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Episodes of PARATOPIA

Where are we going next?
The Jer channels his inner Mel Blanc to bring you a very special interpretation of the Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure, in this, the first-ever Paratopia radio play.
The Jer talks to Emma Woods about a recent odd experience involving abduction-related and hallucinatory phenomena. Together they discuss whether one's state of consciousness during an abduction differs if it's physical or nonphysical and if so,
The Jeff & The Jer run down a brief list of things gone wrong in ufology since Paratopia left the internets. Then, The Jeff looks back on his recent dive back into UFO photo analysis and the public response to it. Next, The Jer tosses out a new
In this part 1 of 2 epilogue to the greatest paranormal podcast in the history of several earths, The Jer is lost at sea without The Jeff. However, he is kept company by some friends with peculiar night lives.
Jeff & Jer run from their past straight into the future with this, the final installment of the weekly podcast. But before they go, they leave you with a high strangeness theory that incorporates some of the concepts Jeff, Jer, and Tiokasin hav
Jeff's final solo episode of Paratopia covers where we've been over the long journey of the program - which includes a special mystery guest to talk of the future. But Jeff also delivers a critical message about where communication regarding th
The Jer says his goodbyes on this, the beginning of the countdown to the end of Paratopia, and has one fantastic all-encompassing interview with Tim Binnall about everything from ufology to Bigfoot to remote viewing to what drives the 2 main ty
Mothman has nothing on what Jeff Ritzmann reveals in the first half of the show. In the second half, Jer and Tiokasin discuss how it's possible that coming from the heart might help us understand hauntings and related phenomena.
Part 2 of the David Schwab interview about his life of high strangeness. If you thought Part 1 was amazing, you ain't heard nothin' yet. But first, The Jer has some new stories and insights to share with Paratopia. Many, in fact.
Experiencer David Schwab goes down the list of truly odd, extremely interesting occurances in his life. This interview is so extensive that it's broken into 2 parts. There are a lot of well-articulated high strangeness experiences here to sink
Lyn, aka ''Piglet Shameful,'' was an active member of the Paratopia message boards and has been a guest on the show as well. When last we heard from her she had called into the live show with an extraordinary encounter. Then she went silent. W
Lyn, aka ''Piglet Shameful,'' was an active member of the Paratopia message boards and has been a guest on the show as well. When last we heard from her she had called into the live show with an extraordinary encounter. Then she went silent. W
Tiokasin Ghosthorse joins Paratopia. We mean JOINS Paratopia. The next learning curve for all of us begins here. ''Let's de-colonize the aliens'' is a phrase Tiokasin used. This conversation is bookended with one of Jeff's ''alien'' experiences
Steve, aka ''MandoSteve'' on the message board, joins us to talk about his bizarre encounter in the Appalachian Mountains that is a scene straight out of The Twilight Zone. We won't spoil it for you with any more detail than that. This is a riv
The man known as ''Hermitage'' on the Paratopia message board joins Jeff & Jer for another classic listener episode that raises some interesting new questions about how this strange intelligence interracts with experiencers who keep it on the p
With no guest scheduled for this week, Jeff & Jer take a look to see who's on Skype and ambush them. Turns out the lucky victims are Roejen & Lobo of Project Archivist, who kindly put their own show on hold to do Paratopia! Topics range from th
Nancy Birnes comes out swinging against the latest shady David Jacobs hypnosis tapes. Then she fields some tough questions from The Jer. Finally, she... takes over the show? Yes, that's right, Nancy Birnes confiscates the show and interviews Je
Lakota activist Tiokasin Ghosthorse goes one on one with The Jer to talk about his people, his childhood, and the uncensored history of this nation. This one is all about exploring the differences in thought process as reflected by language, wh
Director Philippe Mora joins Jeff & Jer to talk about his soon-to-be-released feature length send-up of remote viewing, ''Continuity.'' Naturally, the conversation about RV takes a turn into other topics. Topics like the SS, Hilter, the Vatican
Jeff goes sans Jeremy this week to answer some emails that have been mounting for a couple months - and those listener questions force an almost melancholy reflection on over 2 decades looking into the UFO phenomenon, and what might lay ahead.
Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, Professor of Microbiology at Midwestern University and Project Core researcher, joins Jeff & Jer to talk about the latest developments in sci tech that will once and for all tell us whether there are alien hybrids, starseed,
Chris Carter, author of Science And The Near-Death Experience joins Jeff & Jer to talk about near-death experiences, Persinger's so-called God Helmet, and the skeptics' very vocal reaction to his work. Also, he fields questions from listeners
Marco, a relatively new listener, has answered the call for listener-based episodes. In this episode he narrates in great detail his bouts of missing time. This is a rare case of someone having missing time with absolutely no inkling of what it
Dr. Kirby Surprise, author of Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence, Choice, and Unlocking Your Mind joins us to talk about what synchronicity is, what it is not, and how you can normalize it in your life. But it doesn't end there. Jeff and Jer
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