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Starloma: Private Suite Exclusive Interview

Released Thursday, 12th March 2020
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Joining in the studio today is the one and only Starloma! He's been around the scene for a long time and offers a unique and interesting perspective. Be sure to check out the accompanying Starloma interview in https://privatesuitemag.com/issue/11/52 (issue 11) of the magazine, which drops today! We dive into some super interesting topics, like vaporwave over the ages, producing music on the Sony PS1, holotropic breathwork, Quadratox, Windjammer95, https://vaporwavenights.bandcamp.com/album/vaporai… (vaporwave nights), cinema like Inland Empire & Waking Life, classic gaming with Rick Dangerous and Ardy Lightfoot, and much more!
https://elemental95.bandcamp.com/album/the-vape-co… (The Vape Council Vol 1. on Elemental95)
https://i.imgur.com/WlJ9EqD.png (The Bathroom Photo)
https://baconwave.bandcamp.com (Baconwave)
https://soundcloud.com/windjammer95 (Windjammer95)
https://tomorrowentertainment.bandcamp.com/album/-… (Tomorrow Entertainment Records)
https://youtu.be/0P9XfLbn1Os (“Vaporwave Night - first Vaporwave Party ever in Italy”)
https://starloma.bandcamp.com/releases (Bandcamp) | https://twitter.com/STARLOMA1 (Twitter)
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