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Rosemary's Baby 6:66 / The Shining 2:37

A weekly TV and Film podcast
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Episodes of Rosemary's Baby 6:66 / The Shining 2:37

  Gena Radcliffe from the Kill By Kill podcast and The Spool discusses the penultimate scene of the movie, and we ponder what it was that made the 2014 miniseries remake such a failure. Download the file here: Episode 18: REMAKING ROSEMARY   Th
    Writer/director PJ Hogan of “Muriel’s Wedding” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding” discusses the Rosemary DNA that is forever a part of Muriel, and his time working with RB production designer Richard Sylbert.   Download the file here: Episode 1
  Star Wars Minute’s Pete the Retailer comes by to discuss the stone-faced Dr. Hill, and it’s story-time as we recount the shocking literary sequel, “Son of Rosemary.”   Download the file here: Episode 16: UNSPEAKABLE STORIES   Rosemary, after
  The witch episode! We have Joe Dator on the line for the famous telephone booth scene, then Lady Althea, Lady G, and Denny Sargent discuss the explosion of witchery in NYC in the 1970s.   Download the file here: Episode 15: THE WITCHES OF NYC
  WFMU’s “Morricone Island” host Devon E. Levins and DJ Gaylord Fields visit to discuss the soundtrack by Komeda, the details of his untimely death, and Tony Curtis’s phone call. Download the file here: Episode 14: KOMEDA’S LULLABY   The wonder
  John Ingle and film professor (UMKC) Mitch Brian, hosts of the 007 x 7 podcast, discuss Rosemary’s sins, complicated camerawork, and the films of John Cassavetes. Download the file here: Episode 13: DIFFICULT HUSBANDS   Arthur O’Dwyer’s trans
  New Yorker cartoonist Joe Dator returns after our long pause to discuss gurus in speedos, a Mia mini-series, and the latest on this particular group of bonkers celebrities. Download the file here: Episode 12: IT’S ALIVE!   The guru leader of
  New Yorker cartoonist Joe Dator and cinephile Megan Dooley discuss a weird episode of Roseanne, a creepy window at Tiffany’s, and spot hidden animals in the film.   Download the file here: Episode 11: LIVES OF THE PARTIES   Rosemary’s walk fr
  Nick Levin, son of Ira Levin, discusses the conception and writing of the novel “Rosemary’s Baby,” including a surprising possible inspiration for Minnie, and some alien origins.   Download the file here: Episode 10: BIRTH OF A BOOK   Rosemar
  Father David Mowry gives us the deets on Satan, Beelzebub, the Antichrist, and how the world will end, and we ponder the pixie haircut.   Download the file here: Episode 9: CALL BEELZEBUB, NOT YOUR AUNT FANNY Vidal Sassoon gives Mia a trim.  
  Science journalist Corey Powell discusses the science of breeding humans with Satan and other human experiments that are nearly as scary, but actually happened.   Download the file here: Episode 8: DEMONOGENESIS   Van Johnson, Mia Farrow, Joa
  Musician, writer and scholar Nikolas Schreck discusses the history of Satan in cinema, his relationship with Anton LaVey and, as a former confidant to Manson, questions Helter Skelter.   Download the file here: Episode 7: SYMPATHY FOR THE DEV
  New Yorker cartoonist Joe Dator and cinephile Megan Dooley taste the mousse for chalkiness, get dizzy and float on a mattress in their hostess pajamas, and we wrap up our discussion about Mia and Woody to absolutely no one’s satisfaction.   D
  Writer and host of the Night Call podcast Molly Lambert discusses morality in Hollywood, Ms. Mia’s life story, and why Dino was actually cooler than Sinatra.   Download the file here: Episode 5: THE MAKINGS OF MIA   DYLAN FARROW ABUSE ACCUSAT
  The hosts of the Profiles in Eccentricity podcast, John Fahy, Aaron Pita, and Matt Brousseau, discuss famous Satanists, authentic hand gestures, and we sip the Vodka Blush.   Download the file here: Episode 4: PROFILES IN SATANISM   The Aleis
  New Yorker cartoonist Joe Dator helps review the sequel to “The Shining,” Mike Flanagan’s “Doctor Sleep.” We begin with a spoiler-free review and then get carried away and pick apart, scene by scene, the entire movie. If you’d rather not fork
  Gaylord Fields from WFMU experiences the movie for the first time. With Megan Dooley, we discuss an amazing spin-off song, cute old people, and argue about Terry’s death.   Download the file here: Episode 3: THE BABY GOES DOWN THE DRAIN   The
  Kill By Kill podcast’s Gena Radcliffe stops by, along with Megan Dooley, to discuss cannibals, awkward sex, and the infamous TV movie “Look What’s Happened to Rosemary’s Baby.”   Download the file here: Episode 2: LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENED TO JOHN
New Yorker cartoonist Joe Dator and cinephile Megan Dooley discuss The Dakota, full-body-experience cinema, and Mr. Nicklas’s fingers. Download the file here: Episode 1: WELCOME TO THE BRAMFORD Bob Odenkirk doing a Robert Evans impersonation on
  The good, the bad, the Polanski. Cinephile Megan Dooley joins in a roller-coaster-ride discussion of the life and films of Roman Polanski. In the tradition of the director himself, no punches are pulled!   Download the file here: Episode 0 Pt
Cinephile Megan Dooley joins in the discussion of the Polanski controversy: his rape case and additional accusations. Is it even okay to produce a podcast examining his movies? Includes a detailed discussion of the famous case. Download the fil
  New Yorker cartoonist Joe Dator and cinephile Megan Dooley join in a reading of the original treatment—before any script draft was written—of Kubrick’s The Shining. It is quite different from the novel and the movie, so hunker down for some s
  A discussion of Kubrick’s final film with writer Jonny Coleman and host of The Projection Booth podcast Mike White. Also, an interview with “Eyes Wide Shut” cast member Stewart Thorndike.   Download the file here: BONUS: Eyes Wides Shut   If
  A discussion of Kubrick’s 1971 film with writer and Kill by Kill co-host Gena Radcliffe and cinephile Megan Dooley.   Download the file here: BONUS: A Clockwork Orange         If you enjoy the podcast, please support my work by donating!
  A roundtable discussion of Kubrick’s 1964 film with science writer Corey Powell of Bill Nye’s Science Rules! podcast, Renan Borelli of the Kubrickcast and Enter the Void podcasts, and New Yorker cartoonist and friend of the podcast Joe Dator.
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