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Be the ideal YOU!

Released Monday, 4th January 2021
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I’ve kind of racked my paleolithic brain to come up with a theme for the new decade, and have decided that if I, and you all live up to our potential- fully, not kind of just sluffing along half-heartedly- we will save not only ourselves and our families, but all of western civilization!

So here is what you do:  
You start exercising, every single day!  Every MORNING- this is important! The form of exercise should be done at home, where you have complete control, and can be outside or in, depending on the weather.  It should be mainly strength training focussed, but with a large portion devoted to stretching, on the floor.  
Perfectly paleo exercise, the name of my book and ebook are ideal in utilizing self resistance, isometrics, and calisthenics.  Get some perfect pushup devices to use, but also be sure to get some gymnastic rings!  A set of these rings will do more for your fitness than anything else, ever- and will literally transform your physique and your entire physical presence.  Nothing else comes close!
This exercise is life-changing in every single way; physically of course, but also mentally and spiritually.  It changes the way you view the world (as you- the endless productive and happy self-improver!), and also in the way the world perceives you.  An admirable person who is fit, happy, and very useful and productive.  The very opposite of what most folks have slid unglamorously into- a state of slovenly self indulgence and flabbiness both of physique and resolve!  Now- you are a man (or woman) of action!

You only eat a paleo, or ancient sort of diet of real foods! 
You drop processed fake food crap- completely.  No bread, buns, pasta, cakes, cookies, low fat anything, and make your diet mostly reliant on animal products, along with a fair amount of vegetables with low oxalates and other toxins.  You will eat mostly carnivorously.   
This, along with the exercise, will change you completely from what you are (however far along the path of excellence you may be) to what you were meant to be by the ideal expression of your DNA.  
And, strangely enough, I believe it is easier to radically change your whole life for the good, than to try to gradually change, a bit at a time, half-heartedly…
That really is agonizing, gives no motivation, and just doesn’t work!  Go whole- heartedly into the GOOD, the pursuit of excellence.  It is contagious, and makes you feel great right away, and continues to expand to consume your entire being.

So now, you start to look and feel terrific.  It’s time to do more!  After your early morning workout, (after you’ve slept a good 8 hours), you eat a great paleo breakfast of a green smoothie, eggs and meat.  Time for work!  Go and do the best you can, with serving your fellow man as best you can in your job foremost in your mind.  If you have a physical job, listen to podcasts like PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe as you work, and also to well-chosen audiobooks.  Endless improvement should be your goal, and your sincerest pleasure!
If you are fortunate enough to be in my situation, and retired from active work- why then, you should do exactly the same- but even more.  Do work on your land; cut wood, stack and move it, and do any improvements you can in your spare time.  Help your neighbors (your tribe), and revel in your health, wellness and fitness that allows you to do so.  

All right- simple as those above prescriptions might seem- they really do change your life.  Be on the lookout for further improvements: swish coconut oil through your teeth as your shower. (Unsurpassed for oral health). Dry your body with a hair dryer after showering, wh
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