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Mateojo reviewed this podcast on Aug 17th, 2018
"I really enjoyed this one. The protagonist is definitely a character. I can't decide though whether the podcast is responsible journalism or exploration. "
devine.pk reviewed this podcast on Apr 6th, 2018
"S-Town is what reality TV wants to be. Nothing is scripted, and the story keeps you on your toes the entire time. About half-way through the series something happens that makes you consider what you're listening to in a different light, because the characters you've been hearing talk are real people. And real people die. Great podcast, highly recommended (especially for binge listening on a road trip."
Jeladoss reviewed this podcast on Mar 7th, 2018
"Amazing. The work that went into this podcast is staggering. Heartbreaking glimpse into what it must be like to live as a genius."
malene_gitte reviewed this podcast on Mar 6th, 2018
"Had me hooked from the start"
Parth reviewed this podcast on Jan 19th, 2018
"Look into the life of an interesting person living in a flyover state. You have to be invested in his story to like it."
jennifersalome reviewed this podcast on Jan 11th, 2018
"This is the most beautiful and haunting story I have ever heard. Does feel a little bit unresolved, but I was riveted from start to finish."
nina reviewed this podcast on Oct 26th, 2017
"Thoroughly engaging"
kmccorqu reviewed this podcast on Sep 6th, 2017
"SPOILERS: This podcast is a complete bait and switch. If you are interested in a deep dive into the strange life of a disturbed but brilliant southern man, then go ahead and listen. If you were looking for an investigation into murder and cover-up, you will be sorely disappointed by the end of the second episode. The producers of the TAL should be ashamed of themselves for how they exploited the main character of this story."
hthecgh reviewed this podcast on Aug 23rd, 2017
"I loved this - absolutely devastating. What a character, what a man. I felt so bad for him."
Redsux reviewed this podcast on Aug 21st, 2017
"NPR at its finest, which still sucks"
Pandapanda reviewed this podcast on Aug 21st, 2017
"Just a cash grab from serial"
NatO reviewed this podcast on Aug 4th, 2017
"This was like that book you just can't put down but for your ears. Truly compelling"
thisisdonovan reviewed this podcast on Jul 6th, 2017
"I have conflicting emotions about this podcast. It's certainly unconventional and doesn't follow the narrative one would expect....which is good. However I felt uncomfortable with how they essentially pillaged this guys life and broadcast it to the world. Ethically this makes me uncomfortable. A very entertaining listen, but ultimately peters out without delivering much and is ethically suspicious from a journalistic standpoint. "
ronarchy reviewed this podcast on Jul 5th, 2017
"I'd rate it 4.5 if I could - almost perfect show. "
Tomatetom reviewed this podcast on Jul 5th, 2017
"A journalist's wacky journey of (self?) discovery that left me in awe of all the different types of people (good, bad, smart, depressed, determined, loyal, conniving) walking this earth. "
acm9q reviewed this podcast on Jul 5th, 2017
"Don't expect podcast business as usual. This is a new form / medium altogether, and it works. "
Qwortec reviewed this podcast on Jun 30th, 2017
"Great characters. I loved everything about this series. "
nmoore63 reviewed this podcast on Jun 13th, 2017
"Never really takes you where it promises, but not in a good way."
Mike reviewed this podcast on Jun 13th, 2017
"This is one of the first to fully inhabit the possibilities of podcasting as a storytelling medium."
AdamWK reviewed this podcast on Jun 12th, 2017
"Compelling and fascinating story. Well told by Brian Reed. Great example of realizing what the most interesting part of your story is and pivoting to make that the focus. Loved every episode. "
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