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In this episode, Clay tells a story about turning the camera on ourselves in service of a big announcement. Auf [email protected]/rcpod
In this episode, Clay revisits the life dynamic with a story about Mrs. RC and the 31%. He discusses the truth about opportunity, compares himself to rain and explains why changing your mind may be the key to the BEST VERSION OF [email protected]
In this episode, Clay puts a new filter on social media. He laments to absence names gone by, claims a million person ripple effect and explains why you’re not a Cinderella in the story of the BEST VERSION OF [email protected]
In this episode, Clay tells why you’ve got to listen to you. He spreads out on the therapy couch to unpack his current mood, sings a few bars of Bieber and tells you what pizza has to do with the BEST VERSION OF [email protected]
In this episode, we throw life on the rack and check out the moving pieces. We discuss being a fanatic, viewing life from too close and why we lose our March Madness Brackets. Plus, we blow out the candles on another birthday to get some perspe
In this episode, Clay brings you a pep talk about the power of WHY NOT. He breaks down the reality of the present, why the future is hypothetical and a life lesson from the NFL Combine. Plus, what the Oscars and a fish love movie teach us about
In this episode, Clay dips into the INBOX for a question about life in the dark. He discusses running toward the light, shares his Top 5 O-words and sends get well wishes to Kevin Smith with a story about the BEST VERSION OF YOU. @RemodelingCla
In this episode, Clay brings you a little life hack about staying out of the comment section. He discusses the power of being reliable, why it doesn’t have to be sexy and why a walk to the mailbox could lead to the BEST VERSION OF [email protected]
In this episode, Clay breaks down his basketball Three T’s and how they apply to your path to the BEST VERSION OF YOU. He breaks down his selfish motivation for doing the show, how you’re changing the world and beats a Winter Olympics pun into
In this episode, Clay helps find the proper place to use your energy. He discusses the difference between WHAT IF and WHAT IS, fantasy vs reality and the power of opportunity. Plus, why he considers himself the CHOPPED of the BEST VERSION OF YO
In this episode, Clay discusses the reality of setting the high bar. He breaks down the specificity of practical encouragement, compares himself to the GRAMMYs and tells you why fear and perfectionism are a barrier between you today and the BES
In this episode, Clay discusses the truth about willpower and ego depletion with a visit to the Bad Analogy Corner. He talks Tide Pod Challenge, company retreats, and philosophical utility. Plus, he goes full #SportsGoSports to tell the story o
In this episode, Clay checks the INBOX for an emotional message about hitting rock bottom. He discusses the myth of good enough, why quitting isn’t an option and explains how his love affair with bread taught him a lesson on the BEST VERSION OF
In this episode, Clay breaks down the steps for attacking broken resolutions. He shares the truth to why you are here, nails the post telling his story and breaks some film down to explain why your highlight reel has little to do with the BEST
In this episode, Clay rings in 2018 by explaining why less is so much more powerful than more. He pitches a resolution filter, blows up “New Year, New Me” and explains why this should be the year for the BEST VERSION OF YOU. @RemodelingClayremo
In this episode, Clay experiments with micro-podding to discuss the power of living inside out. He wraps up 2017 with why his why is really a why not, explains why he won’t fake it till he makes it and what oral surgery teaches us about who we
In this episode, Clay gets selfish and breaks down the greatest gift that we can give. He puts a value on time, goes full Griswold for the holidays and tries to figure out where he put the shot. Plus, he puts a price on the BEST VERSION OF YOU!
In this episode, Clay discusses the average path to real change. He breaks down the three phases of time, introduces the very first self-help book and gets a black belt in quitting. Plus, how much is enough in the pursuit of the BEST VERSION OF
In this episode, Clay drops the hammer and discusses having the right tools in your toolbox. He gets philosophical with Maslow, compares himself to Cyber Monday and explains why evolution is imperative to the BEST VERSION OF YOU. @RemodelingCla
In this episode, Clay starts a search party for a lesson on the last place you look. He goes to the Pole Position for goals vs checkpoints talk, compares himself to Thanksgiving Dinner and explains why time is the greatest resource in the pursu
In this episode, Clay celebrates the bicentennial of the podcast with a Q & Clay episode spectacular. He A’s some Q’s on leadership, favorite segments, #DadLife and failure. Plus, the return of the world famous Lightning Round. @RemodelingClayr
In this episode, Clay hits the court to talk about the power of optics. He celebrates his favorite eves in the shadow 200, gets ridiculously loquacious and unveils the mythical 4th way to support the show. Plus, the difference between HOW TO an
In this episode, Clay asks you to bet big on your knowledge of the doorknob. He breaks down why we sometimes fail to trust the things we know the best, explains why he doesn’t do motivational speaking and the importance of choosing the BEST VER
In this episode, Clay talks about building strength by introducing the parable of the back squat. He explains the difference between practical and “Your Mama’s” encouragement, names a cooking podcast and explains why taking weight off the bar i
In this episode, Clay explains why you don’t want to the be a Jack of All Trades. He rants on Oreos and Italian food, tells Mrs. RC he doesn’t need to be married to her and talks about choosing the BEST VERSION OF [email protected]
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