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What’s the deal with our summer holiday and when is the show coming back? (first week of August)
In which the big bad is fought and being flippant comes back to roost … Last episode the party rescued the lone survivor, Kan, from the ruined keep, and then spent half the episode humiliating him. then they reached the abandoned town of Three
In which horses are sheathed, and ghost towns are explored … Last episode our heroes arrived at the township of three rivers, the final destination of this adventure. Approaching the lake at night, they saw a ruined castled lit up by a strange
In which mysterious rifts are entered, and steeds are mounted … Last episode our heroes bought horses and named them too. They rode out on Honorable, Wolf, Horse Hogan and The Universe Is Meaningless. Then a hilarious road trip ensued, like, la
In which horses are bought and a road trip ensues … Last episode the society of the snake’s lair was defeated and the players finally got to level up and grab some loot. However, it was not over. They got the rest of the Hana Hallswift story. S
In which treasure chests are opened and Billicus starts a career change … Last episode the party defeated the Yuanti abomination, and Seyda pulped Mr. Naja in a barbarian rage, and with him all remaining connection to the DM’s story arc. Howeve
In which fear returns and rage becomes an issue … Last episode Billicus knocked himself out on a door. Then the party descended to the lowest dungeon level, still rough and unfinished. Surprisingly, they found a fully furnished study down there
In which furniture is challenged and the story is rejoined … Last episode our heroes took on the Yuan Ti priest and his giant viper. The priest mind controlled Mantou and the lovely wolf turned on his master and friend Billicus, biting him. Hea
In which the party blunder through the fight, and we blunder through borderline offensive topics … Last episode, the party mutilated the two sentries, and wondered if they weren’t, themselves, the bad guys. They entered the hidden headquarters
In which our heroes are a bit too good at this … Last episode I was down with the flu and had a terrible headache and couldn’t get anything done. I’m Andy, the writer and DM, by the way. But now I’m ok. We left the party in front of the chateau
In which stuff happens regarding ducks and squirrels … Last episode our heroes entered the estate, under cover of night, possibly belonging to the Society of the Snake. They fought with some lowly thugs at a bridge over a moat. Garrek fell in b
In which our heroes assault the mansion, by way of a wishing well … Last episode our heroes had cleared out the crypt and learned the story of Hana Hallswift. Cedric March, the kidnapped cleric, remembered that he’d been held in a huge mansion
In which strange bards are met, and an assault begins … Last episode Gorillicus beat the viper to death and the battle in the catacombs was won. The party entered the crypt of Hana Hallswift and read her legend on a mural. However, when they op
In which manuals are found and the story is revealed … Last episode our heroes found the secret door and descended into the catacombs. Down below they entered the crypts and found the missing cleric Cedric March. A moment later they came under
In which pits are peered into and snakes have faces … Last episode the party set off to follow some leads on the secret society shenanigans in town. Ultimately they ignored all the leads and simply went to a square. It was very pleasant. From t
In which a delightful evening square is visited and the mission is rejoined … Last episode the wounded Seyda and Hjani limped through the streets of Port Valor to the Elven Quarter where they were reunited with Billicus. He’d forgotten all abou
In which, the doctor is found, a new friend is met and talking happens … Last episode, our heroes were scoping out some lizard/snake people in a gambling den, in a shady part of the city. Hjani flipped the table when the leader refused to give
In which fools rush in … Last episode the party went to the bank and counted their treasure, all of it, from all past 62 episodes. Just mad, FU money. Then they went shopping, for clothes mainly, nothing that could come in handy on a mission. T
In which shopping is done and the danger zone is entered … Last time our heroes had arrived in Port Valor and hooked up with their host Albert Greenstone, brother of Aaron from Aertelis. While dining in his opulent town house, assassins attacke
In which assassins are chased and bedrooms are trashed … Last episode a brand new adventure began. After spending the winter in Aertelis, the party sailed into Port Valor: a vast walled city-port and capital of the Realm of the Merchant Kings.
In which a new adventure begins, if only the party could remember what it was … Last episode our heroes finally defeated the dread lord of the mind flayers, Xorbaetralor. Hjani stabbed and Billicus called down the lightning. Squid chunks went e
In which battles end, sculptures are made and stories are told … Last episode the dragon was slain and the party ascended to the top of the tower. First they encountered a hall full of automatons, which were extremely unwashed. Hjani slipped wh
In which automatons are fondled and the big bad is met … Last episode, our heroes emerged from the underground and prepared to cross a sketchy rope bridge out to the side of the monolith. As they prepared to cross, the wounded blue dragon appea
In which an old wounded foe is met once more … Last episode our heroes entered the hall below the temple and found their way blocked by a portcullis and pit. The walls were marked with wide bore holes that maybe provided a way through. They cra
In which we meet pits, a portcullis and perhaps wall-worms … Last episode our heroes faced down two Illithid in the breeding chamber, with Billicus in wild shape as a gorilla. Gorillicus tipped the battle their way by using one mind flyer to hi
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