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Daily news about the global podcasting and on-demand audio industry. Curated by james@crid.land - visit podnews.net to subscribe to our free, daily, newsletter for all the links and more


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63% of the world's smartphones run Android
Visit https://podnews.net/update/63-percent-android for all the links, and to subscribe. 63% of the world's smartphones run Android, say ScientiaMobile, however Apple iOS slightly gained over Android in the last quarter. At least 80% of Android users have the Google Podcasts player, if not app, preinstalled; Android users can also use Spotify, Pocket Casts or other apps, but not, of course, Apple Podcasts. (We've updated our Google Podcasts FAQ today). Forever Dog's comedy podcasts will be on Stitcher Premium first, the companies have announced. Shows will play first on the Stitcher Premium platform, released ad-free and in multi-episode sets: described as "binge-friendly". YouTube have released new terms of service, which allow the company to terminate your access if YouTube think you're "no longer commercially viable". The company says this is nothing to worry about. We've added them to our unusual terms of service section. Classifieds - your job or ad hereTurn your podcast into an article — We build a content marketing strategy around your podcast for help with discoverability. Mention this ad for a free consulting call - hello@podreacher.comAlitu.com Makes Editing & Production Easy — Alitu is a web tool that can automate your production! It polishes your audio, adds music, combines clips, adds transitions & offers super-easy editing & trim tools. Save hours & beat the tech stress!Podcast Discovery Sucks - Find New Podcasts Now — Subscribe to Find That Pod – A weekly newsletter bringing you 5 new Podcasts you’ll want to listen to each week. It's that simple. Subscribe today!AdBarker - bulk edit ads in your podcast — Manage ads on your own or promote your in-house products! Tasks like "attaching mid-roll ads" or "replacing ads" can now be done without changing your podcast hosting provider. Descript has released a new update. It features "um-detection", and a way to remove all those "um"s and "er"s with a single click. It can also deal with audio levels, including setting a correct LUFS level. (We've more on LUFS here). The BBC and UK pay-TV operator Sky have agreed a new content and technology partnership. The press release notes "The broadcasters are also exploring a range of other partnership opportunities, including the availability of BBC Sounds on Sky and NOW TV platforms". NOW TV is a rebadged Roku device within the UK. Podcation 2, an audio fiction creation event, will take place in mid May in Salem MA. Last time, the event was responsible for the birth of Jupiter Saloon. The press release goes into more detail; applications are being accepted until November 22. Transcriptions come cheap - very cheap, according to this contributor, claiming that Rev·com has cut its base rate by a third to US $4.50 per hour, pre-tax. The US federal government has mandated a minimum wage of $7.25. Storyboard, an app for hosting private podcasts, has launched a new Enterprise plan including single sign-on capabilities. Entries for the Publisher Podcast Awards close on November 22. The event celebrates the best in podcasts from media and publishing organisations, and is open worldwide. Podcasts Spreaker Prime: Sistah Speak: The Walking Dead is a podcast devoted to the AMC series, The Walking Dead. Sistah J, Sistah K, and guest hosts discuss the latest episodes, theories raised by fans of the show, and give personal opinions from a Sistah’s point of view. They’re using Spreaker Prime to earn money and cut their hosting costs. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Norway's VG newspaper have launched Hunting Warhead, a true-crime podcast following a chase of a darknet forum operator only known as Warhead. Hunting Warhead launches today. (CBC Radio) Crooked Media and Pineapple Street Studios are releasing a Pod Save America special series on the Iowa Caucuses. The series aims to help listeners understand why Iowa is the first state in the primary process, how the caucuses work, and what it takes to win. (Megaphone) Juntos We Shine's season one returned yesterday with more guest details: it's a collaboration between Univision and POPSUGAR, showcasing the stories of remarkable men and women who are committed to making a difference in their communities. (ART19) A new scripted podcast from Gimlet launches tomorrow. Motherhacker stars Carrie Coon (Emmy & TONY nominee, Fargo, The Leftovers) as a single mother struggling to support her children, and the sharp turn her life takes when she starts phishing over the phone for a shady identity theft ring in order to survive. (Gimlet) Our supporters (become one): Gold supporters: Buzzsprout, Voxnest, Awesound, Acast, Podcorn, LaunchPod Media, Himalaya, ART19, WarnerMedia Podcast Network, Simplecast, Flick, Evergreen Podcasts, Knit, Libsyn, Spotify for Podcasters, Entale, Megaphone, Podcast Press, Luminary, Futuri Media, POST by FuturiSilver supporters: The Big Shot, 17 Questions, Quip, Message Heard, Xperi, All In Media, Fireside, Bullhorn, Lantigua Williams and Co, Ausha, Podfront, Somethin'Else, Pacific Content, Rebel Base Media, Muddy Knees Media, myTuner, iHeartRadio, Glisten Media Podcast Production, Bababam, Captivate, The Roost, Lemonada Media, WaitWhat, Podcast Success Academy, PODSquad, Podcast Websites, Podcast Taxi, TeePublic, Podcast Guests, NPR, Whooshkaa, Podcast Design Studio, Headliner, Podcast Ad Report, Dante32, radio.com, audioBoom, RockWater Industries, Synth, Heartcast Media50, Poductivity, The Venn, podcast.co, Ad Results Media, Oxford Road, echowave.io, Auscast Network, Podcast Partnership, Benztown, Alternate Thursdays, nlogic, DAX, Trebble, Auxbus, Content10x, StatsRadio, Chartable, Alitu, StreamGuys, Sonic Influencer Marketing, Media Masters, Gimlet, Podiant, EverythingWithPodcasting, Rachel Corbett\s Podschool, Creative Zombie Studios, Know or Not? 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Spreaker Prime: $1m in podcast ad revenue in first three months
Visit https://podnews.net/update/spreaker-prime-million for all the links, and to subscribe. Spreaker Prime generated over $1m of podcast ad revenue in its first three months, according to the company. More than $600,000 went directly to podcasters. Spreaker Prime launched on July 30, using Podnews sponsorship as part of its launch. A study of over 3,000 16-39 year-olds across eight countries in the Asia-Pacific region reveals that close to three-quarters of them listen to podcasts; 40% on a weekly basis. 36% preferred replayed radio shows featuring their favourite personalities, according to the data from Xtra Insights. Entercom CEO David Field gave the prices paid in cash for Cadence13 ($34m) and Pineapple Media ($14m) in an earnings call; that's below the reported prices at the time. The company, which owns RADIO·COM, has announced that it's to get onto Bixby voice assistants Classifieds - your job or ad hereAdBarker - bulk edit ads in your podcast — Manage ads on your own or promote your in-house products! Tasks like "attaching mid-roll ads" or "replacing ads" can now be done without changing your podcast hosting provider. Podcasting: Telling Stories In Sound Workshop — Learn to create & produce distinctive audio podcasts, practice hands-on with story, narration, recording & editing to develop your own podcast with professional radio producers and podcasters.Microphones, Monetization and More — Launching a podcast may be easy but figuring out how to get the most out of it can be overwhelming.  At the Spark Christian Podcast Conference, the first of its kind, you’ll get the chance to hear from those like Dave Jackson, Thomas Umstattd Jr., Quin Heavrin, Rob Kirkpatrick and other experienced podcasters who will be answering these questions and more!iHeartMedia's digital revenue, including podcasting, rose by 33% in Q3 2019. Broadcast revenue shrunk by 0.6%; and overall income slid by an alarming 24.6% year-on-year. Triton Digital paid $8.5m for Omny Studio, it was revealed in owner Scripps's earnings call. Triton Digital revenue is down more than 10% but is refocusing on core businesses. Revenue at Stitcher is up by 41.4%, says the iHeart-owned InsideRadio. Is Spotify using WebSub? Our Editor dives into our podcast server logfiles to discover. Fireside, a podcast host, has a number of additional features including dashboard dark mode, shareable videos, automatic episode tweets, and player enhancements. Resonate Recordings has announced v2.0 of their podcasting product. Indianapolis Monthly writes a long-form article on Crime Junkie, which is not altogether positive. Prediction time - in 2020, UK podcasting will see more drama and sitcoms, says Katherine Kerr. Meanwhile, the Irish Times looks at how Irish podcasting hit the mainstream. American Public Media are to cut twelve positions in a reorganization. Irish broadcaster RTÉ is closing a number of digital radio stations, shuttering their DAB broadcasts entirely, making 200 people redundant and cutting pay for others. In Australia, the ABC will no longer produce Olympics radio coverage in a cost-cutting move. Thank you to the Know or Not? podcast network in Singapore for becoming our latest silver supporter. And, thanks to Lantigua Williams & Co for your kind continuing support. Podcasts Spreaker Prime: TheThinkingAtheist, hosted by Seth Andrews, is a polished and relaxed show where the host discusses – rage-free – challenges about the religious beliefs that defined his youth. He's using Spreaker Prime to increase exposure and maximize monetization. The Chad Whittle Podcast speaks to media professionals: his guests have included reporters for ABC television, sports hosts, and the latest features Podnews's Editor. (Anchor) One To Grow On, a farming podcast, is focusing on Navajo activists and farmers about food sovereignty on the reservation. The podcast, from Austin, fosters agricultural literacy and nuanced understandings of food production. American Jihadi is released today from Endeavor Audio - the stranger-than-fiction tale of an Alabama-born terrorist running for his life and the journalist who befriended him during his own darkest moments. What does it mean to be a journalist, a ‘hero,’ and an American? (Megaphone) Our supporters (become one): Gold supporters: Buzzsprout, Voxnest, Awesound, Podcorn, Acast, Megaphone, Luminary, Spotify for Podcasters, Entale, Evergreen Podcasts, Simplecast, ART19, Flick, LaunchPod Media, WarnerMedia Podcast Network, Libsyn, Himalaya, Knit, Podcast Press, POST by Futuri, Futuri MediaSilver supporters: 17 Questions, The Big Shot, Quip, Message Heard, All In Media, Xperi, Fireside, Bullhorn, Lantigua Williams and Co, Ausha, Somethin'Else, Podfront, Headliner, Rebel Base Media, The Venn, Podcast Guests, Podcast Ad Report, Captivate, iHeartRadio, Glisten Media Podcast Production, Pacific Content, Dante32, audioBoom, podcast.co, The Roost, Podcast Success Academy, myTuner, Poductivity, Lemonada Media, PODSquad, Bababam, Podcast Design Studio, Muddy Knees Media, Podcast Taxi, TeePublic, NPR, RockWater Industries, radio.com, Synth, Podcast Websites, Heartcast Media50, Whooshkaa, WaitWhat, Gimlet, Trebble, Creative Zombie Studios, nlogic, echowave.io, Weird Tales Radio Show, Content10x, StatsRadio, EverythingWithPodcasting, Oxford Road, Alitu, Benztown, Sonic Influencer Marketing, Chartable, Know or Not? 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Adobe demonstrates automatic de-umming
Visit https://podnews.net/update/um-er-um-uh-gone for all the links, and to subscribe. Adobe have given a preview of automatic de-umming, in a piece of work they've called #ProjectSoundSeek powered by Adobe Sensei. They also demonstrated #ProjectAwesomeAudio, a way to remove noise, fix EQ, compression and more at the touch of a button. The sessions are described as 'Sneaks', and the website notes that "some of these innovations actually make it into Adobe products", so it's unlikely that they'll be launched imminently. Anchor has launched a product to produce trailers for your podcast. Here's an example. Podtrac has released new top ten publisher rankers for US audience. NBC News debuts at #9. The data's opt-in. The number of iHeart listed shows have increased from 268 to 299 - iHeart has declined to send us a list. Classifieds - your job or ad hereJoin our Affiliate prog. Alitu: The Podcast Maker — Earn 20% in recurring commissions, if your audience is content creators, marketers, entrepreneurs, coaches... Review the tool, write a guide or ask us for other ideas!French podcasting means business, says Sarah Toporoff, who went to the second annual Paris Podcast Festival and tells us that professionalisation was the message from the event. The share of time spent listening to spoken word audio has increased 20% since 2014, and this growth is cutting into time spent with music. So says the to-be-released Edison Research and NPR Spoken Word Audio Report: you can register for the free webinar here. Oli Walters has joined Podfront UK as Head of Sales. Walters joins the Wondery/Stitcher joint venture from Audioboom; he's also worked for UK commercial radio operators Bauer Media, KM Group and Global Radio. Google Podcasts has had a small tweak, reports Android Police, enabling multple episode select. You'll need to be running the latest beta of the Google app to see it. The product still has no automated downloads. Google Podcasts was launched 17 months ago. Google Play Music Podcasts, an entirely different product, is still, confusingly, operating in some countries. We, and podcast hosts in general, are still unable to programmatically check whether a podcast is listed in Google Podcasts, after changes the company made in early August. Podcasts Spreaker Prime: If you’re on the hunt for a new binge-worthy podcast, Luminol is the mystery podcast you’ve been searching for! The show features everything from murder and aliens to conspiracy theories and strange happenings in history. They’re using Spreaker Prime to increase exposure and maximize monetization. Conversations from Media 2.0 will feature some inside conversations from an off the record event the investment bank, LionTree, holds in LA each year. The first episode features Chris Balfe, who is partner of Red Seat Ventures, helping talent from traditional radio and television help build their digital businesses. (Kindred Media) Our supporters (become one): Gold supporters: Buzzsprout, Voxnest, Awesound, Podcorn, Acast, Knit, WarnerMedia Podcast Network, ART19, Libsyn, Spotify for Podcasters, Podcast Press, Entale, Himalaya, Evergreen Podcasts, Megaphone, Luminary, Simplecast, LaunchPod Media, Flick, POST by Futuri, Futuri MediaSilver supporters: 17 Questions, The Big Shot, Quip, Message Heard, All In Media, Xperi, Fireside, Lantigua Williams and Co, Bullhorn, Ausha, Somethin'Else, Podfront, Podcast Success Academy, Pacific Content, Podcast Websites, iHeartRadio, Whooshkaa, Muddy Knees Media, myTuner, The Roost, The Venn, RockWater Industries, Poductivity, Rebel Base Media, Podcast Design Studio, Dante32, Synth, Captivate, audioBoom, Glisten Media Podcast Production, podcast.co, WaitWhat, PODSquad, Podcast Ad Report, Bababam, Headliner, Podcast Guests, Heartcast Media50, radio.com, NPR, Lemonada Media, TeePublic, Podcast Taxi, Creative Zombie Studios, Podiant, Trebble, Oxford Road, Ad Results Media, Alternate Thursdays, Auscast Network, Rachel Corbett\s Podschool, Podcast Partnership, Alitu, Sonic Influencer Marketing, Know or Not? Podcast Network, Auxbus, StatsRadio, Content10x, StreamGuys, EverythingWithPodcasting, Media Masters, DAX, Weird Tales Radio Show, Benztown, Gimlet, nlogic, echowave.io, Chartable, She Podcasts, Lower Street, BG AD Group, Blubrry, Jim Harold Media LLC, Podigy, Pippa, Midroll, Veritone One, Wondery, Resonate Recordings, Margarita Noriega, autopo.st, The Podcast Exchange, Podbean, TopPodcast.com, Stakhanov, School of Podcasting, Sonix, Podknife, Messy, adswizz, Cleanfeed, Horse Radio Network, Podcast Movement, Adopter Media, The Talent Squad, Cadence13, Revolver Podcasts, Nobex Partners, Omny Studio, Audience Insights Inc, Edison Research, Love Sport Radio, Triton Digital, Richard Dally, 89.9 Light FM Melbourne, Podrover, Radio PublicSupport us


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