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Conan signs a seven figure deal, apparently driving the podcast revolution
Visit https://podnews.net/update/conan-blimp for all the links, and to subscribe. Conan O'Brien's Team Coco has signed a seven figure deal with Midroll for more seasons of Conan O'Brien needs a friend. Team Coco has also has launched two new podcasts on Luminary. Frontier Tween is a scripted podcast featuring the life of Tilly Mulch on the untamed prairie; Smartr is a look at the tech world with VC Noa Lukas, as he helps companies grow. A Variety article announcing the deal, claiming that Conan O'Brien is driving the podcast revolution, has come into quite some snarky criticism online, with people claiming that Conan turned up ten years late. Mind - that's not the worst mistake. Variety put Conan on its cover with the words "Audio Boom!" when everyone knows Conan's podcasts are actually hosted by ART19. (<-- weak podcast joke) Podcast episodes within Google Search are now appearing again in Australia and the UK, and also in France, Germany and Sweden. The search engine has 63,000 searches every second. Your podcast host will probably mark these as a play from a browser, rather than from Google Podcasts. (Developers: use the referrer.) Why don't podcasts work on smart speakers? Steve Goldstein highlights reasons why, from his panel at Podcast Movement. Classifieds - your job or ad here from US$19Capture Remote Conversations Listeners Love — SquadCast is designed to empower podcasters and their guests to record high-quality remote interviews that listeners love. Visit SquadCast.fm to start your free trial!Sessions for women from amazing speakers. — PRX. Midroll. Google Small Business. Simplecast. Edison Research. Women-focused content, created just for you. Join us this fall at She Podcasts LIVE in Atlanta! 10/11-13. Get your tickets Now!The Great British Podcast Tracker has been launched by research company Kantar. It will "give a clear picture of who podcast listeners are, what other media they engage with and even where they last shopped". Here's what Resonate Recordings' Colby Schemm got from Podcast Movement. Available in London and Brighton, Pod Bible calls itself the UK's first-ever magazine dedicated to podcasts. It gives away 5,000 print copies of every issue. Here's this month's, in digital form. Spotify's plans for podcasting are the subject of this article in E-Commerce Times. (I must have had a Simplecast press release in front of me at the time!) The Audio Production Awards are open for entries. The UK awards are designed to recognise the creativity of individuals, teams, organisations and companies, involved in the craft of audio production. You have until 20 September; nominations will be announced in late October. Wondery's Dr Death is coming to the TV. It'll star Jamie Dornan, Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater. StreamGuys are announcing new features in their SGRecast podcast management system, including dynamic ad insertion. They'll be at IBC in Amsterdam to show off their new services. Elsie Escobar sees podcasting as a tool to capture our legacies for the world to hear. The New York Times reports on branded podcasts as if they're a new thing. Adnan Syed's lawyers have asked the Supreme Court to examine the case. (Serial, obv.) SEO nerd? Our classified ads, and supporter links, are do-follow and permanent. Thank you to Rooster Teeth and The Roost for becoming our latest supporter - they make super-great podcasts and YouTube things. You should be like them. Podcasts Spreaker Prime: Every day, there are stories that are Unresolved. Micheal Whelan tries to determine why these stories - unsolved crimes and other unexplained phenomena - have no ending. He uses Spreaker Prime to earn money and save on his hosting costs. Pod Bible describes itself as "is the podcast podcast where podcasters talk to podcasters about podcasts and podcasting." Based in the UK, it's run by Pod Bible, the UK's first ever magazine dedicated to podcasts. (Acast) Live from Saturn is a brand new podcast from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, which has presented the Saturn Awards for 44 years. The podcast contains interviews with some of the biggest names in sci-fi, fantasy and horror: Zachary Levi (Shazam!) is the latest guest. (Saturn Media / ART19) Our supporters (become one): Gold supporters: Awesound, Acast, Megaphone, Knit, Libsyn, Global Story Network, Buzzsprout, Flick, Luminary, Evergreen Podcasts, Himalaya, Simplecast, Entale, WarnerMedia Podcast Network, Futuri Media, POST by FuturiSilver supporters: The Big Shot, 17 Questions, Quip, Message Heard, Xperi, All In Media, Lantigua Williams and Company, Fireside, Bullhorn, Fallound, Ausha, Podfront, Somethin'Else, Poductivity, Pacific Content, radio.com, Heartcast Media50, Podcast Design Studio, Captivate, Whooshkaa, Dante32, TeePublic, Lemonada Media, Rebel Base Media, Podcast Guests, Should This Exist, iHeartRadio, Headliner, NPR, podcast.co, myTuner, The Roost, audioBoom, The Cyberwire, Podcast Websites, Podcast Success Academy, Synth, The Venn, Bababam, Podcast Ad Report, Castbox, Audioburst, Auxbus, Auscast Network, Content10x, Alternate Thursdays, Rachel Corbett\s Podschool, DAX, nlogic, SpliceCast, StreamGuys, EverythingWithPodcasting, Creative Zombie Studios, Alitu, Sonic Influencer Marketing, Benztown, Weird Tales Radio Show, Ad Results Media, Chartable, Podcast Partnership, Gimlet, Oxford Road, StatsRadio, Trebble, Podiant, echowave.io, Media Masters, She Podcasts, Cleanfeed, Podbean, Wondery, ART19, Midroll, Lower Street, Voxnest, Resonate Recordings, autopo.st, Adopter Media, School of Podcasting, Podigy, Jim Harold Media LLC, Cadence13, The Talent Squad, Veritone One, Podcast Movement, Pippa, Sonix, Radio Stakhanov, Podknife, Messy, Blubrry, adswizz, Horse Radio Network, Stitcher, BG AD Group, Revolver Podcasts, The Podcast Exchange, Margarita Noriega, TopPodcast.com, Nobex Partners, Omny Studio, Edison Research, Audience Insights Inc, Triton Digital, Richard Dally, Love Sport Radio, 89.9 Light FM Melbourne, Podrover, Radio PublicSupport us
Dr Death tops podcast charts across the world
Visit https://podnews.net/update/dr-death-chart-topper for all the links, and to subscribe. Wondery's Dr Death has hit the #1 spot in Apple Podcasts worldwide, after translated versions were released last week at Podcast Movement. They're the first to launch a set of translated podcasts across the world. (Here's how the Apple Charts work). 16% of the UAE listen to podcasts weekly, and they spend a quarter more than non-podcast listeners on food and drink. Thirsty work, true crime. The full research from markettiers 4DC is now out. Spotify is adding podcast playlists, allowing anyone to share playlists with their friends. Zach Kahn has spotted this, and added this playlist including some episodes of Today, Explained. Meanwhile, Spotify is also working on Stories for Playlists, says Jane Manchun Wong, including video clips and tracks from a Q&A from an artist. Classifieds - your job or ad here from US$19"It's like free therapy!" - Virtual Couch listener — Interested in free tips on marriage, parenting, overcoming depression, or anxiety? These topics and more, including empathy, narcissism, all covered on The Virtual Couch podcast. Subscribe today!Learn from 6 Podcasting Masterminds for FREE — Register for The Beyond the Podcast Virtual Summit on Sept. 18 to learn from world-renowned podcasting experts: Dave Jackson, Mark Asquith, Cathy Heller, Andréa Jones, Harry Duran & Traci DeForge.Sessions for women from amazing speakers. — PRX. Midroll. Google Small Business. Simplecast. Edison Research. Women-focused content, created just for you. Join us this fall at She Podcasts LIVE in Atlanta! 10/11-13. Get your tickets Now!Of the 39% of smart speaker owners who've tried to listen to a podcast through it, only 26% have succeeded, according to Voicebot. Podtrac have released their top 20 podcasts list for July. iHeartRadio's Stuff You Should Know has dropped to #3, being overtaken by This American Life at 2. The Daily still remains at #1. The data is opt-in and US-only. PodHunt - like ProductHunt but for podcasting - officially launches today, on ProductHunt, naturally. Gimlet had a rebrand at the end of May. Here's more about that from a design website. "With its typography, it gives the company a feeling of authority, but its colours and use of imagery mean it still feels playful and approachable." The company responsible is GrandArmy. The team behind The Fantasy Footballers are working with US satellite radio broadcaster SiriusXM. A new live show featuring the hosts will go to air every Thursday on the Fantasy Sports Radio channel, and the podcast, which remains independent, will also be aired weeknights. In an opinion piece, Tony Compton highlights the false premise of the podcast craze: "Sticking ill-prepared people in front of a microphone and calling it a podcast: all the technology in the world won’t make those podcasts successful." The second round of the Google Podcasts PRX creator program is underway. So far, they've been to a Red Sox game. They lost. Podcasts Spreaker Prime: Lost Origins explores all things ancient mystery, alternative historical theory, extraterrestrial phenomena, and lost civilizations. Hosts Andrew and CK are using Spreaker Prime to earn money and save on their hosting costs. Public Comment are a series of open-ended essays blending memoir, politics, and culture. Its host, Sean O'Connor, hopes they are "a commitment to thinking with clarity, elaborateness, and depth". (Podbean) Reasons to be cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd has recently released its 100th episode. The podcast talks to smart thinkers from across the world. Episode 100 was recorded in Abbey Road Studios in London. (Acast) Dave Jackson's School of Podcasting focuses, in its latest episode, on insights from Podcast Movement. (Libsyn) The latest episode of The New Media Show, recorded at Podcast Movement itself, included Lindsay Bowen from Pandora let slip that the company will share advertising revenue with podcasters; and an unusual pronounciation of Cochrane. (Blubrry) It's like The Daily, only for fans of murder and thievery! Parcast is launching Today in True Crime. The show starts in mid September. "Here's what else you need-to-kill-today". (Megaphone) Our supporters (become one): Gold supporters: Awesound, Acast, Simplecast, Luminary, Knit, Libsyn, WarnerMedia Podcast Network, Entale, Flick, Evergreen Podcasts, Buzzsprout, Himalaya, Megaphone, Global Story Network, Futuri Media, POST by FuturiSilver supporters: 17 Questions, The Big Shot, Quip, Message Heard, Xperi, All In Media, Lantigua Williams and Company, Fireside, Bullhorn, Fallound, Ausha, Podfront, Somethin'Else, TeePublic, Poductivity, NPR, Heartcast Media50, Whooshkaa, Bababam, Podcast Design Studio, Podcast Ad Report, Synth, Lemonada Media, Podcast Websites, Headliner, Rebel Base Media, Podcast Success Academy, audioBoom, Should This Exist, podcast.co, iHeartRadio, Captivate, myTuner, The Roost, Podcast Guests, The Cyberwire, Dante32, The Venn, radio.com, Pacific Content, Castbox, Audioburst, Content10x, Podcast Partnership, Alitu, Sonic Influencer Marketing, nlogic, Podiant, Oxford Road, StatsRadio, echowave.io, StreamGuys, Creative Zombie Studios, Weird Tales Radio Show, Gimlet, SpliceCast, Chartable, Ad Results Media, Trebble, EverythingWithPodcasting, Rachel Corbett\s Podschool, Media Masters, Auxbus, Benztown, Auscast Network, DAX, Alternate Thursdays, She Podcasts, Cleanfeed, The Podcast Exchange, Cadence13, ART19, School of Podcasting, autopo.st, The Talent Squad, Podigy, Blubrry, TopPodcast.com, Resonate Recordings, Podknife, Jim Harold Media LLC, Veritone One, Messy, BG AD Group, Radio Stakhanov, Stitcher, Podcast Movement, Adopter Media, Pippa, Revolver Podcasts, Podbean, Wondery, Voxnest, Midroll, Lower Street, adswizz, Sonix, Margarita Noriega, Horse Radio Network, Nobex Partners, Omny Studio, Edison Research, 89.9 Light FM Melbourne, Audience Insights Inc, Richard Dally, Love Sport Radio, Triton Digital, Podrover, Radio PublicSupport us
Crime Junkie episodes disappear after plagiarism claim
Visit https://podnews.net/update/cr-me-jun-ie for all the links, and to subscribe. Crime Junkie has pulled five episodes, apparently after the show was accused of plagarism. Sources have, belatedly, been added to the show-notes of other episodes. Quoted in Variety, creator and host Ashley Flowers says, in part: "We are committed to working within the burgeoning podcast industry to develop and evolve its standards on these kinds of issues." The latest episode makes no mention of the issue. Meanwhile, a post in the Crime Junkie Reddit group makes accusations of suspicious reviews that appear duplicated, perhaps bought. Podcast Movement is doubling in size next year. The team have announced that Podcast Movement 2020 will be in Dallas TX next August, while a new event, Podcast Movement Evolutions, will be in February in Los Angeles CA. The host of ABC Radio's Start Here podcast, Brad Mielke, was asked questions by the Podcast Movement team. "Podcasting is a great format to explore the complicated," he says, in a wide-ranging interview. Classifieds - your job or ad here from US$1970 Million is back for Season 2 — 70 million adults in the United States have a criminal record. How did we get here and what do we do now? The open-source podcast goes deeper this season into how people, neighborhoods, counties, and cities are breaking cycles of incarceration by trying bold solutions--starting with the local jail. Find episodes, toolkits, and other resources at 70MillionPod.com, and hear us on Apple Podcasts, RadioPublic or wherever you listen. (70 Million is produced by Lantigua Williams & Co. and funded by the Safety and Justice Challenge at the MacArthur Foundation.) A boutique podcast agency on the rise — Influencer Response is a direct response podcast & influencer marketing agency. IR offers a 360 approach that includes the podcast's social media, newsletters & more. We focus on live, endorsed reads.Sessions for women from amazing speakers. — PRX. Midroll. Google Small Business. Simplecast. Edison Research. Women-focused content, created just for you. Join us this fall at She Podcasts LIVE in Atlanta! 10/11-13. Get your tickets Now!Joe Rogan's podcast makes $75,000 per episode, according to Michael Bisping, a UFC middleweight champion. PRX/PRI merged a year ago. The CEO, Kerri Hoffman, has posted a look back at the first year; and announced that there will be a new community podcast studio in Washington DC. Research: What are broadcasters and newspapers doing with new forms of audio? The Reuters Institute has published this fellowship paper (in which Podnews is cited), which looks at developments in the UK, Sweden, Germany and Australia. It's written by Aura Lindeberg, Executive Producer of Audio, for Finnish broadcaster YLE. Spotify appears to have problems linking direct to episodes in their web player. While a link to a show works fine, a link to an episode appears to fleetingly appear, followed by an error message. Kellie Riordan from the Australian ABC Studios posted some things she learnt at Podcast Movement 2019. At Podcast Movement, Evo Terra spotted Podnews being recorded. On the road, we use a Shure MOTIV MV5 microphone, into Hindenburg Journalist Pro. (The Hindy link is one they advertise here occasionally, which gives a 90-day free trial). Our podcast is over here. Podcasts Spreaker Prime: On The Latch is a podcast "by gay men, where no topic is off limits". They're using Spreaker Prime to earn money and save on their hosting costs. Hitman is a new true crime podcast from iHeartRadio, following the real story of Lawrence Horn — an engineer at Motown records who was behind some of Motown’s greatest hits by the Supremes and the Jackson 5 — and the peculiar circumstances surrounding the murder of his ex-wife, son and friend. (iHeartRadio / Megaphone) Matthew Sweezey writes how he created an award-winning podcast. We first covered Electronic Propaganda Society in May. (Soundcloud) Drinks Adventures starts a new season examining Four Pillars Gin, a flourishing Australian distillery in Healesville VIC. (Whooshkaa) Radio Undead is supposed to be an interview podcast interviewing the ghosts of serial killers and cult leaders, but they never quite get around to that. They recommend The Holmes Hotel as a good place to get started. (Soundcloud) Our supporters (become one): Gold supporters: Awesound, Acast, Megaphone, Simplecast, Global Story Network, Evergreen Podcasts, Himalaya, Libsyn, Flick, WarnerMedia Podcast Network, Buzzsprout, Luminary, Entale, Knit, Futuri Media, POST by FuturiSilver supporters: The Big Shot, 17 Questions, Quip, Message Heard, Xperi, All In Media, Lantigua Williams and Company, Fireside, Bullhorn, Fallound, Ausha, Somethin'Else, Podfront, Poductivity, Bababam, The Roost, The Venn, Podcast Websites, Rebel Base Media, iHeartRadio, Whooshkaa, radio.com, Pacific Content, Should This Exist, Heartcast Media50, Captivate, Podcast Guests, Podcast Design Studio, NPR, Headliner, The Cyberwire, Podcast Success Academy, Podcast Ad Report, myTuner, TeePublic, Synth, audioBoom, Dante32, podcast.co, Lemonada Media, Audioburst, Castbox, Podcast Partnership, Weird Tales Radio Show, Benztown, Chartable, StreamGuys, Media Masters, DAX, SpliceCast, Rachel Corbett\s Podschool, StatsRadio, Oxford Road, EverythingWithPodcasting, Auscast Network, Gimlet, Ad Results Media, Sonic Influencer Marketing, echowave.io, nlogic, Alternate Thursdays, Auxbus, Trebble, Content10x, Podiant, Creative Zombie Studios, Alitu, She Podcasts, Podigy, Radio Stakhanov, School of Podcasting, Horse Radio Network, Revolver Podcasts, Podknife, adswizz, Midroll, Stitcher, Sonix, Cadence13, TopPodcast.com, Jim Harold Media LLC, The Podcast Exchange, Pippa, Voxnest, Resonate Recordings, Blubrry, Podcast Movement, Veritone One, BG AD Group, The Talent Squad, Wondery, Messy, Adopter Media, Lower Street, autopo.st, Podbean, Cleanfeed, Margarita Noriega, ART19, Nobex Partners, Omny Studio, Audience Insights Inc, 89.9 Light FM Melbourne, Triton Digital, Edison Research, Love Sport Radio, Richard Dally, Podrover, Radio PublicSupport us


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