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Episodes of Plunders & Blunders

The questions and sentimentality continue! The cast reflects on their characters choices, unexplored backstories, and delve into the emotions and real life stories behind the scenes.
The cast discusses lingering questions, secrets, motivations and revelations after their 4 year campaign. Find drink list here: www.plundersandblunders.com/news/2021/4/12/campaign-wrap-up
The biggest fight of their lives behind them, the Deadites carve their respective paths through the world.
They did it! The Deadites saved the world - well, the whole universe. And now, revels.
The Deadites continue their ritual to seal the rift, but the danger increases with each passing moment as more opposition from the Far Realms attempt to silence them forever.
Cornerstones in hand, the Deadites craft a spell to bind the cornerstones to their will, and use them to save the Universe.
Back in Stormsbane, the Deadites seek out the Conclave of the Verdant Sovereign to locate the Cornerstone of Neutrality. They find more than they were expecting.
Eviscerate, the Cornerstone of Evil given form is within the Deadites' grasp. But it seems to have a mind of its own. Nathanial offers the Deadites a lead on the next cornerstone, in exchange for a favor.
So, they've switched bodies. Tres bizarre (more like *Traze* Bizarre)! The Deadites adjust to their new corporeal accommodations and are introduced to the Lord of the Manor, and some elements of his... Collection.
The Deadites pool their knowledge and sort out what's to be done about the giant crack in the sky. They follow up on a few of Kapo's leads, revisiting some old haunts and familiar faces.
Zoli's parents and the Deadites share stories and a meal. But it quickly becomes apparent that something is amiss when an earthquake interrupts the reunion special.
Kapo catches up with the Deadites as they make their way to Dawnmeadow to reunite Zoli with their parents. Anise and Windsgar help Zoli confront their fear of horses, Anael helps the new Lansil get an ethically sourced meal.
The time warped explosion continues to fill the room, the Argozt (bird-wolf) and Clickers (purple smoke monsters) fulfill their agenda while the Deadites continue to fend off the Hulks, Seers, and Mind Flayers - all while trying to destroy the
Shrodinger and the other Mind Flayers must stop the Deadites from destroying their elaborate, time-bending machine. Anise continues wrecking anchors like a boss, Anael refuses to give up on the new Lansil (despite him being a Mind Flayer), and
The Hub, a great machine for adjusting reality, lies at the base of the multicolored, subterranean water slide. "Lansil" introduces the Deadites to the Headmaster, who explains how it works. The more he explains, the more upset Izolde feels, so
Lansil isn't quite himself anymore, and it leaves Anael and Windsgar paralyzed. Izolde delivers the bad news and Traze finds out the hard way why they're called Mind Flayers.
The Deadites follow up on Waylon's lead, and venture forth toward the unknown horrors of the Underdark - seeking whomever or whatever altered time and reduced the giant purple worms to little babies. Izolde continues to lead, Anael keeps an eye
Heading South, the Deadites follow Izolde tracking the temporal disturbances. Along the way they get a request for assistance from an old acquaintance.
Anise recovers from the bombshell that much of her family has been petrified, shrunken, and worn as a necklace around Dailen's neck. So, the Deadites need to find a lot of diamonds to perform numerous resurrections in addition to the giant diam
The Deadites recuperate after the Battle of the Blightlands and mourn the fallen who came to their aid. Anise aims to finally work toward unpetrifying and resurrecting her father, Sage, but there are some unforeseen complications.
Kana has felled Endokarr's risen skeletal form, and Hardback has forced Aldek, the Abishai, to dance; but Feth'raza'al continues to slam the Deadites with arcane bolts from her Throne, even as Dailen is continuously spell-thwarted by Windsgar.
They put out the call, and the Deadites' allies now join them in the Blightlands to put an end to Feth'raza'al's plot.
The investigation begins! Hardback leads an inquisition into the trash heap, Anael interrogates Granny, and Windsgar bumps into Melf.
The investigation begins! Hardback leads an inquisition into the trash heap, Anael interrogates Granny, and Windsgar bumps into Melf.
Hardback returns! The Deadites catch each other up on their adventures, reminisce, and goof around. Hardback educates them on Dragon Lore, and the Mechanist pleads for them to dig up some information they can use to defend themselves.
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