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Q&A with Little Drill

Released Monday, 28th June 2021
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Today, we turn 50! And we don’t look or feel a day over 52 😏
The big five-oh is not one to hastily record or miss, so we knew we needed to pull out all the stops. We had options… we could book an amazing interview (but they’re all amazing, so how do you choose?), we could read some insane stories… or we could do something a bit different.
We went for something different.
In the pursuit of recording something different, we decided to host a Q&A episode. But because Q&A episodes where the same podcasters ask themselves the same questions tend to be *cough* boring *cough*, we decided to do two things:
1️⃣We asked you what questions you had for us, and decided to feature and answer them in today’s episode.
2️⃣We invited everyone’s favorite duo, Shelby and James from Little Drill, to come and spice things up.
And because a conversation between us and Little Drill is typically long winded and wrought with humor, confusion and chaos, we’ll go ahead and tell you the tale of our episode in as many words as possible.
First, James tells us that he has a conspiracy theory that passionfruit doesn’t actually exist. Except he doesn’t say it’s a conspiracy theory, we say that now. Then, we shared our learnings after recording 50 episodes of chaos, bliss and more. THEN, we answered questions about topics like: how to turn down paid jobs and negotiate rates, our work schedule while balancing multiple projects and offers, and our most recent business mistakes. Next up, we shared two stories: one about two non-moldy apples, and another about a not alive, but not dead, but not stuffed cat paw project.
And robots.
How’s that for as many words as possible? Similar to our intros, we’re guessing.
Ultimately, just remember James’ wise words: you don’t get free funnel cake at the fair.
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