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The Podcast Under The Stairs EP 302 - Summer TPUTS Top 10 10's Edition - 2015

Released Friday, 3rd September 2021
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Welcome to the eighth annual Summer TPUTS Top 10 Series, this year looking at the decade known as the 10’s.
This episode with feature the following guests: JP, Liam Rafferty, Mark Ball & Double Duncan.
Adjudicator on this episode was Lacy Lou.
People’s Council for this episode were Tom Brooker & Paul Cairney.
And will feature mini reviews of the following films: Green Room, Baskin, Savageland, Crimson Peak, The Devil’s Candy, The Blackcoats Daughter, Krampus, Bone Tomahawk, He Never Died, The VVitch, DEATHGASM & The Invitation.
The three movies selected by the hosts were: Green Room, The VVitch & the third seeded pick was The Invitation.
The adjudicator confirmed that she was swapping Invitation for The Blackcoats Daughter.
As a result the final movies representing 2015 are Green Room, The VVitch & the third seeded pick was The Blackcoats Daughters.
The Peoples Council have selected Bone Tomahawk & Green Room to represent 2015.

Hosts List:
  1. I Saw the Devil
  2. Dream Home
  3. Bedevilled (Swapped by Adjudicator over Tucker & Dale vs Evil)
  4. The Skin I Live In
  5. The Woman
  6. The Cabin in the Woods (Swapped by Adjudicator over Kill List)
  7. Sinister
  8. Resolution
  9. Maniac
  10. Evil Dead
  11. Under the Skin
  12. Big Bad Wolves
  13. It Follows
  14. The Babadook
  15. Oculus
  16. Green Room
  17. The VVitch
  18. The Blackcoats Daughter (Swapped by Adjudicator over The Invitation)
People’s List
  1. I Saw the Devil
  2. Bedevilled
  3. Cabin in the Woods
  4. You’re Next
  5. Sinister
  6. Sightseers
  7. Under the Skin
  8. Big Bad Wolves
  9. What We Do In The Shadows
  10. The Taking of Deborah Logan
  11. Bone Tomahawk
  12. Green Room
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