate crisis, Jack Adam Weber’s wholly unique book, Climate Cure, addresses what we can do internally to act in meaningful ways. He believes that the climate battle must not
We are all made of four basic elements – Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. When we’re in pain, says today’s guest Debra Silverman, it means these elements are out of balance in our lives. The key is to be able to discern your own personality and und
After a horrific divorce and being diagnosed with incurable Stage IV lung cancer, Veronica Villanueva took back control of her life. In this episode, she'll share tools you can use to fight your own battles and emerge healthier and happier.
We all know sugar is bad for us, but why is it so hard to eliminate it from our diet? Michael Collins shares his wisdom about sugar addiction, how sugar affects the body, and the path to detox.
Are you an empath? If so, it’s been a hard year to be a sensitive person. Empaths need special tools to learn how to hold their boundaries in the close quarters of a pandemic and how to clear the energy that we pick up from others. Energy heale
Healing is not about something missing, wrong, or broken about you. Healing is an awakening to your wholeness and choices to live well, no matter the circumstances. Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett and Alicia Whitsett offer tools for discovering th
We’ll explore Dr. Shelley Kaehr’s work with genealogical regression. She teaches that alleviating the suffering of your ancestors can help you extend loving kindness to your own generation … and even to those who have yet to be born.
Can you transform the story of your life? Teri Wade’s here to share wisdom about finding out what your story really is, what it’s made of, and how it can really change … fast. Listen to hear how to write yourself out of the fog!
What blocks you from making changes? So many of us set intentions and then watch them fall away. Jill Thiry, founder of Club Change, joins me to talk about setting intentions that stick, using kindness to establish practices, and ultimately pla
The ancient discipline of Vedic astrology provides a logical narrative that reveals the bigger picture and helps followers make sense of their path in life. Dr. Katy Jane, a Sanskrit & Vedic scholar and skilled Jyotishi, sheds light on how to m
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