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I Could Have Made This In 5 Min ft. Elliot Ulm

Released Monday, 3rd May 2021
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It’s true. @elliotisacoolguy.
A very cool guy.
A guy who runs a flourishing creative business, but a guy who isn’t very good at freelancing, nonetheless.
Yeah, we said it. (only because he did 👀)
In fact, Elliot is such a cool guy, he decided to join the coolest podcast on earth (that’s us), to discuss all of the incredibly important things about being a freelancer.
You know, things like his love for Caramel Macchiatos, and our dialogue on lattes vs. french press, backyard kangaroos that’ll punch you, ginormous spiders (i.e., “husband” spiders according to Arabela), inches vs. whatever it is that they measure things in, and talking to himself in the shower.
✨Just normal WFH, self employed things✨
So let’s tally that up. Elliot:
*Lives in Australia, mate
*Agrees that their spiders are huge
*Loves a Starbies Caramel Macchiato
*Doesn’t believe he’s a good freelancer. Even though he’s built a wildly successful business and amassed over 100k followers.
Don’t worry, we eventually move on from the kangaroos and spiders to talk about his journey into graphic design, as well as his fair share of crazy client stories. Then, we put the cherry on top of a *very cool* episode to discuss his journey to creating passive income, without even using a website.
Elliot. Is. A. Very. Cool. Guy. And he only mocked us like… twice.
Listen in 😏
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