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5: Permissionless Entrepreneurship With Jakob Greenfeld

Released Monday, 6th June 2022
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In this episode of Outside The System, I spoke with Jakob Greenfeld, a physicist turned entrepreneur who is the epitome of building businesses outside the traditional "startup" system. He's started and sold a variety of micro-SaaS tools across several industries. Along the way, he's developed a framework for evaluating startup ideas, building, growing, and ultimately exiting these businesses. In our conversation, we discussed building without asking for permission, how to find your initial customers, growth channels, exits, and much more. If you're looking to build independently, Jakob is a must-follow and someone who I've learned a ton from over the years through his essays and tweets. 
Jakob's website: https://jakobgreenfeld.com/
Jakob's Twitter (highly recommend): https://twitter.com/jakobgreenfeld
Selected Essays
You Don't Need Anyone's Permission To Succeed
The Channel/Offer/Unfair Advantages Framework For …
Some of Jakob's Businesses
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