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Episodes of RAVENHEART

A eulogy for Dave who I've known for forty years . Grandfathers are like old sentinels that standΒ  guard over us in our early infant years , stolid as grandfather clocks their old heavy hearts pendulum a rhythm of life to our new born ears
A song I wrote whilst looking at the selection of sapiens on a train station I was wondering if we mixed all of them together as if they were paint in a garden shed, would we all end up resembling some khaki olive coloured bread or maybe a DNA
A little ditty I wrote as a final song for 2021 new year's eve , after watching solders marching up and down at the nearby army base I was thinking if covid turned everything up side down how we may have had a Marshall law military lockdown , I
A little tune I wrote for my father over the Christmas period he still listens to all the old crooners like Frank Sinatra Matt Monro an Bing Crosby they all seem to have that lazy lullaby lilt famous in the fifties before Rock an Roll knocked t
A little tune I wrote its an impromptu improvisation using a few Chinese fourths and a little bit of blues to give it that sweet an Sour feel please excuse the sound quality my old piano has seen better days and so have I so have i it's also re
A song wrote about a mafia boss who was born in Le panier Marseille the last bastion of Beelzebub , he then rose to become France's ultimate crime Capo Di Capo lasting fifty years before being gunned down in Paris for an old corsican vendetta a
A song I wrote with a slight american twang for Big Manchester Pete the hardest looking man you were ever likely to meet his face was made for a trick or treat but inside he carried a big old heart that was softer than a boiled swede of sugar b
Living our lives as nocturnal belfry bats fuelled by booze and nose gay narcotics we'd flutter back at dawn after sharing shrink spiel and serotonin Smarties at all the high octane piss and powder parties in H-gate is there any wonder that we a
A song I wrote for a crazy young girl who's beauty could have caused Aphrodite to scream a blue rage of jealously and it was fairly obvious to see her maker man was OCD and once you're under her spell you just can't break free . all rights rese
A song I wrote for Nina's birthday she's lock down with covid and the kids a soft swing song to say we all do love you take care xx All rights reserved.
I wrote this little ditty after listening to a dear friend who's a lay preacher telling me that i may not be entering into the kingdom of heaven , i answered by stating that i did not want to go to heaven and he asked why surprised stating did
The Belles Angels a song I wrote for a bunch of hell raising Harrogate girls all leather and lace they murdered every midnight hour slaking an slaughtering sobriety , to all those super sexy Ladies college girls I say God bless you all . All ri
A short song I wrote about owning a car in the swinging sixties which was extremely rare especially for young people but if it was a jaguar then you were the nouveau rich make believe millionaires the fake faux movie stars members of my family
A short song I wrote about riding aboard the busiest train in Europe the 7.32 Woking to Waterloo 100 million passengers a year pass through Waterloo which makes for some terrifying or tantalising flesh to flesh points of view . All rights reser
This is a song I wrote for supertramp a friend who became homeless through drink one of the Montpellier mice , our band of bonhomie brothers who lived with such reckless abandonment to the stage where some would drink your bathroom cabinet dry
A musing about wine , If you ever you're invited to a sommelier's soiree then you'll find that a lot of the wine tasting terminology sounds quite bizarre almost perverse at times a lot of the men sound as if pontificating about their ex lovers
Back in the 60s heavy industry was extremely hard work the way the men eased their burden was with non-stop humour, today its seen as some social deride like a malignant tumor and has been so badly beaten by our political correctness that it's
This is a short song I wrote for Colette's birthday she's an angel faced florist who works out of a norman church on a country estate, surrounded by angelic statues all halos and wings adding to this heavenly scene is her being bathed and bapti
A poem written for a crazy young woman who I fell hopelessly in love with during the summer of 1992 whilst working in the South of France aboard yachts in the port of Antibes . Together we stayed in a huge stone pile called the chateau Laval c
Steve McQueen once said he came from the gutter and that he'd not done bad for an orphan boy . Every year he used to go back to the borstal where the bungalow boys beat him back into line he became head boy there then after a fifty different jo
Steve McQueen once said he came from the gutter and that he'd not done bad for an orphan boy . Every year he used to go back to the borstal where the bungalow boys beat him back into line he became head boy there then after a hundred different
Today there are approximately forty million slaves ten million of which are sex slaves, as like before these poor poverty stricken women are used as weapons of war I was reading how some had been sold for as little as a packet of cigarettes . T
In the swinging sixties a sexpionage spy scandal took place called the Profumo Affaire unfortunately two of its players were amateurs and didn't know what the rules of the spy game were ; one was sacrificed as a scapegoat and the other Christin
Treachery and treason never go out of season the gunpowder plot was the spy master's crowning piece of glory he'd managed to use the plot to catapult James the 1st from being a doomed king guaranteed to be assassinated into a national hero who
After the third slave uprising of Rome a hundred thousand men lay dead on the battlefield another six thousand slaves were crucified along the appian way and left to rot as carrion crow fodder also they were a lesson for anyone else minded to r
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