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A News and Politics podcast featuring Jon Favreau, Daniel Pfeiffer and Jon Lovett
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Niquarl reviewed this podcast 14 days ago
"A podcast by some democrats, former White House aides to Obama. Gives a pretty clear view from their politics of quite centrist/centre-left in US electoral politics. It's not really about politics but electoral politics, witch is the main interest in this podcast. Episodes about 'ideas' are more about doing what the democrats can 'reasonably' do. Essentially, very few self-critiques of the democratic party, the Obama administration despite very controversial issues. It gets frustrating. (The hosts are near universally quite funny though, to be fair.) It's more a tool to fuel interest in the Democratic Party and becomin a democratic activists than anything else. Also, much to cosy to the right wing of the party, witch isn't surprising of course."
ErikaBee reviewed this podcast 28 days ago
"One of my top-listened podcasts - keeps me informed and engaged on American politics from reputable and passionate (and really funny) hosts. "
WilliM reviewed this podcast on May 3rd, 2018
"It's an antidote for the insanity happening in politics. "
CMePod reviewed this podcast on Aug 14th, 2017
"Must love politics. Very timely and entertaining conversations by guys who worked with Obama. You'll like their personalities or you won't (Lovett likes himself more than I do), but their is no denying they have the knowledge, experience, and contacts to have great weekly conversations/interviews. "
LordHello reviewed this podcast on Aug 2nd, 2017
"This podcast pairs with my Twitter addiction."
Emyra reviewed this podcast on Jul 12th, 2017
"I can't keep up with all of the episodes from Crooked Media, but whenever I can, I listen to this one. I'm not big on politics, but I enjoy listening to these guys hash it out and sometimes lost their minds."
RasmusOesterberg reviewed this podcast on Jun 12th, 2017
"I really enjoy these guys' banter and the loose tone in general. There's just a ton of insight into the workings of government - or at least how it used to work - by the hosts having been a part of the Obama administration. I will grant that the points of view aren't the most nuanced out there, in the podcast universe. But, being a leftist, I find it hilarious when, especially Lovett, goes on a rant about the Presidents gaffs, foolish actions or downright tyrannic behavior. I would very much recommend this podcast but I would remind people to not get caught up in the bubble. "
TessT reviewed this podcast on Jun 11th, 2017
"Awesome! Love Jon Favreau et al"
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