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Episode from the podcastProbing Ancient Aliens

The Lost Kingdom - S16E2

Released Tuesday, 5th October 2021
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**SORRY FOR THE SLIGHT ECHO! New Garageband setup on a different laptop so we're still working out the kinks in exporting**

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Is Shambala, the most sacred of lost kingdom’s nestled somewhere in the heart of the Himalayas of Tibet, a true Lost Kingdom of extraterrestrial gods and goddesses that are actually guiding the destiny of planet Earth? Why were the Nazi’s looking for Shambala and what was it’s connection to the Aryan race? Were Madam Blavatsky’s “Kutumi” and Allistair Crowley’s “Lam” true “mahatma’s” from Shambala who were contacted not by deep meditation, but through occult means? Why is the Tibetan Buddha, specifically, physically depicted as having blue skin, long arms, and coming in at over 9 feet tall when all other Buddhas are more or less standard homosapians? Why have Tibet’s very own Bigfoots (the Yeti) been murdering people on pilgrimage to Mt. Kilash and Shambalah for over 1000 years and throwing their bodies in a lake? We don’t know, but our plucky Ancient Astronaut Researchers sure think they do! Let’s prooooooooooooobe into Season 16, Episode 2 of Ancient Aliens: The Lost Kingdom!