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Fast Tracking Your Product Onto Supermarket Shelves with Denada Founders

Released Tuesday, 1st June 2021
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If you’re a product-based business wanting to get into major retailers & supermarkets, this episode is for you.  Sophie Lawrence Parker & Jayde Taylor are the co-founders of Denada, a sugar-free & guilt-free ice cream that is keto & diabetic friendly - with vegan & gluten-free options.   Within a year of launching Denada went from their home test kitchen to the freezers of Coles Supermarkets, and over 450 independent retailers! 

This episode is full of heart and hustle.  We talk through making the best possible product, not compromising on your values, and just what it takes to upscale production in a very short period. This is a MUST listen for all product-based businesses, ready to scale fast. 


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