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Stick To Your Gums ft. Juan Miranda

Released Monday, 5th April 2021
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Who here enjoys linty gummies? 🙋‍♀️
Oh, you don’t? Okay, well prepare to be triggered.
And just know that linty gummies are just the tip of the iceberg of today’s episode 👀 In fact, by the end of today’s episode, you’ll wish that our very own story about burning bridges with a crazy client stopped at linty gummies, and didn’t embark into what can only be explained as no WOman’s land.
Interested yet? 😌 We’re trying here.
We had the pleasure of bringing our day 1 supporter and BFF Juan Miranda along for today’s episode. Juan (also known as @jmibaby, get it right) did the job that nobody else was willing to do: he sat through a very, very long story that we were just about dying to share.
He sat through a story of linty gummies.
Body shaming.
False advertising.
AND MORE. It’s a sticky episode.
Oh, and Juan also had the grace to share his thoughts on content creation strategy and influencer marketing - because the world really doesn’t need more sunglass and eyelash sponsorships.
Listen in and fall in love with our one and only, will you?
Don’t force us to continue to relive our own trauma, thsnks.
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