#103 Long Distance, Part II

Released Thursday, 3rd August 2017
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Ryan Stock reviewed this episode on Oct 4th, 2017
"Not as good as the first part, but still an interesting look at the world of scammers. It was a potentially dangerous story for them to cover - it's hard to tell just how dangerous these scammers can be - which just makes it even more exciting for us to listen to."
gibbonsdna reviewed this episode on Sep 12th, 2017
"What incredible reporting and really going deep into a topic that most of us experience, but just hang up on. Excellent."
patrickloonstra reviewed this episode on Aug 15th, 2017
"Hunting down a phone scammer to India. This is a great followup of the first story in this 2 part serie."
Alexp reviewed this episode on Aug 14th, 2017
"One thing is to call someone thousands miles away, another is to really confront them in their playing field. I can see why the second part looks less confrontational"
tagfu reviewed this episode on Aug 14th, 2017
"Their investigative approach seemed to get much lazier when they actually got to New Delhi, and the payoff underwhelms."
Brendan Hutchins reviewed this episode on Aug 12th, 2017
"One of the best Reply All Episodes yet. "
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