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Episode from the podcastRebooted Body – Healthy Eating, Functional Fitness & Behavior Psychology

TRB002: My Personal Journey and What Lifestyle Transformation Really Looks Like

Released Friday, 19th April 2013
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Session Notes
In Session 002 of The Rebooted Body Podcast, I talk a little bit about my personal journey from my previous status as 220+ pound "chubs" to my current weight of 160.
This conversation ties in really well with telling you the truth about what lifestyle transformation looks like in the real world and why all of the "experts" who make it sound so straightforward and simple are lying to you.
We also discuss whether or not running -- and other forms of cardio -- is healthy (especially for women) as I playfully poke fun at those who run. If you're a runner, I apologize ahead of time.
To wrap up, a listener calls in a question about heal pain.
4:30 -- My Personal Journey
17:35 -- What Lifestyle Transformation Really Looks Like
21:50 -- Why Running (and Cardio in general) Isn't Something You Should Be Doing
36:30 -- Listener Questions
More on Cardio and T3 production
In ‘Women: Running into Trouble‘ (contains 80 references), physicist and author Kiefer, explains:
Studies demonstrate beyond any doubt that in women, cardio chronically shuts down the production of the thyroid hormone, T3.
T3 is the body’s preeminent regulator of metabolism by throttling the efficiency of cells. T3 acts in various ways to increase heat production.
When T3 levels are normal, the body burns enough energy to stay warm and muscles function at moderate efficiency. Too much thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism) and the body becomes inefficient making weight gain almost impossible. Too little T3 (hypothyroidism) and the body accumulates body fat with ease, almost regardless of physical activity level.
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