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PT006: Smart Luggage with Diego Saez-Gil

Released Monday, 9th February 2015
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Well, folks, the day has finally come: your suitcase can be locked and its location can be monitored all by using an app on your cell phone. Fred and Jeremy interview Diego Saez-Gil, Co-Founder and CEO of Bluesmart- the suitcase that's raising the bar for tech-savvy travelers. Interested in hearing how it works? Listen in and find out more about this phenomenal product, and the creative team behind it.

In This Episode

  • 03:46 Reading reviews (Thank you! Please continue to rate and review)

  • 09:38 Smart Luggage... What is this?

  • 12:57 How Fred and Diego first met

  • 14:32 Meet Diego from Bluesmart

  • 15:11 How Bluesmart solves problems

  • 18:23 Luggage locks using phone software- what if your phone dies?

  • 19:10 What the airlines are thinking about Smart Luggage

  • 21:32 Who have been the first to purchase Bluesmart?

  • 22:34 Will Bluesmart always be cell phone dependent?

  • 24:36 What the customers are wanting next

  • 25:24 Ships in August!

  • 25:45 The manufacturing process

  • 27:45 Crowdfunding makes a difference!

  • 31:20 Kickstart or Indiegogo?

  • 32:57 A similar product coming out at a similar time

  • 36:47 What comes next for Bluesmart?

  • 37:30 Where to buy and/or learn more

  • 39:30 Word to the Wise

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Word to the Wise

  • Jeremy: Pillow - Airbnb management company; takes care of your rental for you.

  • Fred: Co-working: Instead of always working in your home, find space in a co-working community to help motivate you and get you out of the house.

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