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Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe

A weekly Fiction and Science Fiction podcast
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Episodes of Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe

Whatever Happened to Ruby?  Nano-Mites?
Far Flung Farouk, And Android Intuition.
The Big Boo, The Nac-ree.
Indiana Isis. The Big Wiggly. A Month of Xavier Cugat. I Won't Bite You.
I Can't Bear This. The Naughty Ninjas. Shall I Unzip? And Then It Hit Me.
Mr. Mollusk Clams Up.  Cigars & Angels. The Isis Class. Warm and Plastic.
Talking Noses Of Zoots. Papa Kapoor. I Quit, I'm Out.
A Dream Conspiracy. Picnic Time For Teddy Bears. The Circle Of Hashibaba.
The Archipelago Awakens. At The Cafe Garcon. Return Of The Rodent. The Islands of Twitter & Tweet.
(THE ANDROID SISTERS) It is easy to turn me on. It is easy to turn me off. We are easy. Now, the proper sequence .... Place your lip - here. Bite me gently – here. Now take your hand and move it – here. Now lower ... Oooo. Not too fast. Not to
He was the guy who programmed Angel Lips. I entered a cool tiled courtyard. There was a fountain in the center with a couple of caged parrots. A few other earth-like animals would wander through. I figured they were all animal-droids. A duck ca
I was surrounded by a gang of Zoot Mutants – high tech punks with shimmer suits. Sort of futuristic zoot suits - what’s really laser harnesses that emit shifting hologram images combined with their own lovely misshapen mutant bodies. As they sa
(TERU) Your toes? I love to play with your toes, your little android toes. Your nose? l like the way they simulated the sound of your breath with those little speakers hidden up your nostrils. I wish you could breathe. You would have the sweete
(TERU) A Slimy blaster caught the Tookah dead center, it was loaded with an inflatable. The Tookah puffed up, and then exploded. Tentacles went flying all over the place. The rodent was quick, he took out the first Slimy. I yanked out my automa
It’s a place of meditation, where you can deal with your illusions about life, if you have any. Shadows lengthen, contract ... It doesn’t take long for your mind to join in and start sculpting these shadows into ... I don’t know, old dreams, ol
We enter a large arena. The moles are climbing over each other to get to the best seats. The best seats were the ones furthest from the playing area. I’m beginning to wonder about this game.
Not a place for a nice lady like me. I knew as soon as I entered they’d be crawling all over themselves to get to me. The place was filled with Android hookers, so with a few changes, I passed myself off as another Frankie. There were the usual
I’m sitting in a snack bar on the beach. The pink ocean is rolling up in lazy laps against the magenta sands. The sky is rose colored, the sun is starting to rise, I’m feeling blue. I dial up a soufflé with some fresh sautéed sea creatures. Suc
I fold in my wings and settle down, like a dragonfly on a milkweed pod. It is an exquisite ship, all fluff and down, a whole other solar technology. His long fingers take my hand. He has little sensors on the tips.
I got a tip from And/Or back at the Digital Circus and decide to sail to the Utopias, a lot of little islands where crackpots put into practice their views of how a society ought to be run. I purchase a set of solar wings and catch the air curr
Bolts of electricity flash back and forth...tremendous arcs of electricity crackle overhead...and there he is, Tesla himself. He’s sitting there, reading a book...he’s wearing soles on his shoes that look a foot thick...bolts snap and sizzle ab
I’m looking at a thing with four tentacles, three eyes, a thin blue moustache and wearing a red fez.
Returning to Summa Nulla, Ruby, Teru, And/Or and Kapoor discover two distinct Summa Nulla’s, but one is invisible to the other.  And finally, there’s a Grand Farewell as another Ruby adventure rumbles to an end.
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